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Submission + - Copyright Trolls subpoena 2 years of blog hits, credit card & bank info (

An anonymous reader writes: In a swipe at the community of bloggers who regularly write about copyright trolls, Prenda Law is seeking to identify the IP address of everyone who has visited the blogs and for a period of 16 months. Despite allegations of identity theft and fraud and a looming court hearing on Monday whos outcome could define the future behavior of all copyright trolls, Prenda Law is suing the anti-copyright troll bloggers, a defense attorney, and 10 John Does in two federal lawsuits. In another copyright trolling case, porn produce Flava Works has issued subpoenas to ISPs for far more than the usual identifying information. In this case, they are requesting subscriber information including "credit Card information, billing information, Paypal Account information" and "bank account information".

Submission + - Caffeine Improves Memory in Bees (

sciencehabit writes: After a long day buzzing between flowers, even the most industrious worker bee could use a little help remembering which ones she wants to return to the next day. Some plants have a trick to ensure they end up at the top of the list: caffeinated nectar. A team of researchers bombarded honey bees with floral smells paired with sugary rewards, some of which contained the same levels of caffeine found in the nectar of coffee and citrus flowers. Three times as many bees remembered the odors associated with caffeine after 24 hours, when compared with the scents associated with sugar alone. When the researchers applied the stimulant directly to honey bee brains, it had a positive effect on the neurons associated with the formation of long term memories. Now, they want to see if bees go out of their way to feed on caffeinated nectar, perhaps even ignoring predators to do so—behavior that, if observed, could shed light on the neurological processes behind addiction.

Submission + - Prenda Law sues bloggers and commentors critical of copyright trolling ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Prenda Law, the notorious copyright trolling law firm that has allegedly committed fraud and identity theft and sued tens, if not thousands of BitTorrent users, is now suing two anti-copyright troll bloggers and anonymous commentors who routinely criticize Prenda for libel and defamation. Also named as a defendant is a defense attorney who often defends copyright troll victims (original legal complaint). In what can only be described as an overly broad subpoena, Prenda Law is also demanding the IP Addresses from Wordpress of everyone who has ever accessed the blogs and for a time period of more than two years. Although originally filed in state court, the lawsuit has since been removed to federal court by defense counsel.

Submission + - Petrol producted from air and water - news? (

shalomsky writes: So if the electricity needed to drive this all came from wind, solar, or other renewables, if it can scale up, can it pull enough carbon from the air to make a difference? Is this news anymore? I just saw it. Will it help with climate change? A possible way to store energy, isn't it? People carping about times when the wind isn't blowing, sun isn't shining, store the energy as petrol when these things are happening, use it to make electricity when they aren't. Or just burn it straight for heat.

Submission + - Twitter OAuth API Keys Leaked (

msm1267 writes: The OAuth keys and secrets that official Twitter applications use to access users’ Twitter accounts have been leaked in a post to Github this morning. The consumer keys and secrets, which function similarly to a username and password, were posted for Twitter for iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, Windows Phone and TweetDeck. Unapproved third-party applications can now use these secrets to impersonate legitimate third-party apps and circumvent any access control measures Twitter has in place for unofficial apps.

Submission + - EU to vote on proposal that could ban on all online pornography (

An anonymous reader writes: The European Union is voting on a proposal next week that could lead to a blanket ban on porn in member states, and it seems the measure may well be approved.

The proposal, called "Eliminating gender stereotypes in the EU," mentions issues such as women carrying a "disproportionate share of the burden" when raising a family, violence against women as "an infringement of human rights," and gender stereotypes that develop early in life.

From the proposal:

17. Calls on the EU and its Member States to take concrete action on its resolution of 16 September 1997 on discrimination against women in advertising, which called for a ban on all forms of pornography in the media and on the advertising of sex tourism

18. Calls on the EU to conduct research into the links between child pornography and adult pornography and the impacts on girls, women, boys and men, as well as the relationship between pornography and sexual violence


Submission + - The Facebook privacy conundrum: When less is more (

coondoggie writes: "A look at the history of a select portion of Facebook users from 2005 thorough 2011 finds a contrast in privacy — on one hand the group sought greater privacy controls but actually disclosed more personal data over time. A seven year study of 5,076 Facebook members by Carnegie Mellon University Researchers found that from 2005-2009, the social site users displayed more privacy-seeking behavior, progressively decreasing the amount of personal data shared with the public. But the trend abruptly reversed between 2009 and 2010"

Submission + - The Swiss Plan on Clearing Space Junk with a Giant Claw (

pigrabbitbear writes: "There are about 19,000 pieces of space debris larger than 5 cm currently being tracked by NASA—debris that multiplies when other debris collides. There's now way around it: eventually we're going to have to clean up the floating mess. Which is exactly what a new Swiss uber-satellite intends to do.

