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Comment Re:security best practice? (Score 2) 924

There seem only a few reasons a user process should stick around, or even start, after a user has logged out. 1) Cron.. Nuff said, 2) Screen - detached process, to be re-attached later 3) VNC - glorified Screen with a whole host of Window manager baggage 4) Inelegantly interrupted shell session that leaves a dead process 5) At jobs (ok.. like cron, but different) .. hmm those come to mind ... any others? In systemds defense, if its main objective is to manage Init... this seems appropriate, but.. it should have an rational/understood behavior profile. (oh.. and post below... a command launched with Nohup.. Since its an AC, cant attribute.)

Comment Re:Never misplaced a 747 around the house. Floatin (Score 1) 343

Or make a water soluble structural element (that floats) to another copy... Telemetry, voice in cabin etc... or... better yet.. stream the telemetry voice etc to my google+ account? We are supposed to look forward. The licensing/cost Bullsh*t is only for profiteering. Payback is on the first occurrence. then we dont have to dig up the plane and will know for the 5 PM news - same day. How many folks would pay for that?? Financial restrictions are idiotic constructs, in this case.

Comment What would Brian Boytano do? (Score 1) 110

In such a world that Mr Snowden envisions.. there would still be horrible violent incidents like we've seen of late. How would that government, under his perfecter rules handle the iPhone issue? Would it better for the people if the state was unable to check the miscreants email history to ferret out other weasels, or to leave the terrorists free to roam all over the US with impunity? I am not saying I have all the answers, but any time you chase Utopia to such an extreme, you find yourself in DysTopia. Is the Best Solution a compromise of personal and state freedoms (assuming those freedoms are in the best interests of the people)?

Comment Re:From both sides now (Score 1) 86

Thats why i didn't install the Facebook app on my phone. It reaches too far. Am with you on that. As far as privacy goes, I don't mind being watchable, but don't want to pay for every bit/byte to be reviewed by someone... unless there is a purpose. Would i rather have Google or Facebook or the Govt monitor my every moment? no, there is nothing in it for me. This whole apple privacy thing shows that Steve Cook wants to be more important than the government. We as a society should make the choice as to whether this one cell phone is the poster child for the state being able to see anyones' phone by exception, but its being painted as a "Uncle same sees everthing without a warrant". To me anyways... Is there a middle ground where such A$$wipes phone can be reviewed by court order? In this case transparency may be the accommodating factor. "News brief: Farouk XYZs phone was revealed today to federal authorities". As long as it has enough transparency, and records are revealed 10 Years after... maybe.. so there is that expectation.

Comment Re:Corporate Oligarchy (Score 2) 86

I see a real gap in the mindset of the public where app vendors get the WHOLE MAGILLA.. everything on your phone and the Govt is overreaching when it wants it in select cases. Keeping in mind the WaterGate plumbers union, we could have a documented process to cover all system compromises... secret, but recorded. Would our founding fathers want the state to protect itself from such endogenous and exogenous threats on a limited basis?

Comment From both sides now (Score 4, Interesting) 86

Should app vendors get to scan our address book, read our messages, tap our mic, and collect our position 24/7? that just a few of the things we have already lost. Why should it be OK for app vendors to suck our lives dry but claim the High Ground (TM) when the government comes calling? its Big Time double speak. If we care more about the government peeking over our shoulder, why do we so easily surrender to the software vendors?

Comment Re:Just contact Facebook (Score 1) 364

Indeed, if wave the flag furiously when we speak of terrorists and national security, surely we can ask the vendor to side with the good guys to prevent this from recurring... and as a precedent... I was mostly puzzled by the freedom we give to facebook (and goog too) and the cold shoulder we give to OUR spies. https://www.facebook.com/help/...

Comment Just contact Facebook (Score 1) 364

I see that Tashfeen used Facebook on her cell phone. Anyone who has read the things that the Facebook app has access to... would seem you could power it up, and have the facebook app probe the phone for useful information. Contact, messages, pictures, phone numbers etc. Who needs apple?

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