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Comment Re:Won't everything need to be recompiled? (Score 2) 85

Actually, POWER8 supports both big and little endian, and you can go out to Canonical's site and (as of 14.04) and get the LE version of Ubuntu for POWER8. You can read about that below. Quoting the article:

Why is Linux on Power transitioning from big endian to little endian?

The Power architecture is bi-endian in that it supports accessing data in both little endian and big endian modes. Although Power already has Linux distributions and supporting applications that run in big endian mode, the Linux application ecosystem for x86 platforms is much larger and Linux on x86 uses little endian mode. Numerous clients, software partners, and IBM’s own software developers have told us that porting their software to Power becomes simpler if the Linux environment on Power supports little endian mode, more closely matching the environment provided by Linux on x86. This new level of support will lower the barrier to entry for porting Linux on x86 software to Linux on Power.


Comment Perhaps less is more? (Score 1) 278

Those are often driven by HR policies / databases / data retention policies / privacy policies.

There's a local company that asks a more fundamental question, which is "How can you help us?" This must, however, require a person to sit and read through every submission. To avoid spamming them, the entirety of their application form is:
"How can you help us?" <== text box for free form entry. You could paste in a resume link, github, etc.

This approach seems more interesting.

Comment Re:The consumer. (Score 1) 270

Gay guys are likely closer to females in terms of frequent frivolous spending, i.e. spending on clothing and other accessories. Not that guys necessarily spend less, but their spending is more focused and comes in bigger chunks at less frequent intervals. Also, gay guys, like women, are more fashion and image conscious which means they'll buy into fads more readily and willfully overpay for products they fund appealing.

Umm, Not all of us? Trying to draw a connection between gay males' shopping habits and straight women's habits is superficial, and keep in mind that "gay male" is not a single population.

As one of the aforementioned gay males (and a 5-digit UID Slashdot geek), I should point out that my boyfriend and I certainly don't spend on "frivolous" things. He's more image-conscious than I am, certainly, (blame Gilt Group's iPhone app for that), but neither of us is "buys into fads more readily" than any other guy. We both have more cash because we both have pretty good jobs (game developer, sw architect) and we invest, save, and (currently) have no kids. I, personally, buy what I want, when I want, but not "fashion accessories." I buy experiences (e.g. flying into the grand canyon), and nice things (e.g. my shiny new Weber Genesis Grill).

I agree that orientation is irrelevant, but you should take a step back and reconsider what you wrote.

Submission + - German car rental firm makes fun of Greek plight (

MargWilkins writes: "A German car rental firm took a tongue-in-cheek approach to the Greek debt crisis by suggesting in an ad released Thursday that Greek customers could now pay for its cars in drachmas.

The drachma was the Greek national currency prior to introduction of the euro in 2002.

"Dear Greeks, we now once again accept drachmas," the ad published in three national German newsapers and on the Sixt company Internet news portal said.

This is a one-day campaign that will only be carried out in newspapers, a spokesman for Sixt told AFP.

Debt-crushed Greece faces possible bankruptcy if fellow Europeans fail to deliver a second, large-scale aid package. Bankruptcy could lead to Greece abandoning the euro to return to its former national currency.

Sixt has previously been involved in other shock publicity.

Last year it suggested that customers "do like Mrs Bruni (wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy) and opt for a small French model"."


Submission + - Digital Distribution-Competition Bad for Business? (

thsoundman writes: "A war is brewing on the internet for your money, support, and loyalty (no it’s not the PC vs Console war that you see flames on a daily basis) and the outcome could have dire consequences for the gaming industry. That war is the supremacy over Digital Distrubtion. Currently there are several key players in the industry, Steam (Valve Software), Impulse Driven (GameStop), Direct2Drive and GoG. Steam is by far the most popular and largest of the group by several times however several companies are looking into providing their own services instead of selling them through a vendor and competitor like Steam."

Comment Re:Not sure why people are knocking it (Score 1) 293

Yeah, it's funny that the Jeopardy people wanted Watson to be able to physically push the button and didn't require that it read and listen like a human.

Actually, that's to make the game fair. There's a small delay while you or I click a physical buzzer that would be removed if the system could signal directly into the Jeopardy scoring systems. To remove that unfair advantage, the machine must still "buzz" in just like a real competitor, and deal with the fact that a mechanical push-button is being depressed.

Comment Re:Can't believe it hasn't been done (Score 1) 125

So I saw that it's got a patent pending, but don't recognize the format of the number, "61361522." Searching various dbs turns up nothing, and searching the web turns up only links back to the blindtype website. I really want to read this patent app.

I even searched for a few likely keywords, and found other, competing patent apps from other companies that purport to do something similar like this one...

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 205

I just can't take the article seriously. You would think the top 100 'best places to work in IT' would include Google somewhere near the top, but it didn't even make the list.

Well, the difference here is that you're looking at those that develop IT (Microsoft, Google, even Amazon to an extent) and those that leverage IT in non-engineering businesses (the article's list). A more interesting list would be the Top 10 or Top 100 places to work in engineering.

The Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For is probably what you're looking for. Several of my friends work at National Instruments for example, and every year for the last decade or so they've been on that list (they put a banner on the side of their headquarters proudly proclaiming it to all those that happen to drive by on a nearby freeway). You'll also find Google, Cisco, Adobe, Microsoft, etc.

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