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Comment Re:Please stop abusing the term "sharing." (Score 1) 309

Copying other people's stuff and giving it away isn't "sharing."

If you want to share, create your own work and give it away for free.

I would not dispute this sentiment. The problem is that there is not, in general, a bright line between "copying other people's stuff" and "creating your own work." That is the essence of pretty much all disputes about copyrights/patents.

Submission + - HTML5 ready to take off (

An anonymous reader writes: HTML5 discussion often founders on questions of market-share and backward compatibility. "Smart Development" argues that there's already a 'critical mass' of support, especially with breakthroughs in mobile browsing, and that the next move will be creation of the great programs that assume and thereby promote the new standard(s).

Comment Re:The horror stories are all true (Score 1) 1197

I had an IEEE sponsored plan a few years back. I think it was only available to US members (which shouldn't be a problem since most other countries take care of health insurance one way or another). It was expensive and the coverage wasn't great. It was one of the main reasons I said yes when my current contract asked to hire me full time. Most people don't understand how expensive this stuff is because it's hidden in the deductions on their paycheck. It's a big problem.

Comment Re:Landis grew up a Mennonite (Score 1) 259

I also grew up in a Mennonite family and am now a software developer. My father grew up in a much more traditional Mennonite community in Saskatchewan and is very computer savvy. One of the things you have to realize is that a lot of Mennonites are farmers. Farmers are some of the biggest gadgetry geeks there are.

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