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Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 1, Insightful) 89

Or how about the police that has militarized to the point where they are an occupying force?

Hyperbole much? An occupying force? That's where you're going? Have you ever been under occupation? Do you have any idea what conditions are like under occupation? Here's a hint: go ask the Palestinians what occupation is like.

Or how about police in neighborhoods that regularly target minorities?

You do realize those neighborhoods most likely have a high percentage of minorities (which is odd since they then wouldn't be minorities)? Would you like the police to turn a blind eye to the crimes? Look at what happened in Baltimore when police stopped patrolling.

because there is obviously a middle ground between giving the police 'new toys' and giving them pillows.

This is the middle ground. Police won't be shooting at criminals. They'll be using less lethal means to do their jobs.

Of course all of this wouldn't be necessary if criminals wouldn't be criminals. But lets us blame the police for doing their job, not the criminals for committing the crimes, for putting their lives on the line to protect the whiners, who think nothing of going into the line of fire in domestic disputes or go out in miserable weather to rescue asshats who drive around signs warning people of flooded roadways, thereby endangering themselves in the process.

It seems they care about the plight of your brothers and sisters more than you imagine in your fantasy world of oppression.

Comment Funny, but meh (Score 2, Interesting) 180

When one considers Russia has an office in St. Petersburg out of which it pays an army of online trolls to spew Russian propaganda or muddy the waters by making false statements and outright lies about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, one person from the U.S., doing this on his own without government backing, doesn't quite rise to the level of nuisance.

Sure, Putin is probably miffed this has been done and is looking for payback, but when one is spending millions of dollars every year to pay people (not to mention their vodka allotment) to do your bidding, and providing them the equipment to do so, one person isn't going to make a difference.

Had he instead posted pictures of the unmarked graves of Russian soldiers who have died during the invasion of Ukraine, that would have been different and had a greater impact. Not that Putin cares about the over 2,000 soldiers who have so far died during the invasion, including colonels within the Russian military who are working to support the invasion, but it would have been a nice touch to rub Putin's nose into how badly Russia miscalculated and is suffering because of Putin's ego.

Comment Re: Halfway There (Score -1, Troll) 376

Just because you know people who are responsible gun owners does not mean everyone is and the statistics prove it out, particularly when it comes to children either killing themselves or others with guns they found lying around.

Then there are those who think Russian roulette is a game.

This doesn't include those gun owners who don't bother to report their guns have been stolen. Which is odd because if they're responsible they wouldn't leave their guns in their cars.

Comment Re:As much as I dislike Trump ... (Score 4, Insightful) 430

And yet time and again Clinton is used to point out this or that even though he hasn't been president for well over a decade.

Make your mind up. If the lies and criminal acts of Bush and Cheney can't be used in a discussion than neither can Bill Clinton.

And no, crimes of past president's are not irrelevant. They are very relevant since they show the hypocrisy of people who will excuse those crimes but suddenly become appalled when someone else does the exact same thing. If you didn't consider it a crime then you can't consider it a crime now.

You can't have it both ways hypocrite.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 547

if people start getting blackballed, hired or fired for having expressed mere support for X political party or Y viewpoint.

What do you mean, start getting blackballed? Too young to remember the wholesale blackballing of actors because of their supposed views?

This doesn't even begin to touch the surface of the obvious and hidden blacklisting which goes on every day. Numerous studies have shown your name alone can get you blacklisted from a job.

States have had to pass laws to prevent all kinds of people and groups from blacklisting people for whatever reason.

Comment Re:It figures (Score 4, Insightful) 48

The police put a lot of effort making sure this guy goes to jail for making information available for free.

It's not information. It's a work someone put a lot of time and effort into creating and this asshat thought he was entitled to give it away to people without compensating the author.

If you want to produce something and give it away that is your right. You do not have the right to give away or steal someone else's work.

Comment Re: Hilarious (Score 4, Insightful) 185

Why use something other than a grease pen on a white board?

Because it's technology! It's the cool thing to do because everything is better with technology.

Stop trying to hold us back. Technology is the answer to everything. Didn't you see the trouble the guy in England had to go through to get his wi-fi tea kettle to work? Think of how much easier putting a pot of water on the stove would have been rather than the 11 hours he spent fiddling with technology. The horror!

Don't forget the polished turd which is Ford's infotainment system is known by engineers. Think of how much better it is to look away from the road to figure which part of a screen needs to be pressed to change the song rather than reaching out and touching a physical button. Technology for the win!

And don't get me started on the Internet of Things. It's the greatest. Why, devices hooked to the net, such as refrigerators or toasters, can be used as part of massive botnets. Isn't that great? Who wants, or needs, a refrigerator which isn't connected to everything? Think of how much easier it is to take down a web site you don't like when everything's connected to the internet.

Woo hoo! Three cheers for technology.

Comment Re:Sounds reasonable (Score 4, Insightful) 204

I get frisked at airports, its no big deal.

Because they consider you a criminal. You were presumed guilty until they found you innocent.

If you think this is acceptable then you wouldn't have a problem being frisked everywhere you go. Every restaurant, every movie theater, every store you want to enter, they frisk you because they're presuming you're a criminal.

Congratulations. You're another shining example of how the terrorists have won. They've made it so we fear everything and everyone.

Comment Re:Is NRSC Federal Government or Private? Private. (Score 3, Informative) 28

Obviously you're not from the U.S. or you would have known instantly the NRSC has nothing to do with our government aside from being a way for Republicans to get money for Senatorial candidates. The Democrats do the same thing, they just call their version something different.

No one, particularly at this level of fundraising, would be stupid enough to use a .gov domain name. That invites all kinds of scrutiny, and possible legal action, which no one wants to be part of.

Comment Hypocrisy at its best (Score 2, Insightful) 130

Russia has angrily accused Britain of trampling on freedom of speech

As if Putin, and thereby extension Russia, knows what freedom of speech is.

If Russia is so worried about freedom of speech then perhaps they should start at home by allowing all those opposition and independent news organizations they keep investigating and shutting down to reopen. Lead by example.

The same would go for the Tartar news and radio organizations they've shut down since they've taken over Crimea from Ukraine rather than putting locks on the doors and imprisoning Tartars who run those organizations.

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