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Submission + - Nokia Launches ‘Big’ E7 Qwerty Phone (

An anonymous reader writes: Nokia’s big event in London saw the launch of a qwerty-equipped device intended to fill the role of the much-loved Communicator series. “It’s big,” said Nokia’s shortly-to-depart head of smartphones, Anssi Vanjoki.

The much-leaked E7 joined the N8 and the C6 and C7 in video demonstrations at London’s Excel venue, in keynotes led by vice president Niklas Savander and smartphone boss, Anssi Vanjoki, whose resignation announced this week does not take effect for six months.


Submission + - Nokia could get more apps after easing development

goG writes: Less than a week after Apple has relaxed restrictions on developers of applications for its iPhones and iPads, mobile giant Nokia said it has made significant changes to its developer tools" to simplify the development of apps for its smartphones. Also, Nokia unveiled a new software development kit (SDK) for its touch screen mobile. Nokia said its SDK for Series 40 Touch and Type is the industry's first touch SDK for mobile phones.

Feed Ars Technica: Nokia takes on Android, iOS with new Symbian^3 smartphones (

Nokia unveiled new Symbian-based smartphones during the NokiaWorld event this morning in London. Alongside the previously announced N8 flagship device, Nokia is going to launch the rumored C6 and C7 handsets and the new E7 business smartphone. Like the N8, these new products will ship with Symbian^3, the latest generation of the open source Symbian operating system.

The new phones were demonstrated during an opening keynote by Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia executive vice president and general manager of mobile solutions. One of the major themes that Nokia executives emphasized during the NokiaWorld event is the company's desire to offer a broad product lineup that serves different kinds of consumers. As Vanjoki introduced Nokia's new lineup of Symbian smartphones, he explained the target audience for each product.

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Submission + - Nokia World Kicks Off With Three New Smartphones (

cgriffin21 writes: Nokia on Tuesday kicked off Nokia World 2010 in London with the release of three new smartphones, hoping to claim some smartphone spotlight back from Apple, Research In Motion, Android and other handset and platform rivals, all while it undergoes an executive makeover in its highest ranks. The three new models, the Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and an updated version of the Nokia C6, join Nokia's recently confirmed N8 phone as Nokia smartphones running the latest version of Symbian. In an official release, Nokia acknowledged its precarious position as the worldwide leader in mobile phones, but touted Symbian's position as the market share leader among smartphone OSes.
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Submission + - Opera 10.50 released (

gertin writes: Opera has now released their final build of 10.50 for Windows (builds for Mac and Linux will follow soon), after doing 5 release candidates in less than 36 hours. The reason for the fast development cycle is presumably because Opera wanted to get their new version out in time for Microsofts browser ballot screen, which is being pushed out soon. The company is claiming that the new version is the "fastest browser ever". Benchmarks of the beta done by Opera and ZDNet supports this claim, and showed that even the beta was leading over other browsers in most cases. How the final version compares remains to be seen.

Submission + - Nokia and Intel merge high-end Linux software

oxide7 writes: Nokia, the world's biggest maker of mobile handsets, will merge its Linux Maemo software platform, used in its flagship N900 phone, with Intel's Moblin, which is also based on Linux open-sourced software. "This makes a good challenger to (Google's) Android (operating system), allowing the platform to go across devices and making it much more appealing for developers," said Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi.

Submission + - Opera 10.50 kicks Google Chrome's butt (

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that the Opera web browser has had a speed boost, and is now faster than Google Chrome, which previously held the top spot.

Oracle Drops Sun's Commitment To Accessibility 220

An anonymous reader writes "What I feared has come true: after buying Sun, Oracle had a look at its accessibility group and made big cuts in it by firing the most important contributors to the Linux accessibility tools. This is a very sad day for disabled people, as it means we do not really have full-time developers any more." The coverage in OSTATIC has a few more details, including the caution: "This just shows that all too few companies are sponsoring a11y work. If one company laying off a couple of developers spells trouble for the project, then there were problems before that happened" (thanks to reader dave c-b for pointing this out).

Submission + - It's official: Symbian 3 is now open source (

Julie188 writes: The Symbian mobile operating system is now completely open source and available under the Eclipse Public License. The Symbian Foundation on Thursday released Symbian 3 even though the target release date was mid 2010. Kudos for being ahead of schedule. Symbian's transition from proprietary platform to open source has been called the largest such transition in software history. There's just this tiny catch ... will any handset maker care? Symbian is still inextricably linked with Nokia.

Submission + - Nokia N900 Linux smartphone running OS X 10.3 (

Rovaani writes: (via The Nokia Blog). Here is a video of a Nokia N900 smartphone running the full desktop Mac OS X 10.3 From the author, Tomi Nikkanen: "I believe this makes the N900 the first smartphone EVER to run the full version of Mac OS X (at any speed, slow or otherwise). As you can see from the heavily edited video, it took almost 2 hours to reach the "About my Mac..." window. Keep your eye on the time display as that will give you an impression of just how uselessly slow it is. "

Submission + - Nokia takes on Google with free navigation app (

abushhiwa1976 writes: Nokia is making its navigation service free to all GPS-enabled Nokia devices in a move that will help the company better compete in the smartphone market against the likes of Apple and Google.
My opinion for Nokia GPS its good idea for all other countries who does not has GPS map route and they do not have GPS facility , like Libya they do not have GPS service, it will make the life easy for the people who lives in Europe and Africa .

Submission + - The Nokia N900 is now available to US consumers ! (

TheMaemo writes: This is the moment we all been waiting for The Nokia N900 is here! Nokia press today announced the availability of the Nokia's new flagship device N900 in US and shipping to consumer to those who were first to pre-order the Maemo — powered mobile computer

Comment Re:Penmenship matters (Score 1) 857

Call me a Luddite, but learning to write without a computer is as important as learning to add without a computer - that is, essential.

Why? I just can't see relationship. Adding without a computer teaches you a mental skill, cursive is more about motor control and dexterity. There is no substitute to mental skill, but I'd rather apply my motor skill and dexterity learning to something applicable in my life. Learning cursive is, in my opinion, a waste of effort that would be better applied elsewhere (typing perhaps).

Cursive is simply not relevant anymore, if we want to scribe fast, we use a computer.

Oh, you Luddite -> There done.

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