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Submission + - Regulating coporate presence on the web

steveo777 writes: I work for a financial firm which doesn't have much web presence. Working with older owners who are just finding out about social networking is pretty interesting since I just explained how Facebook works to a room of people. It was brought to the owner's attention that our business has a fan page that spoofs the industry in which we work. He was fumed and demanded of our two person IT shop "Take this down, I won't put up with this!". I was secretly laughing inside until I realized he was already prepping to sick his legal department on Facebook saying "It's our company and we need to control what people say about it." While I know it's not likely that we'll even get a response, my question is this. Has anyone else out there been in this position, and what have you done to 'fix' the issue?
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Submission + - Microsoft's E3 Press Highlights

steveo777 writes: Among others, Gamasutra is reporting in on the Microsoft E3 press conference. Of note is that Final Fantasy XIII will see a simultaneous release for PS3 and 360. Also very cool will be the option to "Play from HDD". The disc must still be in the drive, but there will be a copy of the disc on the HDD for much faster loading, and reducing wear on the DVD drive.

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