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Comment Re:Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 2, Insightful) 382

Do you make those sort of foul remarks in regards to anyone who has a vasectomy before having children? Do you consider doctors unethical for allowing anyone to voluntarily sterilize themselves? Do you realize that there are other goals in this world besides creating ones own biological children?

The primary concern currently preventing Manning from having a family is prison, not whether she continues to exist with intact gonads.

Just because you have a hangup doesn't make your opinion fact. Cosmetic surgery exists and is a viable alternative to being brainwashed into living the exact same life that you would choose for yourself.

Comment Re:Don't Be Evil (Score 2) 432

I'll never buy a self driving car. That's ridiculous! I will pay for a subscription service and let someone else worry about whether they need maintenance or upgrades.

The vast majority of the time I don't even need a car. Really I need my car AT MOST about an hour a day, the rest of the time it just sits there slowly falling apart.

Comment Re:CSB time (Score 4, Informative) 502

Hate to break it to you dude, but that guy was either misinformed or pulling your leg;

The GAU-8/A ammunition is linkless, reducing weight and avoiding a great deal of potential for jamming. The feed system is double-ended, allowing the spent casings to be recycled back into the ammunition drum,[12] instead of ejected from the aircraft, which would require considerable force to eliminate potential airframe damage.

Comment Re:Markets, not people (Score 1) 615

I kind of think we're going to see a lifestyle emerge of people having no residence other than their truck cab. Think about it; get to hang out in a car all day every day, stop whenever you want anywhere you can find cargo to run, and more or less screw around or work a programming job. Someone stops a rig like that to rob it they're going to get an ass full of buckshot from someone who doesn't have to worry about keeping on the road.

You know, it'll all be on camera, any hijacking attempt would be immediately filmed and broadcast to the police, even in an unmanned vehicle. A single guard could cover a whole convoy of automatics, but frankly I think the whole hijacking thing is probably going to happen as much as high-stakes train robberies happen these days.

Comment Actually banned, authors went to prison. (Score 3, Informative) 410

The Illustrated Presidential Report of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography.

This book was a factual record of the results of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, started by Lyndon B Johnson in 1969, which concluded that pornography was not harmful to consenting adults. Both Democrats and Republicans joined together in rejecting facts in favor of prejudice and roundly censured the report.

Two men gathered the results of the report, including the image material used of more or less every kind of porn in existence, and published about 100,000 copies of it before being pulled into court for publishing obscene materials. They both ended up serving time in jail.

Huffington post has an excellent article about it;

Comment Re:noone trusts their cya legalese (Score 1) 134

The gag orders have made speech entirely pointless. It is not legal for this company to tell us the truth without going to jail because their right of free speech has been suspended. That make every statement about the subject entirely meaningless, because anyone who knows the truth is prohibited by law from saying anything about it, or even insinuating the truth via omission.

Free speech was fun, free speech is over. It's lost all meaning now.

Comment Re:Wrong use of money these days (Score 1) 356

Neither of these statements are facts.

Saying it's the 'right' thing to do is purely subjective. You don't know what he believes is the right thing to do, I'm sure in his mind he's already done the right thing and trying to argue that he should do YOUR right thing instead of his own right thing will never get you anywhere. It's a null argument.

It very much will affect his position at that company. His overriding goal is to make choices that keep the company strongest to the exclusion of all other considerations. If there is a choice to be made, his job is literally to make the choice that keeps the company as strong as possible. If he takes other concepts into consideration, such as 'the greater good' or 'common human decency or dignity' or even 'keep us from going extinct in a thousand years' he is quite literally not doing the job he's payed so very very much money to do. That's what could get him fired!

I personally share the same perspective of you, I think this is a dick move by a dick of a person in service to a dick corporation and it saddens me that there's no good way to make it more profitable to be ethical and responsible than it is to make every shady 'fuck you' deal you can. I think the only effective, non-violent solution to this will probably be the erosion of privacy for the upper classes, think universal ubiquitous paparazzi letting anyone who wanted to watch them 24 hours a day, even when they sleep, to make sure nobody's whispering shady evil deals into their profit hungry ears. It's only fair, the upper classes literally have the capacity to do that to any of us already, things will begin to change when we can do it back. The evil ones will wither under the glare of public attention while those honorable and respectable will be proven so and rewarded. I can't see any other positive future.

Comment Re:Easily dealt with. (Score 1) 232

Nukes are as powerful as they are because it was originally quite difficult to aim them. You could point them at a city but they might actually land miles away, which is no big deal if you're devastating a multi-mile area.

Nukes are very messy though! Wouldn't it be so much more fun to be able to launch hellfire-equivalent munitions from space? All you really need to do to achieve that is make sure you can hit your target.

The better your aim is, the smaller the projectile can be. Wouldn't it be cool to assassinate people by dropping an arrow made of white hot supersonic depleted uranium through the tops of their skulls?

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