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Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1) 485

WikiLeaks has shown great interest in anti-US material, and comparatively very little interest in anything that disparages Russia.

That may well be true, but Russia isn't presenting itself as the bastion of human rights, democracy, and transparency. Nobody would be shocked to learn that Putin was illegitimately and/or illegally manipulating popular support. That would just be par for the course.

Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1) 485

Seriously. "It's their fault for exposing our lies, not our fault for lying in the first place." Jesus Christ.

TBH, Hillary should be the one resigning, as she was the beneficiary of the DNC's manipulation. Actually, she should have already resigned over the email server, which was at best incompetence, and at worst criminal wrongdoing, but in either event a terrible lack of good judgment.

Comment None of the above (Score 1) 485

This has to be one of the worst Presidential elections in recent history. I thought '04 was particularly bad when the Democrats couldn't front a candidate to beat Bush, but at least Bush had some popular support. In this election, neither candidate has popular support, with both running around 70% unfavorable. In other words, no matter who wins, the majority of the country does NOT want them as President. We need to carefully consider how our system got us into this position, and how we can avoid it in the future.

Personally, I'm in favor of major overhaul and a transition to direct democracy, but I think there are a plethora of alternatives that are more resistant to corrupt manipulation than our current system. Even a parliamentary system would at least give other viewpoints a voice in governance rather than the binary system we have now.

Comment Re: What "minimal functionality" for a browser gam (Score 1) 115

Readable source, developer blog, bug tracker and notes on same, lists of currently played games.

Wouldn't "Readable source" enable others to make available modded, rebranded versions, thereby requiring severe changes to a proprietary game's revenue model? Wouldn't a bug tracker need some sort of policy to keep bugs private to block cheating by reading and exploiting others' bugs? And by "currently played games", did you mean a list of instances of this game in progress, or did you mean other game products that the developersimfile have been playing over the past several weeks?

But, more realistically,new can distinguish between a web page, and a web application.

There appears to be a vocal minority on Slashdot who is of the opinion that "web applications" should never have existed in the first place, that apps should be made in Qt/C++ and not HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Comment What "minimal functionality" for Cookie Clicker (Score 1) 115

Eliminating the NES from the equation:

I imagine that Orteil, developer of the game Cookie Clicker, might be interested in implementing "some kind of minimal functionality" for a page on his website. Currently the game requires JavaScript for its core function of executing game rules and displaying its graphics. What "kind of minimal functionality" would be appropriate here? How could a game written in JavaScript be made downloadable? Are you referring to providing a zipfile with all game assets and then hoping the user knows how to override Chrome's default policy of not allowing XMLHttpRequest to the file: URL scheme? Overriding this policy requires closing all tabs and restarting Chrome with the --allow-file-access-from-files command-line option.

Likewise with the game Pirates Love Daisies.

Comment Pay for ROM (Score 1) 115

Would it be acceptable if the play button is available without charge but requires JavaScript to use, and the download button works without JavaScript but requires payment to obtain? Or what am I missing?

In your previous example the application in question is native to the NES so it seems you've already made up your mind. Just provide the native NES ROM file

Would it be acceptable if the play button is available without charge but requires JavaScript to use, and the "Download ROM for use in FCEUX or PowerPak" button works without JavaScript but requires payment to obtain?

Comment CPALead (Score 1) 115

What you describe sounds like "cost per action". I've seen where that has gone in the past with networks like CPALead where sites require you to sign up for a free trial of something (with your credit card number so it can auto-renew) or download and install a Windows-only, binary-only application before a page will display.

Comment Hercules InColor Card (Score 1) 121

In addition to the MDA-with-graphics Hercules Graphics Card (HGC), Hercules also made a CGA clone called the Hercules Color Card designed to coexist with the HGC. I don't know if it's compatible enough to run the 8088 MPH demo. This was followed by a 16-of-64-color card comparable to EGA, called the Hercules InColor Card. But you're correct that no well-known Hercules card could do 256 explicit colors.

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