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Comment Re:Slightly overhyped (Score 1) 160

The advantage only exists today. Personally, I have a short range EV that gets used for all our city driving and sometimes we go on longer runs when speed isn't important but I also have a petrol car for my regular long trips. If I didn't have to do those trips weekly, I would just hire a petrol car as needed. The added complexity of having a petrol engine undoes much of the simplicity of an EV which is why I didn't go for something like a Volt. A PHEV is a short term solution IMHO and in a few years they'll be obsolete, especially the ones that have very low range like the plugin Prius.

Comment Re:Slightly overhyped (Score 1) 160

"I wish Tesla had stuck with the original plan of including a small gas powered generator."

No, for a car that can do 200+ miles on a single charge why would you even want a generator in tow? Far better to provide the charging network which is what Tesla has done. Now, I have a short range EV which can do 100 miles on a good day and I've thought about the generator thing and there are even companies that do make small two cylinder generators which can put out around 30kW which is enough to move the car along. Other companies like BMW have put range extender motors in too but they're all dealing with cars that have about 1/3rd the range of a Tesla. Personally, once I've sat for three hours in a car, I want to stop and get out and take a break. During that time, my car could be charging and at the rates a Tesla can charge it will be ready for another 200 miles by the time I've had a burger and and bio break. 100 miles is fine for around town and you can hop along fast chargers but at higher speeds the range is realistically only 80 miles or less so drive an hour and charge for 20 mins makes long runs unattractive on a regular basis, but for a 200+ mile car, that's fine and the Model 3 will support the latest supercharger so a full charge should happen in 10 mins or less.

Gas range extenders are a short term solution at best and Tesla was right to skip right past them and go large on batteries. Other car companies have to take that route because they don't have access to batteries as cheaply or on such a large scale but even for them it will come but they're all about 5 years behind Tesla.

Comment Re:Mayer's failure actually WASN'T a failure... (Score 2) 150

If you look at revenues, they're sideways over the past years. So OK, she didn't turn the company around. But she took a has-been company with little really going for it and... well, kept it from going bankrupt. Given that the market cap is currently $50 billion, I think $186 million is not excessive for keeping a sinking ship afloat. Hell, who could have done it? Sure, Jobs did an amazing job turning around Apple when he came back, but it had a strong niche in OS and hardware design, and Yahoo never really had anything like that once they passed their peak. And while I'm not some sort of hard-core feminist, I think there's a bit of hypocrisy that she's taking flak for making money off mediocre performance running a mediocre, has-been company. Any number of male CEOs have had been highly compensated for driving good companies into the ground, to the point that it's hardly even news. It's just sort of expected.

Comment Re: I thought Linux was supposed to be secure? (Score 1) 96

Any OS can be made insecure by idiots. Linux has the potential to be secure. The source code is also available and it is still administered by humans. This means any idiot can create an insecure Linux distribution or turn an out of the box secure one into an insecure one. Linux isn't a panacea, but Windows is a petri dish. HTH

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