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Comment Re:So it was an accident? (Score 2, Insightful) 122

Since you were modded insightful i think i should answer.
It really *is* better.
You see GNOME actively drops features and then the drop itself is presented as a new feature. The dropped features will not come back. The developers think its actually better that way. (Its a whole philosophy)
KDE has had some features missing due to the change from 3.x to 4.x. In the beginning quite a bit of features were lacking, but gradually most have been re-introduced. If any are still missing (and it might be the case) then this is considered a *bug*. And it will be fixed in the future (shortage of manpower or developer interest non-withstanding obviously).

Personally, i don'd miss a single feature anymore that i used in the 3.x era and there are quite a few new awesome stuff.

So, yes, it is much much better. KDE does not drop features because it assumes the user is an idiot. There simply was a period that some went missing due to a significant architectural change. The vast majority have been re-implemented and the remaining are a matter of time.
It can't think of a simpler way to put this and i thought it was pretty obvious but apparently some mod disagreed.

Comment Re:For the lazy: (Score 1) 122

You're mistaking this for Gnome. KDE does not drop features (unless they are being replaced by more awesome features)
Any missing features from 3.x versions of KDE are almost always due to lack of time/effort by developers. Not because it was decided to drop them.

Submission + - BBC World report on WTC 7 collapse 23 mins early.

Anonymous Coward writes: "World Trade Center building 7, aka the Salomon Bro's building, collapsed around 5:20pm EDT (10:20pm BST) supposedley due to weakening and fire damage caused by the collapse of the twin towers WTC1 and WTC2.

The BBC however reported the collapse at 4:57pm (9:57pm BST) EDT, apparently recieving this information from a newsfeed.

How can this be? Was the destruction of building 7 scheduled? And why have google removed the video clips as soon as they go up? Also, the BBC is now saying that they have lost all of the 9/11 tapes from that day.

If building 7 had a scheduled demolition, what does that mean for the events of the entire day? 7/260207building7.htm

and the BBC response: _of_the_conspiracy.html#commentsanchor"

Submission + - Reading a DVD with VLC is illegal in France

An anonymous reader writes: Starting December 31st 2006, reading a DVD protected with CSS (as most DVD are) is illegal in France when it is done with software allowing to circumvent the protection, such as VLC or mplayer which can both use the libdvdcss library. This Journal Officiel (where laws and executive orders are published) says that you may be fined 135 (around $180) for doing so. This includes watching any DVD that you have legally purchased.
The Media

Submission + - Second Life land owner challenges press freedom

An anonymous reader writes: Citing the DMCA, Second Life's biggest land owner, Anshe Chung Studios, has challenged the right for users (including members of the press) to publish 'screen shots' from the game that they claim would infringe on their copyright. The issue has surfaced after the avatar Anshe Chung (real name Ailin Graef) was attacked by animated flying penises during a virtual interview with CNET news, conducted in their Second Life bureau last month. A video of the attack surfaced on YouTube, and was then taken town after Anshe Chung Studios filed a DMCA complaint. The Sydney Morning Herald and the blog BoingBoing have also received similar notices.

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