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Comment Re:Treason ain't what it used to be (Score 1) 798

If Snowden had picked thru the collection and released what supported his perspective ..ok.. fine. So we forget all the docs that did hilite some level of broken-ness.. how about we then try him on disclosure of the unrelated revelations that were damaging in a non-helpful way? Otherwise... lets re-write the rules that we hold our folks with Security clearance to allow for this.... (Yeah right!).. may an Ombudsman? Mr Snowden, enjoy your new home. I hope you are there a long time.

Comment Re: you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 372

Some should kickstart a company to build/sell Epi pens for $50. Then capitalism works. The cost of a product should drop to the cost of constituents, plus cost of labor and production, plus -some- R&D, and plus some profit. Then.. another kickstart can cut those costs... and drop prices further.. The "substantial equivalent" is a powerful alternative. Not an expensive drug, as I understand?

Comment Lets separate two things. (Score 2) 667

First .. Should NOAA be running the studies, and be supported by satellites run by Nasa, Funded thru NOAA? Arguable. Second .. Is climate change real, or does the President-Elect know more about worldwide weather fluctuation than all the scientists (ok 95% of them), the same way he knows more about war than generals? Honestly, I am having trouble keeping all the truthiness our President-Elect pushes out. Can we agree that he said a lot of things to get him elected, What is your favorite contradiction?

Comment Re: Why would anyone buy Apple devices? (Score 2) 478

Just another reason to stick to commodity hardware and run Linux on it. Once upon a time, it took a lot of work to get it to cover all the bases, but, its all working now. Main obstacles to broader Linux adoption are unfamilarity, and many that have vested interest in keeping it that way. The reality is that the good stuff is not in your laptop, but everywhere else, so local hardware/software doesn't really matter - it should be transparent. Its no real differentiator. Some companies want to decommoditize standard devices and then make you pay more for it. Pfft. (See also MP3) I will take connectors, and flexibility, over spiffy clean and neutered. Yeah. I like bluetooth, but also like tethered things (USB headset, 1/8 pin jack earphones, USB, MMC, Firewire is ok too!). Had enough of DB9/Serial and RJ11/Phone, but RJ45 can be handy, and display port and HDMI are nifty. Not sure about fingerprint scanners, but the seem like a great idea.

Comment Maybe they want to sell BOTH product lines ? (Score 3, Interesting) 136

The dark side of this relationship between manufacturor and user is that the provider might want to sell both product lines rather than just the first one. "consumers on both sides of the tracks will have the unquenchable desire to have the latest flangle". In both cases, there may already be plenty of CPU horse power, so that even last years model works fine . Sorta feels like the cable industry letting go of the Triple play. Sometimes we users just dont need a new version. Or they will down-spec the initial to make the next rev required?

Comment If the role of money is... (Score 1) 410

If the role of money is to equate the work of the candlestick maker to the work of the accountant to the work of the airline pilot... and the amount of pay is proportionate to the contribution to society (rough jobs pay more, easy jobs pay less), how do you deserve such a salary? Is it really brilliant to buy a company and jack the prices up when that causes pain to the society that would reward you so?

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