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Comment Re:007087 (Score 1) 510

+1. Not only that, but the new features introduced after 5.8 have to be explicitly enabled(perldoc feature to know how). Otherwise, the behavior is consistent with 5.8. Somebody took extra extra care so that there are no surprises after upgrades.

Comment Re:Full Kernel without C* (Score 1) 406

Perl has regexes. It also has a really twisted OO system -- elegant in its own way, but I don't know why you'd choose that if you have alternatives. It has ugly syntax, even when you know what you're doing. Anti-patterns are the default -- like, say, ignoring errors unless you explicitly handle them.

This criticism that used to apply 15 years ago, but is not really relevant anymore. The Perl community has gone to great lengths to address these things.

For OO, nowadays there is Moose, which is an excellent and extremely capable OO framework for Perl. Please check it out if you like.

For the anti-patterns, please note that strict mode is now the default on Perl 5.14 and I cannot think of a modern library ignoring errors by default. The error ignoring behavior is there for a bunch of built-in stuff that needs to maintain compatibility with old code, but you can, and are encouraged to, include the autodie pragma to change even that behavior.

About the syntax, it's probably a matter of personal taste, so I can't say anything about that. But I believe that personal taste doesn't have to do with whether you know what you're doing or not.

Lastly, writing Perl doesn't mean that your code has to be ugly and error-prone. May I suggest Damian Conway's Perl Best Practices, which IMHO is an excellent book with recommended coding practices.

Hope this helps!...

Comment Re:Dogmatic nonsense (Score 1) 279

Thanks for taking the time to read all this way down the comments! I do not know whether this "dogma" as you say applies to Apple, but I sure hope that it doesn't because I really like this company (typing comment on my iPad). But nevertheless this quote of C.N.Parkinson is the first thing that came to my mind when I read the article. Hope I'm wrong. So let's say that it was meant more as a warning rather than as a dogma. If there's one company that can escape being cast into stereotypes, it might as well be Apple.

By the way, good call, you are right about the name ;)

Best regards.

Comment slightly offtopic but maybe of interest (Score 3, Interesting) 110

Gizmo5 (acquired by Google) will be shutting down on April 3rd. So no more SIP from them. Does anyone know whether it will become possible to make calls to normal numbers by using a google account? Right now it is possible to make calls from within gmail by adding credit to one's account. What is not possible is to use SIP equipment (many good adsl routers and ATA devices have fxp ports and VoIP SIP functionality) to make these calls. So many of us that were using gizmo5 SIP are left in the cold. Any good gizmo5 alternatives anyone?

Comment Re:Chrome loads pages slower than FF (Score 1) 169

Mod parent up. Firefox is vastly preferable if you are trying to access the network behind a slow connection, like a GPRS cellphone for example. With Chrome you have to wait until everything is loaded before you are able to see the page, whereas Firefox does a decent job trying to render what it has loaded up to the present point.

Comment Re:Under what power? (Score 1) 203

In fact, that's incorrect in several aspects. First the EU- bureaucracy is not intended to be a government in the sense for the US, second the EU has enforced a large amount of rules onto its members. Just because you are not aware of it, it doesn't mean that it does not exist.

So what kind government are we going to have? A federation, a confederation, something more loose? I'm sorry but you avoid answering the original post's argument, that without a real constitution we won't be able to have a real European Union. And (IMHO) this is not going to happen soon because a large percentage of Europeans doesn't want it. When everything used to go fine it was grudgingly acceptable, but now that the real difficulty is at hand we fail miserably.

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