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Comment um... (Score 2) 133

"Thanks to horrible Adobe Photoshop defaults, it's very easy to unknowingly include this metadata in your final image assets."

If you're saving for the web, use the "save for web and devices" option and it should strip out most, if not all, extraneous data. That's why it's there. If you just do File -> Save As it'll include other stuff.

Comment Re:not for failure, for career-destroying mission (Score 1) 156

> It's a consolation prize for not winning the bigger reward and accepting very
> high probability of a publicly-destroyed career, lots of humiliation and public hate.

Oh boo fucking hoo. LOTS of people have had their careers "destroyed" for one reason or another but we don't give them all $200 million. A typical person might work (very rough numbers) 40 years at an average of $50k/year -- that's TWO million dollars in THEIR WHOLE LIFE. And I'm supposed to feel somehow bad for this 42-year-old who has ONE HUNDRED TIMES that much money?

Poor baby, has a bad reputation and can't work. She'll have to spend the rest of her life, sitting alone in her apartment, looking at want ads, wishing she could work, scraping by with just 100x as much money as a typical working slob will ever see. Boo hoo hoo.

Say she has $200M today. Loses $100M to taxes so she has $100M left. Invests it in CDs at her bank for 1%. That's $1M/year. She is literally at the "live off the interest" level. You could do a LOT of bad things to me if "never have to work again" was the prize.

Comment lol (Score 1) 148

"No Longer a Dream" -- oh really? Can I buy one? Can anyone? No? THEN IT'S STILL A FUCKING DREAM.

Oh, you have a prototype? Well then, excuse the fuck out of me.

There are so many obstacles before we will have lots of people in flying cars. Creating "a vehicle that flies" is the easy part, and it's getting easier every year. It's little things like "it takes an order of magnitude mre energy to fight gravity than to roll on the ground" and "prevent it from falling on people when ONE critical component fails" and "prevent nimrods from crashing into stuff" that will be hard to solve.

Other than that, yeah, no longer a dream. Great. Now we can work on world peace and curing cancer.

LOLOL - I actually RTFA (yeah, I'm new here) and caught this gem: "... designed to operate over water..." Fucking fantastic. So as long as you live in Foster City or Atlantis you're fine. (Sorry, Venice, no plans to sell outside the US.) I guess if you live in the port of Oakland and work on the Embarcadero it's also viable.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 1) 342

> Trump got in to office by being lucky enough to run against Hillary Clinton...
> Now that said, any democrat who wasn't named Clinton would have wiped the floor with Trump.

Imagine if we had two qualified, likable candidates in the same election. I wonder what that would be like?

Comment Pedantics unite! (Score 4, Insightful) 78

In all my life, whenever someone said "eating salty food makes me thirsty", I don't think one of them ever meant "eating salty food makes me consume more water over a multi-month period." I'm pretty sure what they meant was "When I eat salty food, I want something to drink right goddamn now!" One thing I know for sure: every time I've expressed that sentiment, I was referring to the current moment. says "thirsty [thur-stee] adjective, 1. feeling or having thirst; craving liquid." See? FEELING thirsty. CRAVING liquid. A feeling you're having RIGHT NOW. No mention of how much water you actually drank over the course of the next 105 days.

I'd love to see more details of the study. Maybe the ones who had salty food had more water with their meals but then the science kicked in and they had less water over the course of the day? It's entirely possible.

Comment Re:The Market at Work (Score 1) 144

Great idea -- EXCEPT that it would totally screw you. I don't think Google makes a distinction between what goes in the "answer" box and what goes in the regular results summary -- so yeah, it'd be funny to see Kanye's net worth listed as "$0.35 and a half a bag of Doritos" in the big "answer" box at the top of the screen, but when a user figured out that the data is bad and scrolled down the page, they'll see your page in the regular listing with the same bad data showing. What shows up at the top would also show up at the bottom and therefore you wouldn't be doing yourself any good.
(And in that particular case, the numbers don't match anyway -- the one at the top came from Wikipedia. So it might be the case that ONLY your actual listing would show the worthless data.)

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 1) 344

Sadly, native controls are getting dumber. I've got a couple controls on the steering wheel for the radio (station or track, and volume) but everything else is on a touchscreen.

Climate controls used to be an array of different physical buttons and levers; now it's a bunch of nearly identical buttons in a row. You actually CAN'T use the climate control in my current car WITHOUT looking at it -- but I could on cars I owned 30 years ago.

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