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Comment Re: as someone who is suffering from this... (Score 1) 235

I don't think the Valley would manage without this program.

Then they're incompetent. There is absolutely no reason to think people here, already in the industry or working their way up out of school, can't do the job just as well.

From what I see every day about the people from Silicon Valley, if these are supposed to be smart people I can only wonder what their definition of stupid is. The utter crap of software and services they pump out is staggering. Even more so when one considers the amount of money people pour down the black hole of ineptitude while claiming they're producing something worthwhile.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 95

There is no competition when there are only two players in broadband. The head of Verizon explicitly stated they would not be competing on price when they moved into areas serviced by Comcast.

Verizon prices are effectively the same as Comcast's for the same service.*

*+/- 5 mbps for the same price.

Comment Re:Sentencing (Score 0) 82

It's the Russian trolls. They inhabit boards such as these in their vain and transparent attempt to spread Putin's propaganda. Anything which lays out facts, such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine or occupation of Crimea or its abuse of the Tartars, is immediately met with downmods or insults or anything else to try and sway opinions because they don't want the truth to be told.

After all, there is no word for truth in the Russian language.

Comment Hypocrisy at its best (Score 0) 29

IP addresses (which can often determine the user's location),

So now an IP address can be used to determine a person's location yet people on here whine about how an IP address can't be traced to someone accused of child pornography or stealing music/movies.

Would be nice if you people would make up your minds.

Comment Re:Sentencing (Score 2, Interesting) 82

There is nothing Russia can buy from any other country that they can't make themselves.

No, it can't. There are many high-tech components Russia cannot make because it does not have the technical knowledge nor manufacturing to do. If it did it would be building its own ships rather than paying France to do so or its own engines instead of from Ukraine.

You are aware they are a military super-power right?

No, they're not. Russia is only capable of attacking its weaker, smaller neighbors because it has no navy to speak of. Its sole aircraft carrier has to a have a tug come along when it goes into open waters because it breaks down so often.

There is obviously something else behind it, but BS accusations about spies and superweapons makes it easier to swallow for dumb Americans like yourself, and it fits the agenda.

Speaking of propaganda. . . How much vodka is Putin paying you folks? It's not like the ruble is worth much nowadays. And since he's destroying imported food everything costs a lot more so he has to pay you in vodka to you keep coming to the office in St. Petersburg to do your daily trolling.

Comment Re:in soviet russia we bomb you! (Score 0, Flamebait) 82

There's the Russian troll. Always trying to deflect blame from Russia.

"It's Ukraine's fault Russia invaded them. Had they not wanted the freedom of the West rather than the oppression of Russia this wouldn't have happened."

"It's Ukraine's fault the terrorists are receiving arms and munitions from Russia. Had they let them burn polling places, destroy ballots and attack those who wanted to vote in free and open elections this wouldn't have happened."

"It's Ukraine's fault Russia invaded and occupies Crimea. Had Ukraine expelled the Tartars like Russia is doing, stolen their businesses like Putin is doing, put in place state propaganda like Putin is doing, this wouldn't have happened."

"If Ukraine hadn't fought back when it was attacked by Russia the sanctions against Russia which have cut the GDP of Russia in half wouldn't have happened."

It's always someone elses fault when Russia shoots itself in the foot, right comrade?

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 334

Yes, Dick Cheney outed Valerie Plame who was an undercover CIA agent at the time. We know this because Libby's own notes state Cheney told Libby about Plame. This was after her husband showed the yellow cake memorandum to be fake which of course upset the Bush administration because it couldn't use that lie as justification to invade and occupy another country.

Further, here is Representative Tom Davis talking about classified information when Valerie Plame testified before Congress about how much damage Cheney's leak caused the U.S.:

"No process can be adopted to protect classified information that no one knows is classified, just as no one can be prosecuted for unauthorized disclosure of information that no one ever said was protected," Davis said.


Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1, Flamebait) 334

And you forgot Dick Cheney outed an undercover CIA agent which helped to destroy our overseas intelligence operations because he was being politically vindictive. That is literally an act defined as treason.

You also failed to mention Bush hid tens of thousands of emails from FOIA requests because since he didn't open them they were never read and therefore not a record which can be accessed.

Nor did the Bush administration preserve hundreds of thousands of emails as required under federal law.

Didn't hear you whining about those felonies.

Comment Re:Great info for our corporate overlords (Score 4, Funny) 279

so that our corporate overlords can control us better.

You're missing the obvious:

Leela: "Didn't you have ads in the 21st century?"

Fry: "Well sure, but not in our dreams. Only on TV and radio, and in magazines, and movies, and at ball games... and on buses and milk cartons and t-shirts, and bananas and written on the sky. But not in dreams, no siree."

Comment Left earlier in the year (Score 1) 129

When they changed their website to the hideous, unusable pile of crap it is now I stopped visiting and contributing to their boards.

I still have an account but never use it and only check Messenger once in a blue moon (which is also going away).

You've dug your own hole, Marissa. You can't blame anyone else for Yahoo!'s failure.

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