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Comment Re:How is this lashvertisement... (Score 1) 62

Not every story on every site is going to apply to me. I learned to accept that long ago. I don't find it necessary to imply that that particular fact makes it necessarily contrary to the mission statement that I want to think is the operating rule for EVERY SINGLE STORY. I know that isn't a fact.

It is an article. It has to do with policy that appears to be spreading through many US providers.

There's a very simple way of avoiding articles like this if they don't interest you. Look at the headline and don't read it.

Not everything has to be to your taste to be OK.


Comment Idiot (Score 3, Insightful) 641

"This is a vehicle that travels from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds," Speckman also said during the interview. "She's clearly having to swerve to miss a vehicle going the wrong way on a one-way street. If her foot should happen to hit the accelerator, it's like a rocket ship. I don't know why they have to make a car that does that."

Because some people WANT a car that does that. There's no reason you had to buy it though. Entirely your fault. Blame yourself. Every single day of the rest of your life blame yourself.

Comment Re:One word: Cowardice (Score 5, Insightful) 146

It's a fucking PHONE. I'm not expecting it to sound like my home DAC + tube amp and high end cans.

The inconvenience of needing an external solution, and the SEVERE inconvenience of not being able to charge the fucking thing while using a lightning headset or whatever, is enough to dissuade me from EVER considering an iPhone again.

If your friend is an "audiophile" why is he even using a phone for his music?

Comment Re:Voice assistants are another fad (Score 1) 155

Which it isn't. There's no network connection until the activation word is reckognized. THis has been cross checked and verified by many. You can even utilize the service via a raspberry pi using the API and OPEN SOURCE software if you distrust the out of box device.

Keep stirring up that FUD though.

Comment Re:You need to BUY these? (Score 2) 155

So you don't use the device to its full potential, and you really enjoy bragging about how "frugal" you are. That's really special.

My echo dot can be told "connect to your speakers" and stream music to my 7.1 system taht actually SOUNDS good, rather than the marginal speaker even the full sized echo has. I have my lights and other devices linked via a smartthings hub, and my AV system via a harmony hub. All voice controlled, all timer controllable if I so wish. I have a sensor hooked to my front door to let me know when it's opened, should maintenance decide to visit my apartment unscheduled. I use it EVERY DAY. From "computer, turn house on" when I return home, to simple things like "Time" or Forcast . And timers and quick queries on game time or other things.

I think it's worth the money, and it enhances my quality of life. Of course I don't have kids, and probably never will. I have no need to wring my hands and crow about how I have to be frugal and sacrifice my life quality for the future.

"The thought of adding automated fixtures turns my stomach". OK got it. You're a luddite.

Go be frugal. Get off that evil computer.

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