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Submission + - Jon Stewart leaving "The Daily Show"

slimjim8094 writes: According to the NYT, Jon Stewart is leaving "The Daily Show". This was announced during the taping of this evening's show. He will “remain at the helm of ‘The Daily Show’ until later this year,” but no word on exactly when the change will take place, or what the replacement (host or show) will be. Presumably the current and past correspondents would be the first choice for a new host.

His program will be sorely missed by at least this viewer. Maybe Comedy Central can get John Oliver out of his HBO show...

Submission + - Black Mesa: Source Actually Nearing Completion (

slimjim8094 writes: Black Mesa the long-in-the-running total-conversion mod recreating Half-Life 1 for the Source engine, has been discussed on Slashdot before. At the time it was described as "nearing completion" and "confirmed out in 2009", but now they've given a date: September 14th. The first part of the game (through Lambda Core) is apparently what's being released now; it looks like they're still finishing up the Xen and some other stuff for later release. The soundtrack is available for download over at the official announcement on the forums.

Submission + - Verizon to open network to all devices 1

slimjim8094 writes: It appears that Verizon will open its network to all devices, similar to the way Google is pushing for with the 700MHz spectrum. There is "a lot of fine print", but essentially there will be two service levels — the regular, current model with subsidies and the like, and a free-for-all model for any device meeting "minimum technical standards". No word yet on what those will be.

Original press release:

Submission + - Supreme Court Will Hear "Bong Hits 4 Jesus"

slimjim8094 writes: The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case, covered previously on Slashdot here.

The case forces the court to reconsider the line between a student's right to free expression and a principal's authority to limit what is said and done at school.

The message seemed designed to provoke Principal Deborah Morse, and it succeeded in doing so. She tore it down and sent Frederick to the office. She planned to suspend him for five days, but when he invoked Thomas Jefferson and the First Amendment, she doubled the suspension to 10 days.
Interestingly enough:

Several religious-rights groups filed briefs supporting the student's free-speech right in this case. Their lawyers worry that school officials might, for example, say it was inappropriate for a student to wear a T-shirt that praised Jesus Christ.

Submission + - Jim Gray, Turing Award winner, goes missing

slimjim8094 writes: Jim Gray, a recipient of the A.M. Turing Award, has gone missing.

Gray, 63, of San Francisco, was last heard from on Sunday, the day he set out from San Francisco for the Farallon Islands, about 25 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge. ... Coast Guard spokeswoman Lt. Amy Marrs called Gray's disappearance a mystery because the weather was good, he was in good health and the boat was equipped with radios and flares. There were no distress signals.

Submission + - James Kim, CNET editor, found dead

slimjim8094 writes: James Kim, a technology editor for C|NET, has been found dead in the wilderness of Oregon. He had been missing for nearly two weeks. He is survived by his wife and two daughters (Penelope, 4, and Sabine, 7 months).

James Kim was a senior editor covering digital audio who also co-hosted a weekly video podcast for the Crave gadgets blog. He had been writing a book on Microsoft's Zune MP3 player. Formerly, he was an on-air personality on the now-defunct cable television network TechTV.

Submission + - Warner Music CEO's kids are music theives

slimjim8094 writes: Appearantly, Warner Music's CEO Edgar Bronfman's children have stolen music. The punishment? They got a talk about "not stealing". Now, when other people steal his copyright, shouldn't they just be allowed to listen to his lecture (instead of the big lawsuit and settlements)?

Submission + - HD Video sharing from Azureus

slimjim8094 writes: There is a new Azureus client that is optimized for HD video, as described in this Wired article. Their idea is using the BitTorrent protocol to distribute movies. Appearantly, anyone with a 300K connection can enjoy this higher-quality video in realtime.

Unfortunately, the article is light on the details. While I am sure we all agree that higher-quality video is better, the resolution is not stated. It also mentions the possibility of DRM restrictions. But the concept seems sound.

Submission + - Ancient computer is very "technically complex&

slimjim8094 writes: A mechanical device from 150BC was found in a shipwreck. Upon examination with X-Rays, the device appears to be a revolutionary computer used to calculate lunar cycles. This device "is technically more complex than any known for at least a millennium afterward." The creation of the device is attributed to the Greeks. FTA:
The hand-operated mechanism, presumably used in preparing calendars for planting and harvesting and fixing religious festivals, had at least 30, possibly 37, hand-cut bronze gear-wheels, the researchers said. A pin-and-slot device connecting two gear-wheels induced variations in the representation of lunar motions according to the Hipparchos model of the Moon's elliptical orbit around Earth.

Submission + - Loud volumes on MP3 players may damage hearing

slimjim8094 writes: CBC news reports on a study done that shows that listening to higher volume levels for long periods of time will permanently damage hearing.
"If a person exceeds that on one particular day and happens not to use their headphones for the rest of the week, they're at no higher risk," Fligor told Reuters. "I'm talking about someone who's exceeding 80 per cent for 90 minutes day after day, month after month, for years."

How many have been sure of this for years?

Submission + - Antartic ozone hole the largest ever

slimjim8094 writes: The Washington Post is reporting that the ozone hole over Antarctica is the largest ever recorded.
From the article:
"From Sept. 21 to 30, the average area of the ozone hole was the largest ever observed, at 10.6 million square miles," said Paul Newman, atmospheric scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. That's larger than the area of North America.

However, the good news is that the CFCs that created it should disappear by 2065.

Submission + - Vista "a security risk", says McAfee

slimjim8094 writes: In a full-page ad in the Financial Times, McAfee warns users that Vista is insecure
McAfee's chairman George Samenuk says,
"With its upcoming Vista operating system, Microsoft is embracing the flawed logic that computers will be more secure if it stops co-operating with the independent security firms".

McAfee's argument is that, with Microsoft securing the kernel, they will not be able to secure the operating system. The EU is also watching for anti-competitive behavior. Do security companies need to have an open kernel to be able to write their programs?

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