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Comment Re:Try Again... (Score 2) 38

He's bringin it up because there's nothing about absoulte speed here. Samsung is saying they made their processor faster by a larger margin than qualcom did this year but they are not saying it's faster than qualcoms. they did the same thing with the A10. samsung claimed a faster clock speed and big improvements in battery usage. Meanwhile the slower clock spees A10 is actually faster to do anything, and uses less battery.

his point is samsung spec are completely non-informative.

Comment vacuous story (Score 1) 38

So were down to comparing rates of improvements? How does one compare two brands when one of them got 25% faster than it's last chip and the other got 40% faster. Does that mean the latter was abysmally slow to begin with so it was easier to make faster. There's no information content here.

it's also not news.

A newsworthy headline would be samsung latest processor is slower and uses more battery. I full expect every generation to be better than the last but if you can't actually make useful comparisons there's nothing newsworthy here.

thanks for posting a press release.


Breakthrough in Alphabet's Balloon-Based Internet Project Means It Might Actually Wor ( 82

Loon, the balloon project that aims to deliver internet to parts of the world that lack reliable connectivity, announced this week that due to advancements in the machine learning software, it can now deploy fewer balloons to provide greater connectivity. From a report on Recode: The Loon balloon project is part of X, the experimental division of Alphabet, Google's parent company. Now in its fourth year, the engineers at Loon say their new machine learning techniques significantly shorten their timeline for launching the project. Initially, engineers proposed that the Loon balloons would float around the globe and that they would have to find a way to keep the balloons a safe traveling distance apart and replace a balloon that drifted from an area that needed connectivity. Now, the team says they've found a way to keep the balloons in a much more concentrated location, thanks to their improved altitude control and navigation system. Loon says that balloons will now make small loops over a land mass, instead of circumnavigating the whole planet.

Comment It won't work, here's why (Score 1) 401

The plan appears to assume the problem is water transport to the poles. That is, the poles are cold enough but the problem is a lack of water to freeze on the surface.

Yet when there is global warming the first thing that happens is moisture transport increases. More water evaporates into clouds and some of it, more of it, goes to the poles than before.

Thus the long term problem is not a lack of water transport.

Comment How many lives are saved by air pollution (Score 5, Insightful) 123

Presumably the air pollution is coming from some activities that raise living standards to afford clean water, public hospitals, health insurance, and reduced crime. Can we have a figure on how many lives are saved by air pollution as well?

Yes in an ideal world we can have both so it's important to recognize air pollution is more than an eyesore.

Comment Re:So what? Google should have expected that (Score 1) 95

They don't suck at everything; they just suck at managing. Its because they think their excellence in academia and theory means they don't have to learn from lessons in real life. They're constantly reinventing the wheel when it comes to business and human resource management.

Comment Re:Makes no sense (Score 1) 95

Its common sense. There's almost no amount of money that Google can throw at their autonomous car lead developers that can match a tech startup. It implies there's an amount of generous salary that will discourage developers from going startup. But Google hires alpha developers who understand what it means to be a successful startup.

I really don't even believe Google is the cutting edge of autonomous car development. I'm guessing its Tesla, because they have the closest thing to a functioning autonomous car. Its probably a story planted by Google and other leading autonomous car companies that just want to drive down the salaries they currently pay to their employees in this field. At this point, Google is probably holding back progress, because they want a surefire profitable model without going through all the regulatory and civil litigation its going to require to roll it out.

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