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Comment A channel for criminals: (Score 1) 41

has been a channel for criminals to defraud and promote aphrodisiacs, along with counterfeit and poor-quality medicine,

But selling the gall bladder of bears, and only the gall bladder, or the hands of gorillas or promoting cupping and acupuncture or Louis Vitton bags or a whole host of other counterfeit and non-existent medicine is perfectly acceptable, right?

Comment Re:not beat russia (Score 3, Insightful) 43

Americans, including their next president, Hillary, can only win by rigging the system or adjusting the wording.

Says the Russian troll whose dear leader rigged the entire country so he will be leader for life with no one able to run against him because he decides who can stand for election.

Whatever happens in the U.S. is child's play compared to the vast and endemic corruption Putin has made an art form.

Comment Re:More BS (Score 1) 143

No, my point is if the Uber Cab Company wanted to get people to their front door all they had to do in the first place was use GPS. Not the generic coordinates but the actual GPS coordinates. They have to be correct.

But instead of stating the obvious this self-important dreg tried to make himself sound like he knew what he was talking about when he explicitly states he was "talking to the CEO of a ride sharing company*" which is code for, "This is nothing but a surreptitious ad for a cab company".

* Sharing a ride does not involve calling a company to have someone come pick you up to go to a destination of your choice and you paying that person for the ride.

Comment Re:More BS (Score 2) 143

No, the article is about human drivers of a cab company who can't get him to his front door. He then launches into a worthless rant about how self-driving cars need better maps.

If a human driver, using the same map and their set of eyes, can't get the guy to his front door, what makes him think a car programmed by humans will be any better, especially by humans who have never seen the place you're going to?

Comment More BS (Score -1) 143

Just because the Uber Cab Company can't get you to your front door doesn't mean maps are bad. It means the cab company has incompetent drivers.

Maybe if the Uber Cab Company paid their drivers better people would get better cab service.

Technology is not the solution to human incompetence. Better humans are.

Comment Re:modus operandi doesnt seem to make any sense. (Score -1, Troll) 61

The Russian troll speaks! Testify comrade! Preach the good word of Putin.

You know what a regime is? Look in the mirror. Your dear leader Putin has set things up so he will dictator for life. That is the very definition of a regime.

There are no free and open elections in Russia. Only those Putin says are allowed to run are put on ballots which, oddly, is the exact same thing the terrorists in the East of Ukraine are saying about their "free and open" elections. Only those who agree with their dictatorial demands of subservience will be allowed to be on the ballots. How is that in any way a free and open election if the people who can run are hand-picked by the terrorists themselves?

Get a life. Go back to the vodka allotment Putin has given you because that's all you have until he takes that away, just as he takes people's businesses away and gives them to his oligarch friends.

There's a reason no one takes Russia seriously and your comments prove the point.

Comment Re:modus operandi doesnt seem to make any sense. (Score 0, Flamebait) 61

Nimbus is one of those Russian trolls who will state to their dying breath not a single Russian soldier has died invading Ukraine despite the 2,000+ freshly dug graves. Apparently all these newly dead Russian soldiers died while on vacation in Ukraine and after the first few died the remainder were too stupid to get out.

They will also state the reason Putin has decreed the mothers of these dead Russian soldiers are not allowed to talk about their son's deaths is because it truly is a state secret. Which raises the question: what state secret? If these soldiers didn't die invading Ukraine why can't the mothers talk about their son's deaths? Why is so secret about a soldier dying while on vacation? The U.S. has no problem admitting when its soldiers die on vacation, so why the secrecy in Russia? What doesn't Putin want those mothers to talk about?

Not only that, but on the subject of hacking journalists, why are those journalists who try to count or investigate the number of dead soldiers threatened or attacked while trying to do their job? Why doesn't Putin want the number of freshly dead soldiers to be revealed? After all, they were only on vacation when they died. What's the big deal about reporting a soldier's death?

Comment Re:Nope, no wealth inequality here (Score 1, Insightful) 170

Why? Because you say so? Because you haven't been smart/lucky/whatever enough to get such a fortune?

Regardless of how you feel about the guy he earned his money. He didn't have daddy give him a few million to get started (like Trump did), nor have daddy bail him out to protect him from his own incompetence (like both Bush and Trump had done).

Gates is the one who came up with the idea, ran with it, invested his money (initially) and created Microsoft. He then used his money to take on more risk for which he has been handsomely rewarded.

He is literally the spitting image of the American dream: a self-made man (or woman). It doesn't get much better than that.

That he's not going to pass it on to his children but will give his fortune away when he dies says much about the man.

Comment Re:All I care about is: (Score 0) 170

Meanwhile Hillary broke the law...

No, she didn't. She was careless. Being careless is not illegal.

Compare that to Dick Cheney who deliberately outed an undercover CIA agent for political vindictiveness. The man remains free to lord over Halliburton who received a multi-billion dollar no-bid contract to help with the invasion of Iraq. If that doesn't scream cronyism and illegality, nothing does.

Comment Not a problem (Score -1) 191

So long as the criminals keep killing themselves, I don't see the problem.

Granted, sometimes the innocent do get caught up in the gun fights, but on the whole it's the criminals gunning each other down.

Saves the taxpayers tons of money since investigations are much cheaper than incarcerations. It may even help reduce future crime if the criminals are killed young enough.

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