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Comment Re:Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Score 1) 45

The hyphenation in Berners-Lee is a linguistic device, whereas Wasserman-Schultz is statement of Womyn's Liberation.

And he outs himself as a troll from /pol after all. Another Matt Forney/RooshV wannabe.

In case you don't know who that is, Matt Forney is a "men's rights activist" and all-around scumbag. Here's a photo, in case you're wondering why he's a man-going-his-own-way (MGTOW):

And RooshV is a guy who lives with his mom and writes pick-up guides about smashing puss. He believes rape should be legal, and has never been with a woman that he didn't pay for.

So the rest of you: the next time you see an AC trolling here, don't get upset wondering where all the messed up "nerds" have come from. These ACs calling people "nigger" and "kike" are just greasy scumbags who got lost on their way from the /pol sewers to Stormfront.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 463

I vehemently disagree about the praise for the 3.5mm headphone jack. The same problems it had in the '80s are still with us today.

The problem has always been, like every connector ever devised by humankind, "Good ones are good and cheap ones suck". I've got a Sangean portable radio that I've had at least 20 years, and I've never had sound cut out or had to mess with moving the plug around to get it to work. My Gen One iPod still works fine. My old brown Zune 30gig with the mechanical drive inside has never had any problem with the headphone jack, and I've plugged and unplugged my phones tens of times a day.

I've thrown away a bunch of clever little low-cost devices where the headphone jack is just shit.

You really think that USB-C isn't going to have the exact same problems? I've got an ASUS tablet over here that I use to read out on the back porch and I've got to do all sorts of jiggery-pokery to get the thing to charge because the USB-mini (or micro, I can't remember which is which) jack has gotten looser than the Octomom's hoohah. All jacks go bum. I don't care if it's Thunderbolt or USB or firewire or eSATA or whatever.

Comment Re:Eugenics (Score 1) 92

What right of reproduction is it that you speak. I have never heard of this right, it sounds very suspiciously like some acient greek right of ownership of children, the right to do to them as you wish, to bake them and enjoy them with a dish of fava beans. The new child coming into to the world has rights and you have no rights to bring them into the world or to use them as you wish.

Hey, you want those who are least able to contribute to society to reproduce through intoxication and laziness and in far greater numbers than those who contribute the most to society, go right a fucking head. I, myself have chosen to liberate myself from that pending abuse by not reproducing, by not burdening myself with the guilt of future generations being subject to the abuse of the idiocracy. In fact I find the growth of idiocracy to be quite humorous, what the fuck do I care, I feeding victims to it (I still do my part it trying to stop it happening, it is the fair and reasonable thing to do but I burdened by the suffering the idiocracy will cause). I am sure it will be quite humorous when the idiots hit twenty billion and still counting.

Parenting and breeding licences are the common sense choice and no amount of wishing it away will make it less sensible, the earth is not infinite and as such breeding limitations are an inherent requirement.

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