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Journal smooth wombat's Journal: No space porn (for now) 4

With the entry to sub-orbital flight, and even orbital flight, becoming every so slightly easier, the obvious thought of space porn kicks in. Who wouldn't want to see two or more people going at it like rabbits in a weightless environment (or at least trying to go at it like rabbits in a weightless environment)?

Sadly, Virgin Galactic has turned down a $1 million offer to do just that. The offer was made by an unidentified party who was willing to put the money up front to do a space porn movie.

Considering that a flight aboard VG costs $200,000 for a two-hour flight, $1 million doesn't seem too bad. Though how much you could actually do and perform in 2 hours is debatable. And what about if one or more of the actors gets sick?

Food for thought (sorry for the pun)
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No space porn (for now)

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  • And what about if one or more of the actors gets sick?

    Understudies. Plus, for that money, you're only going to pick people who are, say, rollercoaster junkies.
    • True, though if the folks who normally do porn can't take roller coasters, you're now left trying to find people who:

      a) don't get motion sickness easily
      b) look relatively attractive
      c) have their various organs sized for the adult industry

      In point of fact, you can almost rule out women with long hair because it would constantly get in the way in a weightless environment unless it was in a ponytail or otherwise restricted, at which point, you might as well just get a woman with short hair.

      One thing that might

  • It's a living...

  • They would have to change their name.

    Wanton Galactic? Sullied Galactic...

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