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Comment Ehhh... (Score 0) 234

I'm no expert, but this doesn't feel right. I really can't explain it, so I won't even try...just feels like things are being "let loose" into the wild on purpose, as opposed to actual documents surfacing because of Snowden. I may very well be wrong, but the whole scope of things just feels...off.

Comment Only my .02 (Score 1) 602

I've read through most of these comments, and I agree with a lot of what I read. Just my .02 here... Caprica played way too heavily on the teen angst/religion angle. Honestly, I pretty much shit-canned the show after I tuned in and saw a cheesy ocean backdrop and "elders" running around with robes on, while some holier-than-thou "mother" sipped on tea and ordered people around. Wow, really? How about even a cursory examination of machine intelligence? Its ability to reason? Learning engines? Anything? PLEASE? The swooping eye? Explanation? WANT TO KNOW MORE. No. I got crumpets and religious prima donnas circle jerking themselves into oblivion. Ugh. My other .02 on the finale of BSG: SCREW EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE ROBOT CYLONS GETTING THEIR OWN BASESHIP. Hell yeah. In episode Six of One (I think it was...) one of the Six models removed the Centurions' telencephalic inhibitos, enabling their higher logic/cognitive functions. After that, I feel it was strongly implied that they -chose- to fight with humanity. I reaaaaaallllllly wish they could have worked with that more in depth. WHY CAN'T WE GET MORE ABOUT THAT!?!? Maybe it's just me, but I see enough "human drama" on a daily goddamn basis, what with work, the economy, the gutter-ass city I work in, the news, etc. I want to explore new ideas, new concepts. I want to see those machines make decisions and learn HOW they do it. Caprica fell woefully short on this for me, and while BSG touched on it, they didn't deliver enough in my mind. BSG is the reason why I delved into Cybernetics, getting into von Foerster's work especially, and I would backflip outta my recliner if I saw a show really take some of this stuff seriously and put it into an entertaining and accessible format to people. Tall order, I know, but goddamnit I can dream. Get off my lawn, M$ = Fail, Taco, Beowulf cluster, ..overlords, etc. You get the point.

Comment Are you serious? (Score 1) 1186

Note: I am heavily tattooed. Please take some time and think out a design on your own. As one user stated above, what someone else things is cool might not be what you want to have on your skin for the rest of your life. Tattoo removal, as I understand from folks who have experienced it, hurts far more than getting the tattoo. Plan carefully; tattoos are not (or at least, should not) be things that are rushed into. Take your time.

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