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Comment A million times a million (Score 1) 310

Gates remembers that in 1979 there were only 100 different software products that had more than $100 M in annual sales and all of them were for mainframes. 'In April, the 8080 version of BASIC became the first software product built to run on microprocessors to win an ICP Million Dollar Award. Today, I would be surprised if the number of million-dollar applications isn't in the millions itself' writes Gates.

1,000,000 software applications x $1,000,000 = $1,000,000,000,000 (one quadrillion dollars)

Seems a bit high.


US Agency Blocked Cellphone / Driving Safety Study 464

By now you've probably seen the NY Times's long piece on distracted driving — about how most drivers and most legislators willfully ignore the evidence of the dangers of talking on a cellphone, texting, and other electronic distractions while behind the wheel. According to this article, cellphone use while driving causes over 1,000 fatalities a year in the US. Another shoe has now dropped: it seems that the US National Highway Safety Administration blocked a proposed definitive study of the risks. The NHSA now cites concerns about angering Congress. Two consumer safety groups had filed a FOIA request for documents about the aborted study, and the Times has now made the documents public — including the research behind the request for a study of 10,000 drivers.

Comment Re:The free Internet was fun, its over (Score 1) 329

I suppose we're dealing with two different things. It seems like you're looking at Facebook/Twitter only in their ability to make money -- not in their unprecedented way of collecting information, or something like that. At least for Twitter, the centralized aspect IS important. News stories have broken out on Twitter before the AP / Reuters could cover them, for obvious reasons (see the Hudson River plane crash).

Maybe money cannot be made off Twitter itself (which seems just flat out wrong. People still click on banner ads, don't they?) But there is, I feel, a shitload of money to be made off of the trends that Twitter reveals. I'll admit that I'm not so versed in the world of Twitter API and statistics, but it seems like, given the wealth of people currently using the site as well as the mainstream popularity that is current swelling around the site, a lot of good info/stats could be extracted, showing where people gather or how they interact or what types of things they like to talk about. Money can be made off of all these things.

As for Facebook, again, I believe that you use the site (and I'm sorry to come off so harsh in my original post), but I think that you underestimate its use. It's not just for posting thoughts (and when you say that, you make it seem a lot more like Twitter.) I'm a college student - people use it to make events, gather people around causes, etc. People use it for pre-screening possible dates. They show off their music/videos. They share links with each other. Again, the centralized nature seems important: the news feed means everyone sees your newest video or song or event, so that without your own intervention, someone can display something. Multiple blogs require visits to multiple web pages, and this is something that people are less and less willing to do every day.

Am I making sense here?

Comment Re:The free Internet was fun, its over (Score 1) 329

I'm not sure what you mean by Facebook and Twitter as "dead man walking." Aren't these two of the fastest growing websites (in terms of members) on the internet? (And if you mean "they'll die eventually" then you too are a dead man walking...)

Facebook is just a blog? What the fuck are you talking about? Have you used the website?

How could Twitter be done in "P2P fashion"? Do we all put our tweets in text files and add them to a big torrent?

Comment Re:FTA (Score 1) 193

Wow. That puts the kindle price into perspective!

Also, who spents 700 a year on newspapers any more? News, even good news, is no-cost online, right?

Some people like thumbing through the paper physically, reading it front to back, that whole process. However, I think in time people are just going to get used to reading it on their computers.

I think that e-ink might be easier on the eyes or something. It might be nice for reading. End post.



jasonisgodzilla writes: "This is more of a general question for the tech masses here at slashdot. I setup a video surveillance system at my house, due to repeated thefts. I had a break in three days afterwards, and the system recorded it as an avi file. The problem is, I try to play it back and it wont play. I've tried every common recovery app out there, and my question at this point is: "Do services or products exist that allow extraction of raw frames from hex data, derived from an avi file?" The answer to this question could go a long way in removing a thief who has been terrorizing our neighborhood for quit some time."

Submission + - Moderation Category You Dream of

zesty42 writes: Just a suggestion for a poll. I haven't be around /. forever, so I'm sure there's some classics you could insert. I wouldn't be surprised if its been suggested, but it didn't show up on any search, so I think its time for to let this rant-fest begin; blow off some steam, poke fun at /., and recall the times we've been modded to oblivion.
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