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Comment Re: Well, at least someone made money (Score 1) 41

In the case of my employer, lots of people got heavily burned by options when they got taxed on their value at the grant time (during the tech bubble) followed by the stock plummeting and all the options being worthless. That was the beginning of the end for options for the rank and file.

Comment Re:Of course they do. (Score 2) 49

We learned not to long ago that many Smart TVs just transmit everything they hear to a remote server in the clear. How many IoT devices are compromised already and are now being used as little attack droids? How about those Sony security cameras with built-in backdoors that was uncovered recently?

These days, your default assumption should be that any internet-connected device has zero concerns for your privacy, and is probably insecure enough to be placed immediately on a botnet as soon as any criminal cares to make the slightest attempt to compromise it. Why exactly would you think that children's toy manufacturers would do so much better when so many other IoT makers have been failing miserably to protect user privacy and security?

Comment Re:no (Score 0, Redundant) 296

Buy the DVD and rip it. Or Buy the DVD and take it to WalMart and have them do it for you.

Cry more.

How about no?

Aspects of my life right now in approximate order of shit I care about
1) Supporting my family
2) Succeeding at my job
3) Being an effective investor so I can retire soon
4) Playing computer games
5) Writing my book
6) Learning a language

Watching TV is some way down the list but I haven't reached it yet.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 296

Your excuses are terribly lame. The mail is trivial to use. A disk player is trivial to use. Your whining about wires is also lame.

If you aren't willing to plug something into your TV, then you have to be content with "smart TV" features that suck or broadcast TV.

But if you insist on depriving yourself, that's your own problem.

I have no duty to live to your standards of media consumption. They aren't fucking excuses, they're facts. There's a difference.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 296

No blu-ray. There's a DVD player in a box in the garage somewhere, but it wouldn't work well since the TV is mounted on wall with sockets, roku and ethernet behind it and out of sight.

We're not going to have a bunch of wires trailing across to wall to get to a DVD. We're not going to mess with mailing DVDs. Like I said, the world has moved on.

There's a gaming PC upstairs with a DVD drive, but I'm not watching TV on that.

Comment Re:no (Score 4, Insightful) 296

early/late. wouldn't go anyway.

The implication in TFS is that they are available later and making them available sooner may or may not cause people to watch them.

They're not even available later. They're not available at all. Look at all the Netflix movies that are only on DVD. Last night I looked for The Lobster and found it was only on DVD. So it's not in the theater any more and not available streaming and I don't have a DVD player and the world has moved on from DVDs.

So if they want me to watch, make it available sometime at least. I'm not watching it if it's not available at all.

Pondering of the relative merits of early vs. late release timing when the current situation is there is no release at all is moot.

Comment Re:More holes than swiss cheese (Score 2) 71

Moreover, it's incredibly complex code that performs real-time media playback, animation, and scripting. Essentially, it's got all the vulnerabilities of a complex media player (like the Stagefright library) combined with a scripting language runtime environment (like Javascript), all written in a language (C) that more or less hands an attacker a potential security vulnerabilities if a programmer made the tiniest of errors when handling memory buffers and file formats with deliberately malformed data, and which occurs in hundreds of thousands of places throughout the codebase.

Then someone said: Hey, let's allow unvetted content from remote servers on the internet to be interpreted and executed in this incredibly complex module on a client's machine! Because in the early 2000's, that apparently sounded like an awesome idea, and thus were born Flash, ActiveX, the Java plugin, PDF readers with Javascript enabled by default, and other monstrosities of the early web.

Comment Re:Thanks, Trump! (Score 1) 172

How often do you have to run more than one wash load in a day?

Most people let laundry build up until they need to run a full load of a given type. They do this because wasting electrons is apparently only slightly less of a sin than wasting water, since we don't really do any useful large scale desalination.

Practically speaking, this is easy to do with 3-4 people in a house, particularly if one or more of them is a child.

In any case, this build up over time is how we get the event called "laundry day", as opposed to doing laundry daily.

Most of the time, one wash per night would serve. The occasional times you need to run more than one wash in a day, just run one during daytime.

I think you are perhaps single and male, with not a lot of clothing so that you can build up a laundry backlog without wasting water instead of electricity, and so instead, you waste both by doing daily laundry, and you put everything in together, without separating it by type, fragility, and temperature/cleaner requirements.

That's cool and all, but realize you aren't very representative of the majority of people who need to do laundry.

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