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Comment Re:The president said it, it must be true... (Score 1) 643

Come on give Bill a break. Monica thought she was doing her job.

She read an ad that said "Come to the White House and get a taste of the presidency"
So she came in the White House and tasted the president. She misread the ad a bit!

Not Bill's fault that she did roughly what the job description said. And if it's duty it ain't fun, so not real sex, right?

Comment Re:Depends (Score 1) 503

At work we have a solar testing lamp field that runs DOS. That is a total bitch because the TCP stack cannot multitask and does not realise when the connection os broken (no timeouts in the background, cause in DOS...there IS NO background!)

Problem is that the lamp field auto-switched off for a 10 minute cool down when you reboot it, so any debugging with that thing often involves waiting 10 minutes for the safety system to calm down because you pulled a network cable.

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