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Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 897

Not wanting to sleep with women doesn't preclude being misogynistic. Indeed, there has long been a misogynist element in gay culture - which a lot of gay men have called out. And, in case you were wondering, being funny (to you) does not mean it isn't misogynistic either - and it's truthfulness is highly debatable. It's pretty much impossible for so generalized an idea to possibly be true. Hell - it's based on ideas that are inherently inconstant. There is no one thing people who like to sleep with women find attractive. Some lesbians prefer butch women, some prefer femme women - and often (but hardly exclusively) these prefer each other - why do you think that men would be any less individual in their tastes ?

Just because society tells me I'm supposed to be attracted to the women on the sports illustrated cover doesn't mean I'm ever going to be - I'm not and I never will be. Since there is no definition for "attractive" that goes beyond the specific person using the word - any concept based on it MUST be false for the roughly 4 billion other people he was talking about.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1, Insightful) 897

There's nothing borderline about Breitbart's bigottry, though they are more upfront with their misogyny than their racism. "Birth control makes women unattractive"... fucking hell... now there's an article written by somebody who, if he has ever gotten laid, will never get laid again (At least, not by a women who is both conscious and consenting).

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 897

In the same way it's offensive if a white person uses the n-word but black people use it off each other all the time. And until recently anybody calling one of us a "geek" would be acting extremely offensively towards all of us - and deserve to get punched, but we called EACH OTHER that all the time (in an interesting twist - as geek entertainment went mainstream - apparently the word became generally acceptable).

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 5, Insightful) 897

Pro Palestine does not equal anti Jew.
It may equal anti-zionist but then liberals tend to be anti-nationalism period. That includes Jewish Nationalism as much as it does, say, American nationalism.

Hell, I personally know quite a lot of anti-Israel, pro-palestine Jews who would be terribly offended at the suggestion that by virtue of their ethnicity they are compelled to be in favor of an appartheid regime that denies basic human rights to a vast population, and who actually support either full and equal rights for Palestinians in Israel or a Palestinian state free of Israeli control.

Did you think all Jewish people today would still believe what their grandparents believed 70 years ago? That an ethnic homeland is a fundamental pre-requisite to freedom ? The liberals have long stopped believing that in general - and Jewish liberals tend to agree. At least, those under 40 do.

Comment Re: Death To All Jews (Score 5, Informative) 897

Belonging to a group does not make you more credible to comment on an argument. Drop the tribalism and identity politics...

I'm sorry, but were you responding to the parent, or the grandparent, some idiot called x0ra, who wrote:

I guess you forgot that both Milo Yiannopoulos and Ben Shapiro are respectively of jew descent and practicing jew...

BTW you do know Ben Shapiro no longer works for Breitbart, right? He quit a year or so ago, when Breitbart started defending senior Trump staff when they assaulted Breitbart's own reporters.

Here's Shapiro on the alt-right. Amongst the choice quotes are:

[Bannon] allowed the site to be taken over and used by a bunch of alt-right people who are not fond of Jews, are not fond of minorities.

So FWIW, one of the two people you mention actually strongly supports the notion that Breitbart is controlled by anti-semites. The other, Yiannopoulos, incidentally, isn't proof of anything: he's attacked his own sexuality before, and he's rejected his jewish roots.

Comment Re:For the US, not for a political party (Score 1) 890

Trump's more qualified than some hack of a community organizer. Why do qualifications suddenly matter? Right, he's not on Team Blue.

The only person who's been elected in the last umpteen years who was, at some stage in his life, a "community organizer" was a Constitutional law professor who was later elected a Senator before becoming President. But, as you point out, he was also at one point a community organizer, that is, someone who worked with ordinary people to solve problems through the political process at a low level.

Perhaps it's time right wingers who think this is a criticism actually think about what they're saying.

Comment Re:Dams, too (Score 1) 240

And you're assuming nefarious motives with no evidence for them ? It's perfectly reasonable not to call of drought measures after a single case of flooding - if the rainy season keeps up and it's still claimed at the END - then there is grounds to be upset. Right now, the realities of the drought are by no means solved. Farmers still have to recover from years of bad crops, one flooding storm doesn't fix that. Dams and reservoirs need to get full, animal and plantlife has to recover. Until they do - you're still dealing with the results of the drought and it is insane to end mitigation procedures.

This has been the worst drought in living memory (unless you know somebody who is 118 years old - because that's how far the records reliably go and no other el nino drought in that time was this bad), it didn't just affect California either. In South Africa food prices are up 25% (and more in some cases) and food imports had to increase almost 70% due to crop and livestock losses, in neighboring Madasgar at least 4 million people have been killed by this drought. There are 6 year old children there who have never had a bath in their lives. What little water there is gets drunk - and people are litterally eating rocks because every crop has failed for years, and even the wild plants are gone. So is the livestock - Madagascar is in the midst of the worst famine in it's history because of this drought. Do you really think one big flood and all that just goes away ?
Now it looks like this El Nino cycle is broken, there is hope that the drought will end this year in all the regions affected - but it's effects will not be over tomorrow or even next months. Try next September or so - when everywhere affected has had their rainy seasons. If they all have good seasons throughout - THEN you can say the drought is over.

Comment Re:Uses CDMA. Do not want. (Score 1) 82

Their LTE network uses SIM cards; they can't easily stop you from using SIM cards in a different device without violating enough of LTE to make equipment vendors unlikely to work with them.

Again though, I'd agree that right now, while their LTE network remains at the "being rolled out stage", they should be avoided.

Comment Re:Uses CDMA. Do not want. (Score 1) 82

I wouldn't recommend them for the same reason, but give them time, they're moving to a proper GSM-family LTE network at the moment and they're likely to phase out the old cdmaOne/cdma2000 crap. There almost certainly are non-cdmaOne/2000 LTE phones out there that work with Sprint's LTE network, it's just, obviously, you're going to run into gaps in coverage that are even worse than usual.

Comment Re:Is Google slowly dropping Java? (Score 1) 128

I think they're going more for a language/framework agnostic route. ChromeOS was all about web technologies, but I think a sizable impetus around NaCl was that web technologies were always going to be limited and inefficient.

I don't think NaCl is their long term bet, I just seriously doubt they'll try to get people to write everything in JavaScript. The major issue is that web browsers seem to double in memory requirements every two or three years, and are slower today on modern hardware than they were on low end hardware ten years ago.

Java served a purpose with Android. It is/was relatively easy to write relatively efficient, low bug count, complex applications using Java, in a way not possible with most other languages. At the same time a new generation of programmers were exposed to Java's bureaucracy and other flaws, said "Ew", and have been waiting for a good, Google supported, alternative. I don't think Google has picked a successor yet.

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