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Comment Re:pwned (Score 1) 521

A VHS movie is not 'data'. Look up the definition of data. And just becuae it was widely copied does not mean it's legal.

Sure, but it's not legal. And the reasons you give for copying are all justifiable in some manner, but again not legal. Most people here bizarrely think that just because the movie is now digital they can make legal copies of it. No you cannot. Copying movies to a harddrive is not legal and does not fall under the terms of the oft quoted 'fair use' law.

I understand that you will still argue about exactly what data is, but VHS is an analog format and the dictionary defines analog as: "of or pertaining to a mechanism that represents data by measurement of a continuous physical variable, as voltage or pressure." Further, data can be used to describe a body of information.

Regardless, I do agree that in most cases it isn't legal.


Submission + - MTV's Kurt Loder Lambastes Moore's 'Sicko' (

An anonymous reader writes: Kurt's thoughtful review of 'Sicko' is an excellent example of a true moderate perspective on the healthcare problem. That he can temper idealism with the complexity of the real world so well, shows that he is getting way too old for MTV.

Submission + - Big Blue set to go Big Green

coondoggie writes: "Looks like Big Blue wants to be Big Green. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that IBM tomorrow will launch a major push to help customers cut their data center energy bills and redesign their data centers to be more environmentally friendly. IBM is calling its plan "project Big Green," and is comparing it to the commitment it made 10 years ago to embrace the Internet and later Linux free software, both for its own use and as a service business for corporate and government customers, the WSJ says. The service will be manned by 1,000 services experts from its Global Service division. According to the WSJ, IBM will says it expects to be able to double the current computing capacity of its own data centers by 2010 without using additional energy. It said that would avoid about $500 million in electricity costs it would otherwise have endured. 3"

Submission + - Wisconsin Orders Gas Station to Raise Gas Prices

hahafaha writes: "Raj Bhandari, a gas station owner in Wisconsin, offered a 2 cents/gallon discount for gas to seniors, and 3 cents/gallon to those that supported youth sports. However, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture is threatening to penalize him for each discounted gallon, with the fine at a judge's discretion. According to the Department, he is violating Wisconsin's Unfair Sales Act, which requires stations to sell gas for about 9.2 percent more than the wholesale price."

Submission + - Uri Geller Using DMCA to Block YouTube Clip

There is No Spoon writes: "The EFF has filed a lawsuit against Uri Geller over his DMCA Takedown Notice targeting a YouTube clip critical of his claims of psychic powers. The video, which is twelve minutes long, apparently contains no more than a three second clip of Uri, which is the only part he could possibly claim copyright on. Thus, the EFF believes that this was a clear case of fair use and they are asking for damages, an injunction against Uri, and attorney's fees. Note that this is not the first time Uri has sued his critics, as one critic has pointed out, "[Uri] calls himself a psychic and has sued several people for millions of dollars for saying otherwise. His psychic powers were not sufficient to reveal to him, however, that he would lose all the lawsuits against his critics.""

Submission + - Has open source jumped the shark?

AlexGr writes: "This article by Jeff Gould is a good follow-on to "Is commercialization killing open source": "I've been a Linux fan for years, but lately I wonder if the drum beating from the big IT vendors in favor of open source hasn't finally slipped over the edge from sincere enthusiasm to meaningless — or in some cases downright hypocritical — sloganeering. The example that brought this gloomy thought to mind was a recent IBM press release touting a "new open client solution" as an "alternative to vendor lock-in". Wow. Imagine that. An alternative to vendor lock-in.""

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