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Comment Re:Isn't this done already? (Score 3, Informative) 247

My MK808 works perfectly as a media center for my TV. I have various nfs/samba shares mounted on it and run XBMC with a mirror of my desktop library database. Planning to upgrade to an MK908 quad core when the price comes down a bit and the bugs in the firmware are ironed out. As for a desktop system I could see it working for most folks, however the way that android manages apps would need to be reworked a bit to accommodate non-touch interfaces.. assuming these don't become desktop standard.

Comment Re:Without power? (Score 3, Interesting) 813

I'd be more than happy to hear wooshing if it meant sustainable power with less interruptions. Honestly I don't see what the big deal is here. Where I'm at there are 3 sets of train tracks about 100yds from my building and I get along just fine. Can't imagine that a few wind turbines would be that much louder..

Comment Re:Limbo Linux port (Score 1) 145

On the bright side if it does run for you, it SHOULD be reasonably bug-free. Unlike, say oh idk, the Linux port of Super Meat Boy from HiB4 which came out in December and now six months later is still chock full of bugs (all of them have been completely ignored by the porter since he already has our money)... including a major one which results in the game crashing on the last boss... So, you know, there's that. :p

Comment Re:How about replacing an open file? (Score 1) 456

Some people like to have complete access to their filesystem and not be hindered by their OS babysitting them or worse replacing the missing file later without their authorization. On atleast two occasions I've had to overwrite cp and mv to fix an issue with compiling. Had I been dealing with a microsoft OS I would have needed to jump through a ton of hoops to do something similar if not boot to entirely different OS and do it from there.

Comment Re:just a drop in the cloud (Score 1) 125

I just use it for a 3rd backup of the games I purchase online. Never know when a vendor site is going to simply shutdown or stop offering my key downloads and physical damage could occur to my burned or hard drive stored copies at any time in the future. I could give two shits about the "cloud", if my data ever disappears or they start charging for basic accounts I'll simply go elsewhere. It's a decent enough convenience atm with 5gb of free storage.

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