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Comment Not new? (Score 2) 117

This negative mass effect looks a lot like the usual negative mass effect to describe some collections of holes/electrons. One can explain some of the phenomena of these as acting like they have a negative mass or negative (negative) charge. But they are mathematical fictions since they only arise as apparent behaviours on a fictional individual represeting the effective forces created by the correlated motions of a large ensemble. One can do something similar with magnetic monopoles. There are not (supposedly) magnetic monopoles but if you stack dipoles end to end then one can get two very well separated poles that behave as though they were independent monopoles.

Maybe I'm wrong, but Ive seen this negative mass explanation before so I'm guessing this is similar, not a new effect.

Comment usage tests show it's slower than an old iphone (Score 1) 80


Old model iPhone smokes the latest androids any way you can measure it. The iphone 7 beats the G8 by more than the G8 beats the previous snapdragon. So rather than leapfrogging the Snapdragon keeps ramming headfirst into the iPhone's rear end.

To be fair there is one spec the new G8 does win on, and that's straightup numberical benchmark using multi-core. it' wins by a small margin. But loses by a factor of 2 on single core processes. Since no one actually uses their phone as a numerical calculation optimizing the multiple cores this spec seems to indicate the snapdragon is not optimized in ways that benefit an actual operating phone.

Comment Iron Sky, sitrict 9 (Score 2) 1222

Ones that sort of straddles the intimate/big effects
    District 9 . (south african alien flick)

And ones that straddle the "sheer force of will", low budget, and goofy good category
    Iron sky
    sky commander and the world of tomorrow

while the latter technically did get the hollywood budget treatement the back story is the key elements were done over 10 years on an old macintosh before being re-made.

My main criteria here is films I enjoy watching again.

Comment The right blend of ingredients (Score 1) 1222

Silent running was one of those rare flicks that walks a nice line between deep thought premises and entertaining story and expansive special effects (as opposed to intimate films which deserve their own category).

Chief on my list is Blade Runner. ghost in the machine (1995) Clockwork Orange

Silent running is good but it doesn't hold up with time very well.

powerful intimate films:
moon, ex machina, the man from earth, primer

other low budget sci-fi with high entertainment value:
The 13th floor (overshadowed by being released near the Matrix)
John dies at the end. (really awful but in a wonderful awful sort of way like Bill and Ted's excellent adventure was goofy good).
Time Lapse. Some uneven acting but a thrilling story

Films that succeed by sheer force of will rather than being perfect and must be admired for this tour de force:
Avatar, Alien, Star Wars.

Comment Mother of all Demos (Score 4, Insightful) 37

This guy sort of sounds like the Forest Gump of computing project management. He's there at the scene for all the really big turning points. The one that made my jaw drop was after inciting arapnet he then funded Doug Englebart.

Somedays I feel like anyone allowed to post on slashdot needs to show they have watched Doug Englebarts "mother of all Demos". My world view changed after that. It's like nothing actually changed in the last 30 years, we just had to wait for consumer hardware to catch up to Doug's dreams.

Seriously, basically everything we consider modern computing was invented on that demo day, from streaming video, to simultaneous multi-user text editing, to the mouse, to windows, to the graphical text editor. No exaggerations.

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