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Comment Re:It's sooo easy! (Score 2) 95

Nobody has to hack YOU, they hack the website you log into and download all their passwords then just keep trying those password/username combinations on other websites until they crack another one over and over again. You individually aren't worth much other than a shim to try to break into the next web server. Your accounts could be shared all over Russian hacking circles and you'd never know until the website you use reports a break in that might include your login.

Smug people are just victims who don't know it yet.

Comment Re:This will be denied by all the idiots (Score 1) 302

Just to be clear, only a small fringe of the scientific community thought global cooling was happening _quickly_, at least by human standards.

Many more will agree that we are in an inter-glacial period and that if things continue as they are (which seems increasingly unlikely) we will enter another ice age... in 25,000 - 50,000 years. Which is fairly soon on a geologic scale but not exactly an immediate concern on a human scale.

Source: "Is an Ice Age Coming?"

Comment Re: Evil bugs (Score 2) 243

Yes. This is about opportunities for optimization, not bugs. All experienced developers know that premature optimization is evil. You write code to be easy to understand and maintainable first, then do a performance analysis and decide what is and is not "good enough". If you can't show that there is a true issue then you better be able to change it in a way that doesn't sacrifice readability, maintainability, reusability, etc. or you are a hack.

Comment Re:Use Mahindra & Mahindra (Score 2, Informative) 448

That will be followed by 'buy American' legislation, and foreign tractors will be shut out of the US market.

What does "buy American" mean though? Mahindra is an Indian brand, but makes most of their US-sold tractors in the United States. John Deere is a US brand, but manufacturers tractors and parts all over the world.

Same thing goes with automobiles. Is that US brand vehicle made in Mexico American? Or is the Japanese brand made in the US?

Or is your American-based Apple iPhone that's made in China by a Taiwan company with parts from many other countries "American"?

Comment Re:Card Skimmers? (Score 1) 66

Train bank employees that service the ATM to look for and recognize card skimmers...

ATMs are refilled at most daily? How many cards can a skimmer get if they install it right after an ATM is reloaded. A busy location may be dozens and the skimmer could easily be pulled off prior to the next reload time if it's a normal routine.

Also most of the credit union locations I'm a member of have an ATM mounted on the side of the building. All the reloading is done from the inside of the bank. No employee would need to look at the outside on a regular basis.

Install software on the ATM itself that scans Bluetooth for card skimmers, and SHUT DOWN if it detects one.

This implies the skimmer uses bluetooth. It could just as easily use a non-standard wireless protocol or even not wireless at all. It could just record the stripe data for retrieval later via a cable.

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