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Comment Money is due.. when... (Score 1) 155

Money is a medium of exchange that equates my work to yours.. crafted so that we all add to the social value that the currency represents. Or .. that what I had heard. Did this Martin Shkreli dipweed start or just hilite the greed that is making healthcare too expensive? Good money for Good service, but aspirin does not cost $10. per tab and any Asswipe that thinks thats a good idea needs to be held accountable.

Comment Reversed assertion... or whats a better term? (Score 1) 193

Said the Kettle to the Pot "Hey, you are black!" This repeal is a politically motivated action, but is said to repeal just that. It's going to make your Internet Slower and more costly. next we'll have another monopoly to slow us down, and more cost-add bullshit between my browser and my Url. Plus it creates more confusion for something that already works great. A working Internet. Making money and not adding value.. wonderful. My information is now for sale to anyone with money, Thanks Mr Ajit Pai. Now we can all pay more and have less privacy. This is complete reversal of logic... dont know about you, but I think we need a name for this brand of carefully crafted deception. What are we going to call it?

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 1) 67

I like how some companies put a power switch on your set top box that lights a really bright blue LED.. and when you are done, you turn it off. and ... in theory save power!! Check yours. Mine draws 40W when its running with the blue LED. and when I turn it off. it draws 39.9999W.. so that LED is off. the rest of it is on. Tmes 4 set top boxes, it adds up. Plus.. is it possible that my STB is the wireless access point advertised on TV? I heard of 10,000 access points in the area, and wonder if its the set top boxes??? All for the price of 240/Mo. Plus there is no competition... the next ISP is VErizon with "high speed" DSL at 3 Mbps. HAH. This is crap and we have to take collective action to get this out of monopoly status... lets add some competition.... right?

Comment Re:DeadHat !! (Score 1) 85

I have a few Linux Laptops that .. by nature go on and off all the time. Systemd is good here, in that it automates things, and perhaps is better at being plastic and adaptable. My serves stay up for a long time, so many features are a second/third order benefit. I've always seen server roles as static.. and if the app quits, you may want to have a DBA or App person review before restart. Has Systemd subsumed Pacemaker/Cman/Corosync? In short, I see Systemd more useful in desktop/laptop, and boring old init for servers? what do you all think? My customers have no idea if a web page is from a system that is systemd managed.. whats the diff?

Comment Re:Heisenberg uncertainty? (Score 4, Interesting) 167

Are you saying the Planck Constant is not constant, or that the observed frequency is not constant? Perhaps the closer we look at something, the more we are likely to observe variability? Maybe we are sampling over a smaller number of events/atomic-interactions or too short of a time slice? There are few things that are absolute, so we use the observed average as a constant, but in reality, its a curve-distribution.

Comment Re:I tried to move to Ubuntu, Lenovo wouldn't let (Score 1) 419

Thinkpads used to be very picky as to what devices would work. to the point where an unauthorized card would halt boot process. For some reason I am on HP and dell systems now.. Maybe there is a connection :^) If there is a doubt, check device history before buying..... You all know this already. If you find a packaged device that says Linux on it, its a much safer bet. Put your money there if you find it of value.

Comment Unsupported or disallowed? (Score 1) 419

THere is a difference between being " an unsupported configuration " and being disallowed. Is there a chance that MS doesn't want anyone to be on older versions of Windows? Sounds like they are tired of supporting them? Lets be serious.. Win7 is a solid desktop. Is there a compelling reason to move to newer version? The OS will soon be transparent, and largely irrelevant.. and the value will be whats around the planet. Right now.. is your browser maximized on your screen? If so... its already happened to you. Just saying.

Comment So the next response is to feed the monster (Score 1) 147

We can feed the monster to suit our needs. Why not feed it things we want to be known for and also include lots of bullsh*t .Post the word diaper shoes Kardashian Hillary trumpydoo puppies kittens Kim Jung etc.. the populace can say thank you, but stop sucking my life data . Here is what I want to know about

Comment Re:Treason ain't what it used to be (Score 1) 798

If Snowden had picked thru the collection and released what supported his perspective ..ok.. fine. So we forget all the docs that did hilite some level of broken-ness.. how about we then try him on disclosure of the unrelated revelations that were damaging in a non-helpful way? Otherwise... lets re-write the rules that we hold our folks with Security clearance to allow for this.... (Yeah right!).. may an Ombudsman? Mr Snowden, enjoy your new home. I hope you are there a long time.

Comment Re: you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 372

Some should kickstart a company to build/sell Epi pens for $50. Then capitalism works. The cost of a product should drop to the cost of constituents, plus cost of labor and production, plus -some- R&D, and plus some profit. Then.. another kickstart can cut those costs... and drop prices further.. The "substantial equivalent" is a powerful alternative. Not an expensive drug, as I understand?

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