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Comment So... (Score 1) 1163

Why does opposing Obama so much that you don't want to be a part of the US anymore have to have something to do with race? I'm sure this is the case for some (maybe more than some), but I would disagree with almost everything that man does and stands for, whether he was white, black, or purple polka dot.

Comment Re:So fucking what? (Score 1) 349

Sounds like you need to update your OS. I have both Android and iOS mobile devices and they are able to automatically configure themselves with the exchange server. It even tries to find the exchange server based on your email address. Besides this is a one-time configuration issue and not enough to complain about.

Unless your organization uses a cloud exchange service such as Office 365 - it does not discover this automatically, and you have to change your user name and mail server address. This is NOT a 1-time deal usually. Users sometimes have to delete/re-add their email account from the phone. Or do a hard reset to fix other issues on the phone. And if they are not techy, they will need to be walked through this every time. Can be frustrating

Blackberry has its share of exploits. One was demonstrated at Pwn2Own which exploited the browser of a BB Torch 9800. This exploit could be used to install Flexispy. There was also a talk at DefCon 2006 where the BB could be exploited to get access to the internal LAN of the corporation.

My point being that don't be so smug about the security of your device. There are exploits out there.

Agree with you there, there are exploits for just about everything. But the organization will usually be best-served by making their devices as secure as possible, and the per-device AES encryption is pretty good

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