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Comment Re:How much do these batteries harm the environmen (Score 1) 212

Lithium is the 2nd most abundant alkali metal on the planet, right next to sodium. It's easy to recycle, as long as we choose to do so. Same goes for lead acid batteries, which have been in widespread use for a few generations now.

Coal power plants have issues with cadmium, mercury, and other heavy metals.

Fortunately, emissions at a power plant aren't driving around, heating up, cooling down and idling at stop lights, and are amenable to all sorts of interesting, and in developed countries, mandated emissions scrubbing technology, which works quite a bit better than your car's catalytic converter.

The coal & gas industry and auto industry would really prefer to keep taking profits from existing technology _forever_ - that's the way the short-sighted American corporate machine works - invest minimally, extract maximum profits. Silicon Valley was founded on slightly different principles in that 'profit' was once defined as the creation and ownership of new technology and unique capability stemming from teams of competent specialists. It's good to see the latter ideal still has some influence.

My advice to you: let it go. The disruptive technology is already here. It's not going away, no matter how many paid trolls try to cling to the past.

Comment No, you don't get it (Score 1) 456

Fiction, especially science fiction, is a form of literature. Literature explores and expands the human condition. Carrie Fisher's acting & the science fiction she helped bring to life inspired the dreams of millions, maybe billions. She embraced that role her entire life.

Some of those dreams translated to a reusable rocket actually landing on a floating barge at sea. Maybe someday even your myopic ass will have a chance to holiday in orbit, the moon, or on Mars. But you'll probably just bitch about the toilette and packaged food.

Science without dreams is pretty damn boring. Carrie Fisher may have done more for the dreams that fuel science than you, Mr. Anonymous Coward, could ever hope for.

Comment Understanding the cause, prevention, maybe a cure (Score 1) 133

Prions & protein folding diseases are no laughing matter.

In all seriousness, for anyone interested in a possible prevention or cure, you might enjoy reading The Storied Man, about Paul Alan Cox, an ethnobotanist who has been chasing protein folding diseases around the world.

I also highly recommend flying on Southwest Airlines.

Comment Your rights end where they intersect with others (Score 1) 96

Your continued use of a known defective product constitutes a public health hazard. I imagine Samsung is perfectly happy to be sued by you, an individual property owner, rather than accept the ongoing risk of being sued by an airline, movie theater, etc. By the way, your lawsuit against Samsung would fail, for the following reason:

This is analogous to restricting free speech by declaring it illegal to yell 'Fire!' in a crowded movie theater. Yes, you are free say anything you want, but not when your free speech jeopardizes the well-being of those around you. Should your phone burst into flames in a movie theater, you place everyone at risk. Samsung & Verizon are doing the right thing.

Comment Re:Any idea how it works? (Score 1) 477

My bet is that the EM drive is operating on the same fundamentals as the Woodward Effect:

Dr. Woodward has continued the discourse started started long ago between Ernst Mach and Albert Einstein on trying come up with a better understanding of inertia. This work has been ongoing for many years, including peer reviewed publications and reproducible experiments.

Dr. Fearn at Fullerton has been doing a lot of work on the Mach Effect Thrusters. It's interesting stuff, well worth investigating.

Comment Re:Moores Law (Score 3, Informative) 116

Your assertion that Moore's Law is dead is akin to a similar assertion over 100 years ago that "everything that can be invented has been invented", and that the patent offices should be closed.

Go download Google's open source Tensorflow (an AI Machine Learning library), and try some real machine learning on real-time sensors and data streams. You'll quickly realize the highest end workstations can't keep up.

Now delve into a bit of devices physics. The easy gains in speed for silicon transistors have been made. There are still advances to be made, but different device physics that allow switching into the terahertz might just reset the clock on Moore's Law, which is just what's needed in all sorts of fields, such as AI.

Comment Re: Wow... (Score 1) 219

Tesla does not have a good record of repeat customers, either. People who buy a new car every year are not buying a second Tesla.

I call bullshit. While standing in line to reserve a model 3 in Denver, I was surrounded by Model S owners or extended family of an S owner, and a few Leaf owners. I saw a Roadster drive by, presumably looking for a parking space. From that experience, my wag is 10%, maybe 15%, were repeat customers.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 0, Flamebait) 238

aww, sour grapes much?

"...Bush signs bill which grants the Volt a $7,500 tax credit...The entire 10-year tax package for plug-in electric/hybrid vehicles is worth $1 billion. " Back in 2008 I believe...

GM lost the will, culture, and now the competency to innovate. Keep holding on to the past though. You'll look great driving around in your Chevy Dolt.

Comment Re:"Huge" isn't what I'd say (Score 2) 879

Personally, I think a Trump presidency would be "Huge" for SpaceX, as he'll likely stop the pork-barrel spending on the "Senate Launch System".

Elon, Jeff, Boeing, LockMart, and Aerojet Rocketdyne are perfectly capable of competing to produce the commercial capability that you so desire to flee the planet from the horrible terror of Trump.

Bruce, instead of fleeing this country because it might be led by someone you don't like, why not use that somewhat clever mind of yours, and your still somewhat relevant technical skillset, to host and teach foreign exchange students from less wealthy countries, like Honduras, Nicaragua, or Mexico? Send them home with newfound coding (and English) abilities. Give them an advantage in life by giving them something of yourself. I know you've got it in you.

But please, for the children's sake, teach them Python :)

Comment why not Pi ? (Score 2) 82

I get that people that live on their phones may be fond of their apps and the app store(s) and the environment they are used to, but please consider:

The Raspberry Pi 2 (under $40), running Raspbian, is a very usable Debian Linux based desktop environment, unencumbered by the limitations of Android.

'sudo apt-cache search ' will yield all sorts of interesting things worth investigating, and maybe even a few worth 'sudo apt-get install '

Android for anything other than a phone is rather pointless.

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