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Comment Re:Weak/nonexistent punishments for faulty notices (Score 1) 37

All patent applications are signed under penalty of perjury. However, the US Patent and Trademark office disbanded its enforcement department in 1974. So, you can perjure yourself on a patent application with impunity.

Unless it's testimony in a criminal case, or the perjury trap in front of a grand jury, or something they want to prosecute like lying on your tax form, the Federal government is in general lassiez faire about perjury, or even encouraging of it with their reluctance to prosecute, especially perjury committed by a so-called intellectual property holder.

Comment It doesn't like going through walls though (Score 1) 63

Or anything solid really. If you have line-of-sight it works pretty well but get anything in the way, and you can have serious issues. I tried it for wireless HDMI and it wasn't able to maintain a solid signal over about 25 feet because there was an interior wall in between the transmitter and receiver.

Comment Re: All of this has happened before... (Score 1) 258

But those sales wouldn't be in addition to their existing high end processors, they would be instead of, plus with a $3000 price tag the sales would be low and economies of scale wouldn't kick in so the production cost would remain high too.
Their existing designs are well tried and tested, R&D costs are low and the fabrication process has been refined sufficiently to have very high yields so the margins are very good. There really is no incentive to sell anything significantly better unless forced to by competition.

The Alpha processor used to be what you describe - massively faster than anything else, but highly expensive. They remained an expensive niche for people who needed the highest performance at any cost.

Comment Re:"stormed off to Arizona in a huff"??? (Score 1) 113

I'm pretty sure the "bribes" you're talking about are a $150 fee for the first 10 test vehicles and $50 for each additional 10 test vehicles.

Yeah, that's it. Far less than it cost to ship the cars to Arizona, and far less than the administrative costs of the program.

Boy, Uber sure came out ahead on that one.

Comment Re:Some hints (Score 1) 118

1) I like my vision sharp, so I have it tuned as tight as I can get it, just a bit better than 20/20.

2) I like my high contrast term.
Terminal background color - white.
Terminal foreground color - black.
Cursor - blinking black rectangle, can't miss it.

Web browsing defaults are also white background, black text.

3) Eh, it's about there.

4) Contacts, all the way. No headache from the frame, and full focus peripheral vision, you can never get that from glasses, there's always a line beyond which things are blurry.

Comment Some hints (Score 1) 118

I have a few suggestions for people, having used computers from a very young age and having my own since 7th grade, eye strain has always been an issue.

(1) If you are near sighted (which I am), have your the prescription *slightlt* detuned, so it isn't perfect. Mine is detuned by I think around 0.25. This reduces eye strain by a HUGE amount. You won't be able to read highway signs from far away but who needs to do that any more with gps nav?

(2) Tinge your desktop foreground coloring scheme more towards the greens and do not yet a dead-black background solid, and do not have a bright background picture relative to your windows. This reduces excess contrast while simultaneously allowing you to reduce the brightness of the screen. Excess contrast is a major source of eye strain. If you see characters burning into your retina excessively you have too much contrast.

For example, for xterm's I use the following resources:

xterm*background: #100010000000
xterm*foreground: #7FFFDFFFDFFF
xterm*cursorColor: white

(3) Monitor(s) should be arms-length from your eyes with your fingers stretched out. If they are any closer, you are doing something wrong. Any closer and your eyes will get strain for excessive crossing.

(4) Glasses vs Contacts. I don't know. I prefer glasses myself, but I've never really liked to use contacts so mostly I just don't any more... its glasses all the way.



GlobalSign Supports Billions of Device Identities In an Effort To Secure the IoT ( 27

Reader broknstrngz writes: GlobalSign, a WebTrust certified CA and identity services provider, has released its high volume managed PKI platform, taking a stab at the current authentication and security weaknesses in the IoT. The new service aims to commodify large scale rapid enrollment and identity management for large federated swarms of devices such as IP cameras, smart home appliances and consumer electronics, core and customer premises network equipment in an attempt to reduce the attack surface exploitable by IoT DDoS botnets such as Mirai.

Strong device identity models are developed in partnership with TPM and hardware cryptographic providers such as Infineon and Intrinsic ID, as well as other Trusted Computing Group members.

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