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Comment "GenX will be the first gen to not do as well as t (Score 1) 544

The title is what I recall hearing on an NPR report back around 1990 and this sentiment was echoed for much of the early '90s. As it turns out many of us far exceeded what our parents accomplished financially. I see this as a similar reality check for Millennials. The reality is that it is tough to make a living and build a nest egg, but it can be done.

Comment Re: think (Score 1) 124

I was going to bring up X10, but the protocol and not the company. I just threw out probably 20 various modules with an average cost of around $20 each back in the 90s when I outfitted my home. Someone could have done X10 cheap on that old gear.

I've since switched to zwave and reduced the number of controlled devices. My dedicated controller is Arduino based. I spent under $700 total.

Comment Re: Why not? (Score 2) 133

Not true, menial labor serves to convince people they don't want to do menial labor and strive for something better. It's up to the individual to find their motivation. Would tablet permissions as a reward work for good behavior? Sure, I don't however think every inmate should get one at the cost to taxpayers.

Comment Re: About time! (Score 0) 266

Agree with a lot of the comments here, I skip flying most of the time. Drove 21 hours each way last vacation to avoid it. As consumers we simply need to demand to know seat configuration before we pay for a flight. I'm a big guy - 6'3" and around 350 lbs. I flew for work a couple of years ago, so coach and they had me in a middle seat. Can't image how unhappy those guys on either side of me were, but it's not my plane so not really my problem.

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