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Comment Re:Strange Logic (Score 1) 169

Manning wasn't pardoned. He had his sentence commuted. That means, in the view of the US government, she'd served enough of his sentence, not that the government agreed with what he did. This was after 7 years of imprisonment, during which time she was tortured. The US government can take the position that what Manning did was wrong, and something it wants to discourage, while still feeling that she had suffered enough.

Snowden hasn't been tried or convicted, and as a result the US government cannot reasonably say he's been "punished enough" without their position being that leaking state secrets isn't a crime that rises to the level of any punishment at all.

That's the logic behind pardoning Manning but not Snowden.

Comment Re:News from other countries... (Score 1) 39

You think your country is the only one ? Russia and China are terrible at it, I'll grant you, but Japan has strong free speech protections (in some ways stronger than American), Europe is a continent - not a country but almost all the countries in it have very strong free speech protections.

Same goes for most countries in Africa and South America, for Australia and New Zeeland... now granted, there isn't a lot of space news coming out of Africa but it's not zero either - the the largest radio-satelite network on earth is being built in Africa for one thing - and they are building amazing control and analysis code, which is written in python.

Comment Re:Price has other factors (Score 1) 87

I suspect that sentence was mangled between brain and keyboard, because a hallmark of cheap* phones is that they don't get updates, and the entire point of the sentence is to suggest that Android One devices are superior to regular cheap phones.

* Yeah, OK, let's be honest, almost all Android phones, cheap or not, don't get updated.

Comment Re:Soon, the FTC will only handle spectrum licensi (Score 1) 48

That wasn't what the media reports said. What it said was that he wants to limit the FCC to spectrum control, and move the other functions to the FTC. While I think that's a mistake, it's a very different thing and there can at least be an argument made for it (a stupid argument but an argument).

Comment Re: Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 714

Seems like a database glitch or a lazy data-entry or even just a missread/type with bad editing.

The proper definition is "unwanted sexual contact" or "sexual contact without consent". The latter includes any person incapable of giving legal consent due to age or incapacity. If she is too drunk to drive she is too drunk to legally say yes. Ifshe did not say yes to everything she said no to something.

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 1) 714

So just to be clear, Britain and Sweden are organizing a very public extradition process so that the two nations can cooperate with a secret request by the US to (illegally, in both countries) kidnap Assange, transfer him to Saudi Arabia, and torture him there?

Why bother? Why not just let the US do the kidnapping on British soil?

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 714

> If the two definitions were different since they were coined, as you say, then when and why did they merge?

Actually the answer is well known. They merged because of squeamish prudes. See the word 'sex' is also widely used as a shorthand for "sexual intercourse". As a result a lot of prudish people get squeamish about the word. So they started using the word gender when they MEANT "sex" - as it was the closest concept with a name, despite only sometimes being similar. Businesses and bureaucrats, not wanting to hurt their public image by offending prudes, started putting "Gender" on forms instead of "Sex"...

But it all goes back to prudes being squeemish about the word sex, ever since sex started being used as a shorthand for fucking, and using gender as a substitute which, conveniently, doesn't remind them of the SCARIEST THING IN ALL THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. I was listening to grammar Nazis complain about the use "gender" when people meant "sex" at least 18 years ago.

> apparently marriage is indeed between a man and a woman.
That is likely to change in the next updated edition though - to reflect that the law has changed since the last edition... well assuming whoever Trump appoints into Scalia's seat doesn't change it back before that can happen. Like I said, it's a fairly conservative source - and it updates slowly - and never faster than the actual law.

>Apparently an infant is anyone under twenty-one years of age
Legally "infant" and "child" are synonymns, medically you're only an "infant" for the first year. Terms of art may not mean the same thing in one subject as in another. So for example "function" has a very specific meaning in mathematics which has NOTHING in common with the meaning of the word in law and neither meaning bears any similarity to the meaning of the word in common speech.

>Rape requires force
You may want to look up "sexual assault" as well though. In common speech rape is commonly used for both, but in LAW they are different. Brock Turner was charged with sexual assualt, and sexualt assualt of an unconscious person - but not actually with rape. There is no doubt he was a rapist though.

>Still, you made your point. I'd like to know how Black's comes up with these definitions,
Easy- by telling you what the law, and court precedence, define the words as. Basically it's a one-place summary of both legislative and common-law's decisions about what these words mean in a court.

Comment Re: Treason ain't what it used to be (Score 1) 714

Manning leaked a lot more than one video. One of the others, for example show US soldiers murdering an Al Jazeera journalist and laughing about it. Other leaks by her revealed the torture happening in Abu Ghraib which put an end to that travesty.

Even if you think that "that" video has visible weapons (which somehow nobody else can see - and kind of disputed considering we know from other evidence they were ambulance workers) that doesn't mean there wasn't a public interest in the many other atrocities she revealed. Or are you denying those as well ? Was Abu Ghraib just harmless fun by horny girl soldiers who liked any excuse for showing their genitals to strangers ?

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