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Comment Selection bias (Score 1) 63

The majority of who I know that ride share, ride share intra-city. The odds of being picked up while driving drunk in the city are much lower than someone who commuted 20 miles into the city, gets drunk, then has to drive 20 miles back home.

In addition you still have the issue of getting back down to your vehicle the next day. So you're ride share back? That means you're paying double. I think with the impairment of already being drunk they just decide to chance it probably deal with that back and forth headache?

Comment I don't think it is a valid question (Score 2) 364

At what point will the vehicle suddenly find itself in the trolley problem. It's doing several hundred restatements of the scenario per second. It will have started to react far sooner than this theorized last moment decision. In sort the question isn't valid because you're applying a human trait - distraction - to the computer.

Sure there are potential scenarios vehicle crosses into on-coming traffic, a bolder rolls down a hill and lands in front of you, or a sink hole opens as you drive over it and you have to deal with it, but these are easily decided. It's decided by liability, and we already have a framework for that. The liability will sacrifice the person in the vehicle. It will do this because involving a bystander is a liability to the vehicle's insurance company. Meanwhile, in the existing legal framework, you are sill responsible for the operation of a computer operated vehicle. You legally speaking, have only yourself to blame. However even in these dire circumstances, I would trust the vehicle to use real-time data to try to make the accident as survivable as possible, for everyone. I expect it's ability to exceed my own. And I think eventually public opinion will come to believe that too - that autopilot survivability is better than human control in all circumstances.

Comment History Channel - Repetitive Content Edits? (Score 1) 296

I've noticed that there is a LOT of repetition of content in History channel content. Don't laugh, but Ancient Aliens, The Curse of Oak island, etc. all feature at least 6 repeated graphics per episode, and in the same context each time. I'd almost pay for a channel to edit it down to the unique content. I bet there's only 15 minutes of original content per episode.

In addition after every commercial, they repeat what they said before commercial.

Comment Bias of the Bias (Score 0) 206

I know there are some polls out there saying this man has a 32% approval rating. But guys like us, we don't pay attention to the polls. We know that polls are just a collection of statistics that reflect what people are thinking in "reality." And reality has a well-known liberal bias. -Stephen Colbert

Comment Magsafe Headphone Jack? (Score 1) 771

I can understand that the 3.5mm jack is impinging on deisgn, however it should be able to be iterated in a way to preserve the best parts of the 3.5mm jack.

Modern headphone jacks have 4 contacts: Gnd, Left, Right, and Mic. This is also the same* number of pins on a magsafe connector. Therefore, I propose we use magsafe or mag-safe-like connector.

While I recommend against using existing mag-safe due to voltage risks, we can iterate it it easily enough for a 1V model.

* technically Magsafe has 5, with pin 3 as charge control. This is not needed.

Also another format would be a magnetic bulls-eye format of concentric contacts, so the cord can spin like an existing 3.5mm jack.

Comment Don't tax the job creators! (Score 1) 760

I watched a "banned" TED talk wherein the speaker claims that the rich get tax breaks because they are historically seen as "job creators". He further contends that this is not factually accurate, and that lower taxes on the middle class would create jobs. I've got a hybrid approach: What about if we auctioned off the lowest tax rates to the most job creators? This way the rich would actually be creating jobs. It for the first time directly incentivises job creation. If they don't create jobs then they don't get the rate.

It's a put-your-tax-rate-where-your-influence-is deal, which could be a win for everyone.

Comment Relative value (Score 2) 304

Clearly Kabir we are assigning a negative value to mug shots. That's a value the computer isn't trained to assign or detect. It could be that thug life and mug shots are prized, and the white people shots are "lame" and worthy of chastising, like thingswhitepeoplelike.

This ends up being a bigger commentary on the observer and their biases rather than the neutral computer.

Comment "Bubblegum mode" and Quake-C (Score 1) 351

I got a 486Dx2-66 before my friends, but a few years later, in college, people had pentiums and I bought Quake. They could all run decent framerates, but not my 486. I went through all the console commands and found a mode that discarded textures and just did a solid fill, for whatever reason pink was rather prominent, but I picked up about 5fps, which made it playable.

Quake-C then was a good time sink in college. I eventually got a Socket-A ("slocket"), and did the tape-over-the-pin overlock hack on a celeron. I actually worked on the very early versions of Team fortress, with things like the gib gun and the initial sniper dot (it was an X, not a dot) TF. I checked the earliest TF releases still available for my name in the credits, but they only go back to about 2 releases after I stopped working on it. (Feel free to be skeptical)

Why mention the NIN drummer for Quake 3? Trent did the original soundtrack, which is why the nail gun ammo boxes are all marked "NIN", or was that too obvious?

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