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Comment Re:It's absolutely censorship. (Score 1) 163

Well if they are independent then they CAN make their own value judgements, but until they are the head of their own household, paying their own bills, and feeding their own mouths, guess who get's to call the shots? That's right the provider -- the head of the house hold. Instead of whining and throwing a fit about not getting what you want go out and *earn* freedom; move out of mommy and daddy's basement.

Comment Re: Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 497

This is part of the problem. The government prevents the building hospitals, and closely watches how many hospital beds are located in an area. Without the ability to build there isn't any choice thus no market pressure. This is one regulation that needs to go out the window. Let entrepreneurs build.

Comment Terraforming (Score 1) 559

So if a planet in the Goldilocks zone is usually destined to freezing or burning up it seems to suggest a path to terraform Venus. We just need to export an organism that can live there and absorb the CO2 and survive the acidic environment. Some set of microbe that already lives on earth perhaps would fit the bill. Something that could float around in the atmosphere where it isn't quite so hot.

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