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Comment Re:Govt wants free money (Score 5, Informative) 159

This is a pretty common requirement in the western world. The US is the only western country I'm aware of in which there's not a law against advertising an item as on sale when it's never actually been sold at a higher price.

In the UK (and most of Europe) for example, all price cuts must be advertised as being cut from a different price that you have sold the item at for a continuous 30 day period.

Comment Re:Cold weather? (Score 1) 198

With today's cars it's not out of scope, but it's annoying - you'd need to charge even in the highest range of them (315 miles in a P100D, make that 270 in the winter). With a supercharger the time to charge than missing 120 miles is going to be about half an hour.

The good news is that with this samsung battery, you wouldn't need to charge, but even if you did, with charge point's new 400kW chargers you'd be able to charge enough for your *whole* trip in 15 minutes. In the summer, make that 10 minutes.

Comment Re:You need a study for this? (Score 5, Informative) 130

Uhhh... Yes.

If you actually read, you'll see that the study isn't about the fact that alcohol triggers you to eat more, it's about how it does it, which parts of your brain are affected, and why. That's important information if you say.... wanted to make drugs that suppressed your starvation response to help you lose weight.

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 3, Insightful) 71

That depends entirely on what benchmark you're looking at.

If you're goal is to play GooSplatter 2017 at 3840x2160@144Hz, then staring at a benchmark that reports the frame rate of GooSplatter 2017's rendering engine, with representative scenes from the game is an entirely reasonable thing to do.

Don't assume that all people staring at benchmarks don't understand what each test is actually measuring.

Comment Re:They all had moments (Score 1) 304

Come on, the lightsaber battle in 1 was really good, and pretty dark all by itself. Also the initial scene on the droid ship was pretty good if you think of it standalone and ignore the absurd droid army stuff that comes later.

And if you ignore the fact that they hired 12 year old actors for it, and cheesed up the ambassadors being bumbling fools.

Comment Re:Because Programmers Make Bad Decisions (Score 1) 187

Sorry, no. They broke strings entirely in Python 3.0 and that is why people cannot port to them.

Here is how to do strings correctly: use UTF-8 and DO NOT BARF ON ENCODING ERRORS!

It is absolutely 100% a requirement that a program be able to read a random byte stream into a "string", then write it out again, and get the same byte stream.

In Python 2.0 this only barfed if you tried to convert that string to "Unicode" (it would have been nice if it did not barf, but at least you could store, read, and write strings).

In Python 3.0 it will BARF ON READ. This makes it impossible to write reliable software.

Yes you can use "bytes" in Python 3.0. But that really sucks if in fact you expect your bytes to be readable text, with only RARE (but not magically non-existent) errors.

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