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Comment Android phones manage this without sacking the jac (Score 5, Insightful) 248

Somehow Android phone manufacturers have managed this for years (with even more sensors) with LARGER batteries, and maintaining water resistance all while not eliminating the headphone jack.

This is all about generating new earbud+headphone sales.

Comment Re:No Steve Jobs (Score 4, Insightful) 133

Yeah. Apple software NEVER had bugs when Steve Jobs was alive. iOS never had point releases before Tim took over.

Oh wait, no, there were bugs all the time. It's been conventional wisdom to NOT upgrade ANY device of ANY kind from ANY manufacturer with software from ANY vendor on day 1 for over a decade now, if that device's ability to function is critical to you.

Even a 1 in a million bug will affect a thousand people when you're talking about a billion devices.

Also: I'd be willing to bet that most of Apple's executive team DOES run beta software on their phones -- at least late betas. But you're talking about a couple dozen people -- not a really significant sample size, you know? -- and they probably all have pretty new phones. No one on this page is still using a 4S just for shits and giggles. And you know what? They shouldn't. They're busy running a company. They're not QA specialists. They have teams for that. Just because a team isn't perfect, that doesn't mean they're worthless.

Feel free to provide a counter-example of any perfect software or hardware from any company, ever. Bonus points if it was a point-oh release.

Comment Re:Biggest effect will be on nearby Best Buys (Score 1) 167

But.. I've had friends who have worked at Worst Buy, as has my brother, and they all have told me that they hold regular meetings (often all-hands-on at 5:00am or 6:00am o.O - they're as bad as Sprawl*Mart reputedly is) and although they're not on commission the departments do have sales quotas. Presumably details such as feedback from customers is shared at such meetings and is(??? or should be!) shared higher up the food chain when they identify that #itemIdenticalToAmazonItemExceptForSKU) sales numbers are down, and maybe they should consider matching the price?

The folks on the floor represent the face of the company - if they are not communicating feedback, complaints, etc. back to corporate they need to be fired (from a cannon, into the Sun) or the process needs to be fixed. Worst Buy has suffered in recent years and the refusal to match Amazon, Newegg, etc. may be part of the reason why. Their refusal to respond can result in their implosion.

I try to shop brick & mortar but am continually disappointed by the lack of selection, or brick & mortar stores' refusal to stock anything but the stripped-down or low-to-lower-midrange items in product lines. I bought my Ninja blender online because brick and mortars don't stock the SKU I wanted (since accessories are hard to find I wanted the most complete sku - oh and Ninja > Blendtec in quality btw, which surprised me), and I bought precision screwdrivers off Amazon because Sears doesn't offer any decent sets any more, nor do any of the other tool/hardware store chains, and I bought my Klipsch Reference-series speakers online from an authorised dealer through amazon because local stores (including mom & pop and Worst Buy's "Mangolia) don't stock anything higher end than the crappy Synergy line. I'm doing the same with Sennheiser headphones, since Worst Buy stocks only the bottom-end models. Same with the RoG Swift monitor - I bought my first through Amazon since Best Buy doesn't stock it (they'll happily "ship to store" but f*** that), and will be buying the second and third through Amazon as well. Same thing with printers- Worst Buy, Staples, etc. all happily shove the crappy inkjet and low-end laser printers, but a good workgroup printer is unobtainable through them. So, I ordered a Samsung workgroup printer ~5 years ago and had it shipped to my door.... no having to even borrow or rent a truck to get it home!

I want to shop brick & mortar... but their unwillingness to adapt is forcing me to do most of my shopping through their worst enemy.

Comment Re:Damn it (Score 1) 111

Me, too. I have a CLX-6220FX and really like it. I have been thinking of upgrading to a faster and more capable model (although it could be argued that the one I already have is overkill for a home office) but Samsung has been letting their printer division languish lately, at least where workgroup printers are concerned. I don't care too much for HP since Carly's ruining everything that made HP great (make HP great again? ;)) so I'll probably look at Xerox (I've previously had a 6180DN) or Ricoh.

What I like about my Samsung:

* scan to email, USB, network (SMB/CIFS or FTP - I wish it could do nfs)
* Incoming fax forwarding to email
* Easy to maintain

The reason I want to upgrade is that the menu is very clunky and entering email addresses for scans is a bit of a pain... and multi-page scans are better done on workgroup units which have hard drives.

Comment Re:Talk about the Evil Maid... (Score 1) 308

That's a lot harder to get away with because the internal physical damage would be obvious. The damage resulting from ESD-scale voltages are generally not apparent during a visual inspection so the root cause is harder to trace as to repair the unit you would have to break up the circuit so you can test individual components with a multimeter, or simply chuck the whole PCB and replace it with a new one (and hope nothing else was fried).

Comment Re:Had a similar idea years ago (Score 1) 308

> the breaker will blow from the backfed voltage, but all the expensive devices attached will be smoked.

Breakers do not trip based on voltage, but on total power (meaning high current in this case) heating up a bar in the breaker.

If what you imagined would work, we would not need surge suppressors or lightning arrestors.

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