Called CleanSpace One, the monster has been dubbed the "janitor satellite." It's been designed to match a defunct satellite's orbital plane, grip it with a giant mechanical claw, and pull it back down into the Earth's atmosphere. Both satellites would then burn up upon reentry.

The Swiss scientists hope to launch CleanSpace One on its trial mission in under five years. The first target is the Swisscube, Switzerland's first working satellite, which was put into orbit in 2009, and completed its imaging mission in 2011. Even though the first CleanSpace One will disintegrate upon re-entry, the Swiss are planning a whole family of space janitors. Eventually, they may be able to dispose more than one satellite at a time."

Submission + - Prenda Law sues the anti-copyright troll community

An anonymous reader writes: In December, slashdot carried the news of alleged fraud by copyright trolling firm Prenda Law, who most often targets BitTorrent porn downloaders. Last month, slashdot additionally carried the news of potential jail time for one of their attorneys. In an unprecedented move by a copyright troll, now Prenda Law is striking back hard at the anti-copyright trolling community, and in three separate lawsuits, is suing bloggers and commenters from and for libel and defamation. The bloggers themselves and hundreds of individual comments are called out in the lawsuits. Will the anti-SLAPP laws come into play here, assuming the lawsuits move forward?

Submission + - Not quite a T-100, but on the right track (

misanthropic.mofo writes: "Leaping from drones, to recon "turtlebots", humanity is making its way toward robo-combat. I for one think it would make it interesting to pit legions of robot warriors against each other and let people purchase time on them. Of course there are people that are for and against such technology. Development of ethical robotic systems seems like it would take some of the fun out of things, there's also the question of who gets to decide on the ethics."

Submission + - SPAM: My affiliate sales were getting stolen by link hijackers!

grandtour writes: "The other thing that can cause you to not get credit for a sale is spyware. More notably a new type of spyware that is now invading the internet that will automatically change affiliate ID's to those of the spyware's creators. That means that the more work you put into making sells, the more sells you are making — for the creator of that spyware!"
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Submission + - Has copyright trolling reached a new low? (

An anonymous reader writes: Prenda Law — one of the most notorious copyright trolls — has sued hundreds of thousands of John Doe defendants, often receiving settlements of thousands of dollars from each. Prenda Law principal John Steele has reportedly made a few million dollars suing BitTorrent file-sharers. Prenda Law has been accused in federal court of creating sham offshore corporations using the identity of his gardner. In other words, it is alleged that the law firm and their client are the same entity, and that Prenda law has committed identity theft and fraud. Now, a judge in California has granted a John Doe defendant's motion to further explore the connection between the offshore entity and the law firm. With lawyers and their clients allegedly one in the same, has copyright trolling reached a new low?

Submission + - Facebook Paid 0.3% Taxes on $1.34 Billion Profits 2

theodp writes: Facebook is unlikely to make many new (non-investor) friends with reports that it paid Irish taxes of about $4.64 million on its entire non-US profits of $1.344 billion for 2011. 'Facebook operates a second subsidiary that is incorporated in Ireland but controlled in the Cayman Islands,' Kenneth Thomas explains. 'This subsidiary owns Facebook Ireland, but the setup allows the two companies to be considered as one for U.S. tax purposes, but separate for Irish tax purposes. The Caymans-operated subsidiary owns the rights to use Facebook's intellectual property outside the U.S., for which Facebook Ireland pays hefty royalties to use. This lets Facebook Ireland transfer the profits from low-tax Ireland to no-tax Cayman Islands.' In 2008, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg cited 'local world-class talent' as the motivation behind Facebook's choice of tax-haven Dublin for its international HQ. Similar tax moves by Google, Microsoft, and others who have sought the luck-of-the-Double-Irish present quite a dilemma for tax revenue-seeking governments. Invoking Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart's famous common sense definition of ethics ('Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do') is unlikely to sway corporations whose top execs send the message that tax avoidance is the right thing to do and something to be proud of.

Submission + - Wikimedia Foundation Raises $25 Million in a 9-day Fund-raiser (

hypnosec writes: The Wikimedia Foundation has announced at the conclusion of its ninth annual fund-raiser that it has managed to raise a whopping $25 million from 1.2 million donors in just over a week's time. Wikimedia ran this year’s fund raiser in English in the Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and the US. Announcing the closure of this year's annual fund-raiser, Wikimedia foundation stated that the money collected will be used to improve the MediaWiki software as well as improve its server infrastructure. As compared to last year’s fund-raiser, which got completed in 46 days, this year’s was completed in just nine days.

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