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(Commuting sucks without podcasts, imo)

I commute by public transportation. I used to listen to podcasts but went back to the old style, you know, reading thing. The biggest reason: I can read much faster than listening to a guy talking. If I have a lot of material to catch-up reading is much more effective.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Lunar Crime to be Stamped Out

Oxygen99 writes: It's long been suggested that the moon can have a significant effect on the psychological state of humans. Although tales of werewolves are the subject of few academic papers, it's often believed that people get more violent, more insane or just plain more reckless depending on the phase of the lunar cycle. Academic opinion suggests this is largely a folk belief but Sussex Police , here in the UK, are to place extra policemen on the streets of Brighton when a full moon occurs, arguing that their research shows a definite link.

Given that the strength of the relationship between lunar cycles and physiology is so arguable, is this a worthwhile exercise or is it another victory for pseudo-science over empiricism?

Submission + - 30 days with Ubuntu (

znx writes: "How does the hype of Ubuntu actually stand up to an existing Fedora user? This guy has been using mainly Redhat based distributions for some time and took the leap to Ubuntu for 30 days to see how it stood up. Some bits are surprising and I'll admit to learning quite a lot about Ubuntu, there is even some very nice utilities that other distributions should take heed and replicate.

All in all this teaches us something very simple, you may profess that your distribution is the "greatest" but in reality all the big GNU/Linux players are up to the challenge."

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Touch the paper, hear a voice

netbuzz writes: "In other words, what if "money talks" wasn't just an expression? Researchers at Mid Sweden University may have opened the door to such wild scenarios with their introduction of interactive paper that makes sounds when touched. Imagine the possibilities. ... How about wrapping paper that says: "Remember, it's the thought that counts." 0"

Submission + - Watching my neighbors watch on-demand television. (

Josh Levin, Slate Magazine writes: "I have a magical box that allows me to watch other people watch TV — their movies, their sports, their cartoons, and their hour-long procedural dramas. And sometimes, usually around 11:30 on Friday nights, their soft-core pornography. ... I solved the mystery by consulting online message boards. At tech-y sites like AVS Forum, other voyeurs described their adventures in freeloading. Apparently, I was intercepting video-on-demand channels through the power of my Samsung's QAM tuner."

Submission + - Interactive Opportunity (

Candice Coots writes: "Greetings, I work with the ABC News' digital division. We are trying to get technology questions for our CNET Editor at large Brian Cooley, so that he may answer them on his next show this Wednesday for our broadband channel. If we get some good questions submitted, we will incorporate them into our segment. This is the link posted on asking people to send in their video/text questions: ry?id=2887231 If appropriate we would love to have this link posted on your website through 06/06/07. Or, are there any other sites you know of that might be appropriate for this type of posting and outreach? Thank you kindly for any help you can offer. Best regards, Candice Espinoza Coots Ast. Producer, ABC News Digital 147 West Columbus Ave, Rm 106 New York, NY 10023 Office (212) 456-4356 Mobile (917) 570-6780"

Submission + - The Planet Hunters

ender81b writes: "The Economist is carrying an article that summarizes all the recent developments in exoplanet discovery — 242 and counting. The article also covers why we only seem to find very large and very hot planets, why the discovery of Gliese 581 c is so important, and future developments which might help us find Earth like planets — missions such as the Terrestrial Planet Finder."

Submission + - Open Source solutions for Situation Rooms?

riffer writes: "In my team at work we're looking to put together a Situation Room for dealing with IT security. We want something that allows multiple video inputs from different computers to go to one or two large screen displays (probably plasmas), with the ability to resize, zoom and move the sub-displays around. There are various commercial solutions but I'm hoping an open source application could be used. I've looked at MythTV and it seems to offer much of what we'd need, but it's oriented towards TV watching and recording, and our video inputs would not be from cable TV or video cameras. We want this to look and feel professional, for acceptance by fairly conservative (and not very geeky) upper-management. Any suggestions?"

Submission + - The Top 15 USB geek gadgets (

coondoggie writes: "From humping dogs to running hamsters and gyrating Elvis' and desktop missile launchers, is there anything more fun that a truly geeky gadget? Well of course there is but after having witnessed the Dancing Elvis Phone at a recent trade show, Layer 8 wanted to see how geeky we could get. That naturally lead to the USB world where there's no end to the geeky things you can link to your PC. Here's the Top 15 I thought were the most amusing. Please feel free to let me know your favorites. 1. The Typing Speedometer Mouse Oh why not. This little mouse character sits on an exercise bike and well, the aster you type the faster the little rodent pedals and your typing speed is displayed on the LCD readout. A good time can be had by all. 6"

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