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Comment Re:The only security our nuclear weapons need (Score 1) 62

> Meh, those ICBMs are all underground, in bunkers designed to withstand a nuke. They have time.

If you want to conduct a first strike, sure. If you have incoming warhead, not quite. "Withstand a nuke" does not mean what you think it means. It does not mean "The assembly area is going to be intact after a hit with all your tools in the same place on the desk". It means "The missile is going to probably lift-off, but the launch crew is not necessarily going to be a good shape".

Also, USAF and the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces target multiple warheads per silo, just to make sure.

Comment Re:The only security our nuclear weapons need (Score 1) 62

There is also the issue of submarines carrying 24 missiles with 3 warheads apiece. That is not a realistic scenario for the whole assembly/disassembly thing.

That said, this is basically what happened on the missions to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Someone had to screw in the fuses and stuff into the weapon. In person. Inside the aircraft.

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