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Comment Re:another editor fail (Score 1) 59

I see no evidence that the new editors were trained at all. Neither in the selection of new stories nor in the basic proof reading of the summaries. If Tim taught the new staff anything it was what they could get away with. How did I miss out on the job of being a Slashdot editor? I've always wanted a job that involved no physical labor and no mental labor and no oversight of performance.

Comment anotherr editor fail (Score 1) 59

But when will it be illegal for editors to re-post the same stories over and over on Slashdot? I'm not even a paid editor who's job it should be in part to at least keep up with what has already been posted, but I've spotted several stories today that are re-posts of things seen here in recent days. It just isn't that hard to review just the headlines of the stories when you check in to Slashdot going back to the last time you checked in. If simple (and simple minded) readers can spot the dups then someone being compensated as an editor should reasonably be expected to do the same.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 452

You are one dumb motherfucker ."radical" Muslims are Muslims and "radical" Christians are Christians. Deciding who is and isn't "radical" is how the whole power grab works you ignorant fuck. Please, please, please do the world a favor and kill yourself.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 452

Wait ... How the fuck did you thing you were going to be able to leave Christians out of it and get away with it? You can't argue for a national database of Muslims without arguing for a national database of Christians. Especially since both have a long history of committing atrocities toward humanity. See what happens when you lump categorize people you "dumb motherfucker"* * Ironically, a valid category of which were really need a national database

Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 1) 452

Yes. You are a fucking genius! When people ask "would you rape a child" it would be foolish .... Foolish I Tell you ... to answer no! The correct answer that shows you have integrity is "I won't know until I get the chance to rape a child. Until then it's just a hypothetical!"

Comment Re:The litmus test (Score 2) 109

Not really. There's only confirmation bias. It can be on the part of the reader or on the part of the journalist but it's just as bad either way. People will even take OBVIOUS satire sites and take them seriously so long as it fits their internal narrative.

"Journalists" do this too. They will ignore stories that don't fit their narrative. They will rush to judgement when it suits their narrative.

Comment Re:Many true statements, just like 1816, 1916, 196 (Score 1) 437

And 200 years ago, not everyone had the ability, skill, or desire to move to the city and just jump into manufacturing. 50 years ago not everyone had the ability, skill, or desire to just jump into operating the new electronic machines.

Skill? Most manufacturing jobs were deliberately reduced to easily repeatable steps that an average below high school educated person could accomplish. Just the sort of jobs to fit hordes of ill educated farmhands. Hardly the same as expecting someone to jump from a repetitive GED level job into college level computer engineering skill.

That's quite the point. When people no longer had to pick the cotton (making raw cotton less expensive), they could instead work making things with the cotton, a higher paying job. When the looms were automated (making textile products less expensive), people moved again to higher paying jobs. As the factories were automated, even less skilled people moved into office jobs - data entry, secretaries, customer service, etc. As secretarial, data entry, etc. was automated (making data-centered tasks less expensive), the entire information economy was created.

"Some" people moved up. The majority have shifted into whatever part-time McJob they can find to try to make ends meet.

Comment Re:He's right. (and has been for hundreds of years (Score 4, Insightful) 437

You neglect that a) not everyone has the ability, skill or desire to just jump into programming b) programming can be automated too and c) the US government woefully neglects any attempts at job retraining, unlike European countries, mostly because every effort we've done towards job retraining since Carter was president has been cheap bandaid attempts rather than bottom up serious efforts.

You also gloss over that all of the farmers who were cast aside by automation were absorbed into the very factories we are now discussing being automated into non-existence. Also, simultaneously, millions of people employed in the trucking and taxi industry, including Uber, are facing the extinction of their jobs as automated cars take off. No, there will not be a rise in jobs servicing these cars either, as it's just as easy to develop an automated garage the cars just drive themselves into for service.

You can pretend all you like that new jobs will just pop out of the woodwork for these people but you're delusional. It's taken us 9 years to get back to the job growth we had before the last recession, our economy is not nearly robust enough to absorb the kind of jobless numbers we'll be seeing as automation really gets going.

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