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Comment I'm surprised... (Score 1) 78

I just recently (August - September) completed a way too in depth review of T-Mobile and Sprint for my personal use. I'm a long time AT&T customer, and a happy one, but I was switching to a BYOD phone and thought I might find equal service for a lower price elsewhere. Of the three (ATT, TMOB and Sprint) Sprint's coverage didn't appear to come close, international plans were definitely not as good, and the pricing was no better. TMOB was very close to ATT, and I especially liked VoLTE and WiFi calling on TMOB, something ATT won't do on a BYOD. However in the end I stuck with ATT since the pricing was comparable and TMOB was never able to resolve a couple of sim issues, in fact they couldn't even respond to the inquiry.

Comment Problematic in an enterprise environment... (Score 0) 105

In many enterprise environments the developer tools are disabled via group policy. This change means many users who may want to view this information now will no longer be able to. Considering how enterprise security teams are always trying to educate users on safety this simple check now cannot be done.

Comment Let's hope they learn something... (Score 1) 659

I'm assuming those buying copies of 1984 are under the age of 30, maybe 35, since I can't imagine anyone older than that hasn't already read this at least once, seen the movie, is familiar with the overall theme from the book being discussed at least here in America almost constantly as far back as I can remember (the early 80s). I also expect the majority of these new potential readers also tend to lean left. I hope what they come away with is an understanding of what an Orwellian society would actually look like and realize how ridiculous they sound to the rest of us when they compare that to now. Maybe while they are at it they can pick up a copy of Anne Frank's diary and gain some perspective on what Nazism was about as well since their comparison of American politics to Nazism is not only ignorant but insulting and rather disgusting.

Comment Re:How do they ban it on privately owned phones? (Score 1) 70

Likely as part of their BYOD model they require the use of software on the phone to allow them to manage what features on the phone can be used. This would be the same software installed on company owned devices. Central management coupled with a gateway that only allows connections from devices with the software and policies in place before it can connect to corporate resources.

Comment This is starting to happen in a lot of places... (Score 3, Interesting) 70

Unfortunately this is starting to occur is lots of places. Companies are being forced, or choosing to, move away from real time communication back to email in large numbers due to laws around compliance and a desire to comply at the lowest possible cost. Personally I see these moves as harmful to the business long term but the management I've spoken with about the issue are not interested in taking on that challenge now.

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 0, Troll) 471

Actually it could. Apple pays every dollar of tax it is required to by law. That is a fact. What is also a fact is that Apple keeps huge sums off money off shore because the tax imposed on that cash were it repatriated to the US is relatively astronomical. A more corporate friendly tax system could see that money brought back and used here for lots of things - salaries included.

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 2) 471

Apple has already stated that in the current market the cost to produce an iPhone in the US would be double what it is now. I don't expect an extra $100-$200 in cost would equate to an increase quite as large as that. With some tax cuts, incentives and deregulation the cost could realistically stay the same.

Comment Re: "Civic Society" not a very impressive euphem (Score 1) 805

This is really what some of us are talking about. Immigrants used to come to America and assimilate into the culture (my ancestors included). What we have in many cases today are people coming here and not assimilating, simply continuing to live as they did in their native countries creating these pockets of culture that are in many cases incompatible with American culture. Slow the influx of people, vet for people who want to be a productive part of our society, and help them assimilate.

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