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Submission + - Regulating coporate presence on the web

steveo777 writes: I work for a financial firm which doesn't have much web presence. Working with older owners who are just finding out about social networking is pretty interesting since I just explained how Facebook works to a room of people. It was brought to the owner's attention that our business has a fan page that spoofs the industry in which we work. He was fumed and demanded of our two person IT shop "Take this down, I won't put up with this!". I was secretly laughing inside until I realized he was already prepping to sick his legal department on Facebook saying "It's our company and we need to control what people say about it." While I know it's not likely that we'll even get a response, my question is this. Has anyone else out there been in this position, and what have you done to 'fix' the issue?

Submission + - Google-Backed 'Unity' Undersea Cable Under Way (

CWmike writes: "NEC and Tyco International have begun joint planning work for the Unity undersea cable, a high-speed fiber-optic link between the U.S. and Japan that's backed by Google and five telecom operators. The $300 million cable will initially contain five fiber pairs — dual optical fiber cables, one of which is used for service and the other for backup — but will be expandable to eight pairs. Each pair is capable of carrying 960Gbit/sec. of data giving the system a capacity of between 4.8Tbit/sec. and 7.68Tbit/sec."

Submission + - Washington State Considers Passenger Rights Legisl (

gattaca writes: "No one will argue sitting in an airplane stuck on the tarmac for hours isn't a good thing... but is it up to each state to pass laws regulating airlines, airspace and traffic delays? New York apparently thought so with a law that took effect earlier this month. Now, the Washington State Senate is currently considering similar passenger rights legislation, along with at least six other states. Such new legislation would require airlines to provide "a few basic services" if passengers were stuck on the tarmac at Washington state airports for more than three hours, reports the Everett (WA) Herald. Among the requirements are food, drinking water, fresh air, medical attention and lights. There are also provisions for a $1,000 per passenger fine and 150% ticket refund in case of excessive delays and/or strandings."

Submission + - Comcast Promising Ultra-Fast Internet ( 2

Espectr0 writes: "CNN has a story where Comcast's Chief Executive Brian Roberts told The Associated Press in a preview of his speech at the Consumer Electronics show on Tuesday, that they are expected to demonstrate a technology that delivers up to 160 megabits of data per second: It will allow him to download a high-definition copy of "Batman Begins" in four minutes. The technology, DOCSIS 3.0, will start rolling out this year."

Feed Engadget: Nintendo support recommends Wiimote abuse to puzzled caller (

Filed under: Gaming

Controller abuse has always been a mainstay of the video gaming existence -- no need to blame your thumbs when there's this hunk of plastic to chuck at the floor -- but who knew Nintendo was working such violence into its own official support curriculum? Wired's Russ Neumeier gave Nintendo support a ring when one of his Wiimotes stopped sensing motion and none of the usual fixes seemed to work. After explaining his situation, the Nintendo rep asked Russ smack the controller into his hand, button side down, two or three times. After being assured that she wasn't kidding, Russ did as he was told and was awarded with a fully functional Wiimote. We could see why Nintendo wouldn't go shouting about this "fix" on its official support literature, but it has us wondering if "blow into the cartridge, whack side of NES, insert cartridge, repeat" was the Nintendo-approved method all along.

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United States

Submission + - Top ten literate US cities

sm62704 (mcgrew) writes: "I saw at the St Louis Post Dispatch that my home town is number six in the nation as far as literacy goes. A Google search finds the list in USA Today. The ten most literate US Cities are:
  1. Minneapolis
  2. Seattle
  3. St. Paul
  4. Denver
  5. Washington
  6. St. Louis
  7. San Francisco
  8. Atlanta
  9. Pittsburgh
  10. Boston

Submission + - Digital camera used to combat memory loss (

LotsOfPhil writes: The BBC has an article about a wearable digital camera called SenseCam that is being used to help people with memory loss. The camera takes a photo every 30 seconds and the patients review the photos in order to reinforce their memories.
The camera has a resolution of 640x480 and stores 30,000 pictures on a 1 Gb SD card. Apparently you wear it on a lanyard around your neck.


Submission + - US math teachers can't do math - MSU Study (

Uneducated Coward writes: "Middle school math teachers in the United States are not as well prepared to teach this subject compared to teachers in five other countries, something that could negatively affect the US as it continues to compete on an international scale, according to the findings of a new Michigan State University study, Mathematics Teaching in the 21st Century (MT21), presented today at a press conference at the National Press Club."

Submission + - One Last Ride for Hubble

necro81 writes: The NY Times has an in-depth piece describing an upcoming shuttle mission to make a final service call to the Hubble Space Telescope. After the Columbia accident and the scheduled shuttle decommission in 2010, additional service trips to the telescope were off the table. The resulting hew and cry from scientists, legislators, and the public forced NASA to reconsider. Next August, if all goes well, Atlantis will grab Hubble, replace its aging gyros, attempt to revive the Advanced Camera for Surverys, install a new camera and spectrograph. The telescope could then continue doing science well into the next decade.

Submission + - Smash Bros. Brawl to include level creator! (

DeanCubed writes: From N-Sider's summary (
  • Start by choosing the size, background, and music of your choice.
  • Once on the editing screen, choose parts from the palette. Flip pieces, change their size, zoom in and out, and swap palettes, among other things.
  • The stage editor is compatible with SD cards—save as many stages as you like!
  • Share stages with friends by registering them with both the Wii System and SSBB friend codes.
  • Submit stages to Nintendo, and they will choose one stage a day to send to everyone. The stages will disappear after the day is over. Players can also submit their Snapshots in a similar fashion.
  • Sakurai and his team are striving to take advantage of WFC in more ways than just battling, and sharing is a key part of that strategy.

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