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Comment Re:Dammit Nintendo (Score 1) 269

Well, I basically burned my bridges twice, first moving away from my middle/high school friends, then 2½ years later I moved away from the new friends I had gotten.

Luckily, I moved to the same city as one of my best and oldest friends and reconnected. Now we go to whisky tastings, play retro games, go to concerts and play cards against humanity and joking hazard. And through him, I've gained a new circle of friends who actually share most of these interests, unlike the two previous circles of friends I had.

Took me a couple of tries, but I actually managed to find a group of people who would love to come over for 3/4/5 player Bomberman and Beer tournaments :-)

Comment Re:Dammit Nintendo (Score 1) 269

A lot of people seem to have lost sight of the whole point of game consoles. They're meant to do one thing, and do it well: play games.

I don't want some kind of half-assed streaming support and all that other junk, I just want it to play games, and play games well. Nintendo understands that.

If I want streaming, I'll use my Chromecast. Substitute Roku or AppleTV if you prefer one of those.

Comment Re:Once you go HTPC (Score 1) 269

You and in10se should consider upgrading from a video game console to a home theater PC (HTPC)
It also offers a good game library through GOG and Steam

Not to mention thousands and thousands of emulated games (that you obviously already own on cartridge/CD/DVD). USB controllers are widely available, and if you really want something like a SNES controller, modern versions for USB are inexpensive and easily available on Ebay. The Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad is particularly good.

Comment Re:Different Target Market (Score 1) 269

I'm concerned about those tiny-ass half-controllers though. Not sure how that'll play out with adult sized hands.

We survived the original NES controllers, we'll survive the NES Classic controllers, so I guess we'll survive these too.

Either way, I think it's a really neat idea to make it so you can share "one" controller as two smaller, simpler controllers for some games.

Comment Re:Plastic vs metal on those controller rails? (Score 1) 269

I thinking mostly about the battery life, and if you can eventually replace them when they die.

I can fire up an original NES and plug it into a modern TV, and it will play perfectly just like when it was new, with no diminished performance. Can't do that with Switch if the batteries are dead and non-replaceable. Everything these days has nonreplaceable batteries, I guess we're just meant to throw devices away when the batteries die.

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