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Comment Get out and vote, and remember the US is a two par (Score 0) 993

I believe everyone who can vote should vote. This "I won't vote" option is complete bs. If you don't vote your not participating in our government which is not only your right, but your responsibility. If you don't vote you don't get to complain about the outcome.

As for third party candidates, I'm sorry folks but the US is solidly a two party system. In November any vote not for Trump is a vote for Hillary. Any vote not for Hillary is a vote for Trump. It's been this way for longer than I've been participating and it will continue us to be that way long after we're all gone.

Carefully weigh the differences between the candidates and what they stand for and make your decision. Cast your vote.

Comment Not to sound like a troll but... (Score 0) 801

This is what we all expected. She's a Clinton after all. Another US career politician. She has a history of being like Teflon when it comes to any of her criminal activities coming back on her. The system is fixed and we're doomed for it. Meanwhile Hillary will go give another half million dollar speech or two.

Comment Re: If it installs windows... (Score 2) 117

Wow, a bit angry aren't we? I'd refine your argument as most people don't want Linux on their primary computer. True. Most people know what Windows is and how it works. Linux is great at most things but the fragmentation and level of customization creates complexity that is a turn off to an awful lot of computer owners.

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