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Comment WTF is going on in this country? (Score 1) 134

It's not people like this one who went WAY over the line and violated the trust of the American people - it's the poor misguided fools out there who think this is OK somehow and that we should give him another chance. Here's a newsflash for you - he had the position of trust and when temptation arose he gave in shamelessly and the lies he's telling now don't make it acceptable.

I'm not suggesting that this fellow be prevented from living a "normal" life and holding a job - but the proposed job that this fellow is being considered for is one that would put in in the same position he was before when he (for some unexplained reason) failed to uphold the requirements of his position. This fellow is probably just morally challenged - but the people proposing him for this job are fools.

Really, folks - we'd never consider placing a child molester as an elementary school teacher. But this fellow would be in a position to cause serious harm to many, many more people. It's a horrible idea. And those who are offering apologetic platitudes for this fellow's past transgressions - what the heck are you fools thinking? This will cause you just as much harm as anyone else - wake up!

Comment Re:Will the same happen to phones? (Score 1) 394

The netbook is only going to grow, so long as companies keep making more and more apps for linux, xor companies keep moving their applications onto the web. There's only the balance then of what does a consumer need to run locally versus connected.

Your prediction of low margins may be true to a point---but that is the beauty of globalization. These US companies who want to make only huge profit items will eventually wither from a thousand cuts as Taiwan/Chinese companies decide their happy to make 10 million netbooks with a net profit of 3 bucks each.

If you need specialization, then you're going to pay through the teeth (GPS Navigation / E-Readers). Those companies make a killing on you from both software and hardware. Personally, i wont touch e-readers until they allow me to place them onto a general-computing device. Same reason I've never toughed DRM-Music.... its too expensive and too limiting.

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