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Comment Re:Thank god for Trump! (Score 3, Insightful) 256

But what happened to all the good Republican candidates?

They got starved out by the press because Trump sucked all the air out of the room. The same thing happened on the other side of the Ruling Party. Their last reasonable prospect was Jim Webb, but he couldn't get any attention with the press all working for Hillary to sink Bernie.


Comment Standard Ruling Party shit. (Score 3, Interesting) 256

"Vote for (Trump | Hillary) because (Hillary | Trump)! A vote for any other candidate is really a vote for (Trump | Hillary)! Don't throw your vote away because (Hillary | Trump) is too horrible to contemplate!"

Fuck that noise. I want a clear conscience, so it's Gary Johnson/William Weld for me.


Comment this sux waiting for it (Score 1) 91

Seriously, living in a place like highlands ranch, which is loaded with well-to-do techies, and having other communities around here, it sux waiting for Google to get here.
Come on Google, work with netflix, amazon, etc and spread out faster. All it takes is a bit of money from all of you to really his this hard.

Comment Re:Regs (Score 1) 29

Have you ever seen a regulation that you didn't like?

Of course I have. And other regulations that were too heavy handed. My question is how much of the price of a house where I want or need to live is from regulation, and are the regulations warranted. The price of Daytona's regulations is meaningless to anyone who doesn't live there.

Comment Re:Are you saying hatred doesn't exist? (Score 1) 7

Firstly, "turn down"?

Disavow. If Charlie Manson voices his support for you and you don't disavow his support, you're implying that you agree with his world view.

But there are other "protected classes", so if I murder a woman because I have a problem with women (and what Republican doesn't, amirite?), wouldn't that also be defined as a crime'o'hate?

To my mind, any murder is a "hate crime". After all, what other reason is there to murder someone no matter who they are except you hate them and the fact that they exist? When that black guy targeted white cops it was most certainly a "hate crime" and if Louisiana has hate crime laws and he'd lived, he would have been charged with a hate crime.

"Protected class", my ass.

Comment Re: Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 333

Automation raises the standard of living for everyone. Your Smartphone has more compute power than computers from Windows XP era, and don't cost nearly as much, and do so much more. So, your view on my viewpoint is irrelevant at best, and at worst is wrong.

The people who get killed in economic revolutions are all caused by those fighting to keep the status quo economically. The transition between Agrarian to Industrial was fought out in the Civil War, by those people who couldn't see the future because of tradition (slavery being one of the big ones). We've fought long hard wars with people trying to keep what they had, instead of adapting and moving forward. The next war is not going to be much different, and is already being battled in the cyber area, between those that want to keep the status quo (China/manufacturing) and those that see the future (Cyber Industry).

There will always be work for people to do, and those that work smarter will seem luckier. People have always fought wars over limited resources. Economic and Real Warfare. There is nothing in the future that will change that.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 333

Taxes are regressive. All of them. The rich will pay to avoid them, the poor cannot. Guess who is impacted more by any / all taxes?

Welfare should be TEMPORARY, and limited in scope.
Minimum Wage is always $0, regardless of the starting wage.

The economy today has a much higher productive output per person, which means some things are possible which weren't possible before. If you're out of air in the tank and suffocating, pulling your mask off underwater means you drown; pulling it off when you're on land means you live. Same action, different consequences. You can't explain that.

If you are dumb enough to go diving, without a clear plan, reserves in the tank, and run out of air, I don't expect the government to suddenly provide you with a "Air Grant" and subsidies for being stupid. You went high risk activity and got the result you were looking for. Yes, it is tragic when it happens, but I am NOT responsible, nor should I be, for your choices. Choices have consequences. So, I do have an answer, it just isn't what you wanted.

That being said, if you and I were diving, together, and you screwed up, and ended up without air, underwater, I would help get you to the surface. I wouldn't loan you my tank on a permanent basis in perpetuity. THIS is a safety net option. Welfare State is NOT safety net, it is a hammock.

Comment Are you saying hatred doesn't exist? (Score 1) 7

Calling sexism hatred is a lie, I agree. But there is a lot of hatred, and it troubles me that a presidential candidate would not turn down an endorsement by David Duke and the KKK.

And yes, racial hatred goes both ways, look at Dallas and Baton Rouge. Some Christians hate gays, despite the fact that Jesus said to love everyone. Some gay atheists hate Christians.

Some Americans hate Mexicans, some hate Muslims. But the guy you referred to was dead wrong, equating sexism with hate hurts the cause of fighting real hatred.

Comment Regs (Score 1) 29

A couple of things: First, the study was done by folks who build houses (not construction workers, the people who pay them). I'd like to see something by a dispassionate party that has nothing to do with the industry. Second, it was "government at all levels" which makes it meaningless. Missouri's regulations don't affect the price of a house in Illinois, and my guess is that most of those regulatory cost increases were at the local level in expensive towns, probably in California.

I'm glad that you realize that regulation is necessary, but I'd like to see which regs they're talking about. A couple of years ago they were talking about mandating sprinkler systems in new homes here in Springfield, which would raise the cost a lot but at the same time make them safer. They shelved the idea after public outcry.

They use to use lead paint, now outlawed, and with costs but also good reason. Safety equipment and training for construction workers costs; roofers didn't use to be required to use tethers. That slows the work down, which raises the cost, but IMO is a GOOD regulation.

How about that cancerous Chinese flooring? Company had to rip it all out, at huge cost and yes, a necessary one.

All in all, the article is propaganda. Like you say, some (I'd say most) regulations are good. I remember rolling up the windows in hundred degree weather when driving past the Monsanto in Sauget before cars (or many homes) were air conditioned, because the air burned your lungs. I remember Dead Creek in Cahokia catching fire. The clean air act and clean water act solved both those problems. My grandfather died because there was no OSHA, so Purina didn't have to put doors on the elevator. Again, paying an extra 25% to keep workers alive is a cost I'm greatly willing to bear.

Comment Re: Computer? (Score 1) 324

Being safe from annoyance has little connection to being safe from death and serious injury. The worst thing that can happen on a computer (outside the medical and industrial fields) is you have to buy a new one. You're far more likely to drop and break your tablet than have it ruined by a hacker. Hell, a computer won't even give you a paper cut.

As to "safe" computers, almost everyone (including me until recently) thinks you can't install a program on any tablet of phone without "jailbreaking" it. The fact is, that's only true of Apple products.

I discovered this after buying a tablet and discovering Winamp was no longer in Google Play. Searching for the "why" it turns out that Winamp was sold to another company and will be back up. I also learned what the /. troll "APK" was named for; its an installation file for Android, similar in structure to a Linux tarball. Installing Winamp on the tablet consisted of downloading the APK to my computer and clicking in it with my file manager. Easier to install than a Windows program.

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