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Comment Re:these new companies trying to get around old la (Score 1) 258

Eh? The legislative process is influenceable by reference to external events (and internal processes), and while that may include lobbying, taking out ads in newspapers, writing to your legislators, etc etc, it also includes having regard to courts striking down laws as unconstitutional and having regard to court awards for damages against individuals and institutions.

Comment Re:these new companies trying to get around old la (Score 1) 258

So what if Tesla has a larger mark-up than other manufacturers? Are you arguing that this is immoral? What level of margin is moral, then, in your eyes?

The key point is that would-be drivers have plenty of choice of cars. They don't have to go with Tesla. Dealers are no longer a force driving down prices, even if that's what they were originally intended to be. They are third party intermediaries who drive prices up and make the market more complex, not less.

Comment Re:able to take SLR-quality images (Score 1) 551

I guess the point I'm making is that we're long past the time where cell phones are only capable of producing non-blurry images with acceptable exposure suitable for a 6*9 print. They're now good enough to produce pictures that look good when blown up and put on walls or put in books. Or indeed displayed on large screens behind a speaker in a room with 7000 people. I'm not claiming that they are as good as a DSLR or a Hasselblad; I am claiming they're much better than an old film point-and-shoot.

Comment Re:able to take SLR-quality images (Score 1) 551

Argh, distracted by kids and hit submit too soon. I was re-writing the start of my comment to say that it's great to see someone on Slashdot willing to change their mind when presented with facts they didn't previously know... but that I thought your comment about least stinky shit was a bit hyperbolic.

Comment Re:able to take SLR-quality images (Score 1) 551

It's great to see someone I think talking about least stinky shit is a bit hyperbolic, tbh. There are many circumstances in which an iPhone is completely inadequate for the task at hand, but an iPhone's camera system is now capable of producing some really beautiful photographs, including images capable of being displayed in huge formats (such as the large screen behind the speakers at the iPhone 7 launch).

Comment Re:Bokeh? (Score 1) 551

Or in the real world... a term routinely used by photography professionals for the past ~20 years. For example, this *seven year old* article in a popular photography magazine: https://photographylife.com/wh....

Marketspeak would have meant deliberately *not* using this term for this effect and using a term invented by Apple instead.

Comment Re:Courage, it didn't come, doesn't matter (Score 1) 551

Such a shit analogy.

The wheel is a concept, just as an audio output jack is a concept.

Specific instances of the wheel include, for example, car wheels and tyres. Would you want a new car whose wheels and tyres hadn't improved in 50 years? Your car would have worse handling, be noisier, use more fuel, go slower, etc etc.

Comment Re:able to take SLR-quality images (Score 1) 551

Not only was this claim not made by Apple; Phil Schiller explicitly said: "We are not saying to throw out your DSLRs and that iPhone replaces all the DSLRs. What we are saying, is that this is the best camera we have ever made on an iPhone. This is the best camera ever made in any smartphone."

So there's no need to get worked up over something they didn't say.

Comment Re: Here's an idea... (Score 3, Insightful) 260

Not so much. For most foreign tourists, the real pain is passport control. I flew in to San Jose two weeks ago on a 789 from London. There were about two hundred non-US citizens in a single line to see a single border guard, who was taking an average 7 minutes to process each person. I was near the front and got away with only a 45 minute wait, but I shudder to think how long the folks at the back would have to wait. I'm sure that once the US citizens were all processed, the guards would start processing non-US, but I still think it would be a four or five hour wait for many. That is beyond ridiculous.

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