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Comment Many Xbox One games run at reduced resolution (Score 0) 96

if there is a difference it's that insignificant during game play.

The typical pattern is that the Xbox One version of a game would run at 1280x720 before upscaling for output, while the PlayStation 4 version of the same game could run at 1600x900 with the same frame rate due to faster memory. (Meanwhile, PC masters got to enjoy their 1920x1080, 2560x1440, or whatever else the aftermarket GPU was capable of.)

Comment Re:And then there was Kinect (Score 1) 96

having a DVD-R that couldn't play a movie DVD

The drive could, at least with the early drive chips. Nintendo just didn't want to have to pay DVD FLLC for every Wii console it shipped. Microsoft did the same thing with the original Xbox (2001), putting licensed DVD player software on a separate memory card in the remote receiver. It's unclear whether Nintendo could have likewise offered something like "PowerDVD now available in Wii Shop Channel for 2000 Nintendo Points".

Comment Re:And then there was Kinect (Score 2) 96

Or is the answer "don't, let the customer have 2 TVs"?


Case in point: Look at how many games nowadays support only online multiplayer, not same-screen multiplayer. Publishers rationalize the decision not to spend time=money on same-screen multiplayer by claiming limited GPU and RAM resources, as well as the fact that the average age of a gamer has trended upward since the NES and Super NES era.

Comment Re:Secure Contexts and Fullscreen API (Score 1) 249

Personally I "stream" my media over NFS within my network.

I imagine that Android, iOS, and Windows clients don't ship with an NFS client. If they do, when did they start?

What are you using that utilizes the Fullscreen API?

In theory, the server side is GNU MediaGoblin or other web-based media server applications, and the client side is anything with a modern web browser, particularly devices brought by visiting friends and family.

Comment Secure Contexts and Fullscreen API (Score 2) 249

Why are you encrypting traffic within your own private network?

To avoid loss of functionality once the Fullscreen API becomes limited to secure contexts. Browsers no longer support sensitive JavaScript APIs over cleartext HTTP. There are plans to make Fullscreen API unavailable over cleartext HTTP because of demonstrated phishing attacks. Without the Fullscreen API, streaming video from a home NAS will be limited to a window.

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