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Comment Re: It has its uses (Score 1) 417

Java (like Flash) was always designed as a plug-in, running side by side with the browser, not an integrated part of the browser. T

Uh, what?

Just because Sun developed a Java plug-in doesn't mean that Sun's vision was ever that Java was primarily supposed to be used that way. Java has always meant to be used as a standalone programming language, and the percentage of Java development targeted at the plugin is absolutely tiny. Most of it is focused on back-end applications, websites, and the occasional desktop app.

I'm not sure where this "Java = applets" thing comes from, and it's especially hard to understand why software developers would think this given it's pretty hard to work in this industry for more than a few years without being given a Tomcat/etc application hosted in a JBoss environment to fix up.

Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pl (Score 1) 521

Both AND Neither and oh so much more. Taxes are supposed to fund the government AND punish behaviour that is unwanted because it imposes a cost on other citizens AND redistribute wealth by punishing the rich MORE than the poor AND internalize the cost of externalities and, and, and...

Taxes are a very flexible tool that can be applied to quite a few different kinds of problems - with just minor adaptations to specific requirements of the goal you are seeking to achieve.

But the one golden rule that you're doing it wrong ? Is when taxes punish a poor man more than it punishes his boss. If that is happening, your tax system is fucked up - and completely unsustainable.

Comment Absolutely not (Score 2) 387

It should be positively encouraged. I also believe offices should be furnished with beds, so we can take a nap when we want. And we should all have an additional computer with an up to date graphics card and 4K monitor that we can install Steam on.

This seems reasonable to me. What say you, fellow programmers?

Comment Re:prediction... more good comments... not (Score 1) 478

The latest version on this I heard today was "the jobs are lost, but you don't see them because the cause/effect pattern is sort of backwards. The business owners hear all this talk of increasing minimum wage so they don't hire more people in case their wages will soon go up so the effect is already there under way when the minimum wage comes in - and then you don't see it in the data".

My response was: assuming your weird hypotheses is true - then we may as well do the increase since whatever job harming effects it may have we're ALREADY HAVING and will have ANYWAY.
Notice how his described mechanism includes no other option. If we don't raise it, workers will keep demanding we do - so employers keep not hiring if they can avoid it - so the problem happens anyway and becomes permanent.

So yeah, may as well raise it- whatever job losses it could cause will happen regardless - so we may as well have those with jobs paid decently.

Comment Re:'sock puppet' in scare quotes? (Score 1) 99

Another use of normal quotation marks is to indicate that you are using a common or slang term in a more formal piece of writing (like a legal filing) where that word or phrase does not have a ready dictionary definition - the indication makes it clear that the slang meaning is intended rather than the literal meaning.
So that's not scare quotes either - it's just indicating that the term 'sock puppet' in this context does not refer to the puppets made from socks that we all remember from our childhoods.

Comment Re:COBOL isn't hard to learn (Score 4, Interesting) 371

but for something like COBOL you could end up doing it for some years and then the legacy system is shut down and nobody wants to give you anything but a junior non-COBOL position.

You think that a systems migration won't need your legacy skills? You think that you won't pick up the skills for the new system during the migration?

Here's a more likely scenario: you do COBOL for 5 years and learn the entire problem domain that the COBOL system services. When the migration occurs with Java your knowledge will be indispensable, and you'll no doubt learn Java in the two years the migration takes to complete. At the end of the migration, you are still the expert in the problem and have new Java skills to apply your expertise.

It's exceptionally unlikely that the migration from COBOL will be so fast that you won't be able to learn the new implementation technology.

Comment Re: minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 1) 521

If you dislike society so much - leave it.
That's your option. You don't like a society with a social contract, you think you can take from what WE paid for and not help pay for it yourself ? Then leave.

I hear Mogadishu is EXACTLY what you are hoping for. Pinochet did it in Chile too but that's gone unfortunately for you.

What ? You don't WANT to live under brutal warlords or dictators ? Well news for you - ANCAP doesnt work - ANCAP always ends up being run by brutal warlords. And libertarian societies cannot even come to EXIST without a dictator to create them. That noted socialist Margaret Thatcher told F.A. Hayek she CANNOT replicate Chile's policies beyond the small bit she did - because it's not POSSIBLE in a democracy where the leaders have to actually answer to the citizens for their policies - where the leaders have to negotiate and collaborate with opposition leaders in the parliament.

So your dream cannot exist in anything resembling a free society. In a democracy - it can't be done. You can get the libertarian economics if you have a dictator but then you lose ALL the other freedoms. Or you can try the ANCAP way and, as it ALWAYS HAS, end up getting killed in the crossfire as the brutal warlords fight for control (coincidentally - those warlords don't give a fuck about your personal liberties either).

Basically - yours is a pipe dream. The only way you can have what you want is in a society of one. Maybe "one family" - any bigger than that and the entire thing falls the fuck appart. Just as it always has, every single time it's been tried.

The only anarchist state that ever managed to exist as a successful, industrialised economy - was a socialist one: Andalusia. The anarchism worked because there was no economic inequality from which warlords can arise.

Comment Re: minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 1) 521

If that is, indeed, how you see things - you need to have your eyes checked.

In the real world - society comes with a social contract. You want all the benefits of NOT living alone on some mountaintop - up to and including everything produced by private business which cannot exist outside society - then you have to pay your share for the upkeep of that society and it's shared infrastructure.
If you refuse to pay your share, you don't get to TAKE your share either.

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