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User Journal

Journal Journal: powered kmv switch 1

I need a powered kvm switch.
I have a model-M, clicky kb, with a ps2 connector.
I also have a USB computer.
Ps2 connectors and unpowered kvm switches don't like ps2-to-usb converters.

Anyone know of a powered kvm that has two ps2 inputs for mouse and keyboard with a USB output?
Actually one of the outputs needs to be converted to ps2 for one computer and the other must remain usb.

I don't know if a kvm can convert a ps2-to-usb, input it as a mouse/kb, switch it, and convert the output back into ps2.

User Journal

Journal Journal: disabling modding ability 2

Is there a way of turing off mod and meta-modding ability?
I can't seem to find the "mod" button on my very old and non-updatable browser.
I decided to just turn it off all together but I can't even find that button.
What section of the options is in it?

User Journal

Journal Journal: linux without standardly using mebibyte 1

Are there any linux varities that use megabyte as the common/usual 2^20 bytes?
I heard that several, possibly Ubuntu(sp) doesn't and uses 10^6 instead.
I want to try some things out but I don't want that weirdness involved.

User Journal

Journal Journal: c++ designing 2

Are there any good sites online about how to design and structure a C++ program?
Such as where to put objects and when/how to encapsulate.

For a similar question: if I use a Vector class and make the template point to a class of type 'item', would another class be called 'itemset" be useful?
The 'item' class would have things like owner and bitmap while the 'itemset' class would have a Vector of those 'item's as well functions like "Reorder()" and "Print()".
Or is there a better way of doing things like that?

P.S. This is copied from a post of mine on another forum, the one in my sig.

User Journal

Journal Journal: test journal

I am testing this because it is different than last time.

User Journal

Journal Journal: modding versus replying 3

I noticed a comment I wanted to reply on.
I modded it instead.
What do people usually do when those occur?

User Journal

Journal Journal: rights and privleges 4

What are people's ideas of what rights and privleges are?
I personally think rights are something you are born with but the gov't can take away.
A privlege is something you aren't born with but the gov't can give you it.
E.g. A privlege would be a drivers permit.
A right might be the "freedom of assimbly(sp)".

With those rules "Copyright" would in fact not be a right since people could remove laws allowing it.


Journal Journal: when was capitalism 5

I often hear of libertarians saying that capitalism never occured so any bad things are because or the regulations.

Can anyone name some time in history when full-capitalism was around.

User Journal

Journal Journal: donating to the eff 4

Is there any way to donate to the EFF without giving my address?
I don't want the benefits.

User Journal

Journal Journal: re: paypal subscription with phone number

I was going to resubscribe to /. as the last journal specified.
I typed all the info in but it still wanted a phone number.
Should I type that in as well?
What if I type in a phony number?
Will they ban me or something?

PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: electronics inside a dongle 1

We have all heard of dongels.
I was thinking of a new kind.
It has ROM, in circuit form, that allows the game to play.
It allows DRM in that you can't run it without the dongle and since it has electroncs, instead of code, it is faster.
It's sort of like a DLL on a stick.
I don't know how much you could fit on a normal USB stick but it still might work.

User Journal

Journal Journal: 11 mod points, any suggestions? 1

I just got modpoints again.
It's almost annoying because I have nothing to mod.
Does anyone know of a good comment to go up, or if you are evil then down?

The Internet

Journal Journal: excel to web page 5

I have a political test in Excel for that I want to form into a web page.
Is there any way to do that easily?
Either that or some other way to have people try it.
I have a web page but I can't make a web site to do that.

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