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Comment Re:You've got to be shitting me. (Score 1) 422

"You just wanted prove me wrong when I didn't say anything wrong."
What? I CLEARLY showed where you were wrong. I showed your post of "arrest of innocent man is invalid", and the link that said "arrest of innocent man is valid". Are you saying the link is wrong? If so, please present SOME shred of evidence.

"You are a prick."
Good to see that your debating skills are still sharp as ever.

"And you are the one that's wrong."
Why? About what? Where is your proof?

"I've already explained why."
No, you never have. Ever.

"Oh, and for asserting that knowing the difference between innocent, presumed innocent, and found not guilty is more clear than what it takes for an arrest, you are an idiot."
Well, considering that you managed to present a definition of innocent, guilty, etc, WHEN NO ONE ASKED YOU FOR IT, and are unable to tell me the requirements for a valid arrest, AFTER SEVERAL POSTS OF ME ASKING FOR IT, I'd say your actions prove that I'm actually right in this case.

" are an idiot."
The money you spent on debating classes has paid off well.

"Or are you admitting you are wrong with that?"
Um, no. Why would you think I'm admitting that?

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