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Comment Re:Should have used APPS! (Score 1) 93

I won't spoil it for you, but early in the industrial revolution a man with the lad name "Ludd" started a movement to try and halt the spread of mechanization via acts of sabotage.

The Luddites actually started as a mostly peaceful group demanding decent wages and safe working conditions. There is some dispute as to whether or not Ludd and the story of him smashing the knitting machine after a supervisor criticised his work are real. The group eventually did start sabotaging machines, but contrary to popular belief, they were not, and never were, anti-technology. It was just an industrial dispute that got nasty.

Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1) 433

To be fair, some of us like Macs because it's a super-easy way to get a smoothly operating unix laptop. The hardware is generally within +/- 10% of equivalent Windows gear - though that calculus got difficult for a while when Apple fell behind the Intel upgrade curve. I run Linux all day, every day, but it's in a VM, so at the end of the day I don't really care what the underlying OS is.

Comment Re:Typical Conservative Response (Score 1) 500

My base ideology is libertarian, so I'm all for individual freedoms. I honestly believe that, in the vast majority of cases, a system that emphasizes strong individual freedom and personal responsibility will leave humanity better off.

With that said, all ideologies eventually smack into reality, and none to date deal with it perfectly. One of these realities are germs. Disease does not respect the individual model and demands a coordinated approach. Absent a 100% safe and effective vaccine (which would be compatible with individualism), the only way to stomp out a communicable disease is to reduce the population with it to such a degree that it fizzles out.

As such, I feel that we can and should make allowances for individuals to act selfishly or in ignorance, but only up to the point where the vaccines are no longer effective in wiping out the diseases. At that point, you have to make the pragmatic decision to set your failed ideology to the side for the moment and solve the problem at hand.

Submission + - ICANN recommends TLDs like .txt -- and .exe ( 1

fyngyrz writes: ICANN says, in part:

Given preliminary feedback that there is not a technical need to prevent file extensions as TLDs, as well as the lack of an authoritative source of common file extensions to draw from, staff determined that it is not workable to prevent common file extensions from being used as TLDs.

To summarize, it is the recommendation of the ICANN technical staff to allow applications for TLD strings that may also be commonly used for file extensions.

But will ICANN approve such applications? If so, we can all look forward to opportunities to click on...


Comment Re:Your car is not your car (Score 1) 300

...and the "cloud" -- if it's in the "cloud", someone else owns it. Even when they tell you you own it.

It's not on your hardware, it's not on your software, it's not in your storage, it's not on your premises, and you have zero control over any of the actual foregoing locations / instances.

But hey, everyone, keep that cloud-ward stampede going. They love ya for it.

Comment Tesla has control (Score 1) 300

All they could do to stop you from doing is voiding your warranty.

Perhaps not. As I understand it, the car is connected in order to facilitate software upgrade / maintainance. So they could tell the car it couldn't drive the next time you parked it for ten minutes, for instance.

I imagine that would land them in court -- but technically speaking, they could do it.

Comment Not super surprising (Score 1) 53

Remember that the bulk of humanity resides in China and India. "The west" is a minority on planet Earth. And iPhone apps are a low cost thing. The smartphone itself is kinda expensive, but they're so useful that they're pretty ubiquitous, even in poorer locale. China's been "waking up", modernizing, constructing, and growing at breakneck rates for a couple decades now.

Also remember that if China and India start consuming at the rate that the median American does, global warming and climate change will go through the roof.

Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 1) 377

It's good to see someone understands this. It's unfortunate that many people will only apply this when it is in terms of liberals being able to disassociate from people on the right, but won't apply it to a baker or photographer who doesn't want to participate in a ceremony they believe to be sacrilegious.

I agree with the thrust of what you're saying, but I'm going to add two caveats.

First, companies are legal fictions, created through government regulation. They do not have the same rights that people do. In return for government benefits (e.g. limited liability), you agree to play by the government's rules.

Secondly, professionals are bound by professional ethics which may conflict with their personal rights to the point where the only solution may be to find a different job. So I have less of a problem with a sole trader photographer refusing to participate in a ceremony they disapprove of (which, I might add, could be as simple as saying "can't do it that day") than I do with a pharmacist refusing to dispense birth control.

And as always, freedom of speech and freedom of association does not imply freedom from consequences.

Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 1) 377

Except your group [...]

Since you addressed that to me, a clarification is in order: What "group" have you assigned me to? Is this like those suburbs of Chicago where you're assigned to a gang at puberty entirely by virtue of which block you live on?

Comment Re:What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 1) 377

I can't help but notice that "everything" doesn't encompass much.

I don't mean that hate symbols cause everything bad, merely that hate symbols have no redeeming features whatsoever. And by that I do not mean that people should be arrested for using them.

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