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Submission + - Could Microsoft Stop the Spam?

stu42j writes: "Some notable bloggers have been talking about the spam wars — are we winning, can we win? We know that most spam is sent through botnets of compromised Windows PCs. Ignoring the question of fault or responsibility, what would you do to fix the problem, if you were in charge at Microsoft? Could Microsoft shut down the botnets?"

Submission + - Vista activation cracked by brute force

Bengt writes: The Inquirer has a story about a brute force Vista key activation crack.

From TFA: The crack is a glorified guesser, and with the speed of modern PCs and the number of outstanding keys, the 25-digit serials are within range. The biggest problem for MS? If this gets widespread, and I hope it will, people will start activating legit keys that are owned by other people.

There is really no differentiating between a legit copy with a manually typed in wrong key and a hack attempt. Sure MS can throttle this by limiting key attempts to one a minute or so on new software, but the older variants are already burnt to disk. The cat is out of the bag. The crack was first mentioned on the Keznews forums, a step by step How-to can be found HERE

Submission + - How to build a video wall

alphakappa writes: I am interested in building a video wall as a personal project using recycled old laptops so that I can make use of the display controllers already present. Is there free or cheap software that can extend the display on Windows and still be capable of showing different videos on different zones (like, say run a video in one zone while showing a powerpoint presentation in another one) What tools would slashdotters use?

Submission + - Using Lasers to Speed Computer Data

Carl Bialik from WSJ writes: "The start-up Lightfleet has developed an unusual way to use lasers to speed the flow of data inside a computer, hoping to break a bottleneck that can hamper machines using many microprocessors, the Wall Street Journal reports. From the article: ' "You don't have traffic issues and messages colliding," said Jeffrey Hewitt, an analyst at the research firm Gartner Inc. "I think it is very interesting." Convincing the market about an unfamiliar technology is a tall order, Mr. Hewitt said; fully exploiting Lightfleet's technology could require rewriting programs.'"

Submission + - Non-digital computing theory from Rudy Rucker

destinyland writes: "Mathematician Rudy Rucker argues that any natural process can be regarded as a computation — which means "The digital thing is sort of a red herring." If one system can be "mapped" using another — since they share a recurring pattern — a universal computation is expressed in any number of systems, including living beings. Taking the idea to an extreme, he's explored the idea in a new science fiction book asking if existing patterns approximate ongoing patterns, could it generate partial predictions of the future?"

Submission + - Sony brings rumble to Playstation 3

gamer4Life writes: According to IGN, Sony Computer Entertainment and Immersion announced that both companies have agreed to put an end to their ongoing legal dispute and enter into a business agreement to incorporate Immersion's patented force feedback technology into future "PlayStation format products." From the article:

As part of the agreement reached between the two companies, Immersion will be granted the full amount dictated by the District Court — this includes damages, pre-judgment interest, and legal fees. The agreement also provides Sony with expanded rights with respect to Immersion's patents.
While it is unfortunate that Sony gave into a patent troll company (vibrating cellphones, pagers, rumblepak anyone?), this should benefit all PS3 owners and should give developers the go-ahead to incorporate rumble into their games.

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