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Comment I think this is miscategorized (Score 1) 551

Being unable to install all the vendor's crap and their uniquely gimped version of Windows....

That's not a bug, it's a feature!

I've got install media for all recent client versions of Windows - straight, not-more-fucked-up-than-Microsoft-makes-it media that will accept the valid serial keys attached to the chassis of any mass-produced machine... Now if the sticker has faded off or been removed that's a different story...

Comment Something wireless I might not hate? (Score 3, Interesting) 181

I will admit some incredulity when I read the title. "Wireless <i>what?!</i>"

Very cool stuff if it materializes.

Imagine a small lightweight machine with say an ULV i3 or i5 CPU, small-ish screen and weak-ass integrated graphics. Place the machine on it's docking pad (No connectors to get bent or boards to break) and suddenly it's got (wireless?) juice and access to kick-ass graphics, and a big monitor, as well as whatever else is in the base-station.

A desktop replacement that remains light and portable for road warriors, with none of the fragility associated with docking connectors. With those transmissions speeds I presume this is going to be a point-blank range affair, so snooping shouldn't be (much?) of a problem.

Comment Canadian government in their pocket? (Score 1) 335

I'm seeing a trend here....

I think it was last week the Canadian minister trying to ram a restrictive copyright bill through our government was crying about "extremists who oppose copyright". I tend to give government officials in the Western world the benefit of a little doubt, but now I'm really wondering who's pocket he's in....

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