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Comment FM radio (Score 1) 332

I know, your device doesn't have a radio, but we've seen discussions about it recently. My device (a 10" Lenovo tablet that was a Black Friday special) actually does have a radio ... but it only works when the headphones are plugged in. Like the old Walkman, the headphones are used for the antenna. So ... no headphone jack = no FM radio.

Comment Where do you sit? (Score 1) 179

How many people are in the room with you - or do you always watch by yourself? How close are people to the center of curvature? If you're at too much of an angle the image along the closer edge will be at even more of an angle and hard to see. Also, the floor sample I've seen appears to have a radius of curvature of about 8' (I didn't measure it, though) - if you're much further then flat might be better anyway.

IMAX is more immersive because it subtends a larger viewing angle; if you sat 3' from your curved TV (and wore glasses to make it seem further) you might be able to duplicate the experience. Otherwise, it's not worth it.

Comment Re:I don't want free shipping (Score 1) 183

Here in OH, you only have to pre-pay on pumps that are farther from the booth/store. Or if you drive one of those big dually pickups with two tanks that hold 50 gallons between them. Otherwise, you press the Pay inside button, fill it up, and go inside to pay - some people even drive from the pump to the store before paying.

Comment ASDA (Score 1) 114

In this particular case, since it is described as "alpha quality" then the owner and/or person who installed the software is liable. The question should be, "If there were OSS of stable quality properly installed on a compatible vehicle in excellent condition (so that neither the vehicle nor the installation procedure can be considered as "at fault"), who would be considered liable in an accident that can't be blamed on local conditions (weather, etc.) or the other party?

Comment Train as you do (Score 1) 285

Might be okay for practice grenades perhaps, but can "green" bullets reproduce the weight and flight path of bullets used in war? If it doesn't then you might as well be running around shouting "Bang" for all the good it does you. If your practice bullets don't go the same place your real bullets do, you'll be shooting in the wrong place.

Comment No longer code (Score 1) 218

I don't write software for a living, but I used to write it for a classroom (on C-64s), I recall a program I rewrote, the original version was brute force and had to be compiled (there were compilers for C-64 BASIC) to get anything like a decent speed. My rewrite was about 10,000 times faster, so that running my version in the interpreter was faster than the original compiled version!

If you don't consider complexity your "quick and dirty" solution may not be as good as you think ...

Comment Some are easy to look for (Score 1) 147

Battery drain can be because of incorrectly configured hotspots. No doubt anyone who is in the same place all the time could spot a "stingray" - a cell tower that appears and disappears. So they could look for some obvious possibilities,

Disappearing Facebook posts? Is their password that bad, or are they posting content that could be subject to DMCA takedown? Otherwise I'm not sure FB would cooperate.

Comment Re:Depends on price (Score 1) 341

We have $5 movies on Tuesdays, along with $2 (each) small drinks and small popcorn the same day. So yes, $50 is too much unless it's for some 4K and/or 3D version ($2 surcharge at the theater for 3D). Though in my case I'd be watching by myself so even $25 is a bit much. However, no way to charge per viewer at home so I can't expect them to cater to me there.

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