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Comment Re:That's the big problem... (Score 2) 79

He HAD a backup hard drive. When he found that the hard drive had failed, he tried to access the files on Megaupload. In how many places should he have kept his data, and how much more should he have spent purchasing the hardware or subscribing to a storage service in the case that both his local hard drive and the cloud account where he stored his data were rendered inaccessible?

Comment Re:Money to burn I guess (Score 1) 112

Except in scale, how does this differ from some average Joe Sixpack building a boat in his basement?

Well, what TFA doesn't mention is the free environmental benefit. NASA was planning to tear the hangar down, but discovered just how monumentally expensive it would have been to remove several decades worth of lead paint from the structural members. This plan is awesome in its win/win mentality. In putting the facility to real use, Brin first had to mitigate that environmental hazard. Bonus for us (US).

Comment User, educate yourself. (Score 1) 230

Anyone who downloaded the app, but failed to look for a Privacy Policy stating explicitly how the metadata would be treated has nobody but themselves to blame. I recently attended a professional conference where one of the sponsors offered an app that would automatically collect virtual business cards and brochures from the booths where you scanned a QR code. No Privacy Policy, so I deleted it immediately. I visited the sponsor with a "WTF?" and they acted like it was unreasonable for me to want to know what they planned to do with the list of vendors I visited.

Comment Re:$70k? (Score 1) 268

Obama vacationed every other weekend at a resort that he himself owned? I guess I missed those headlines. You just don't get it, do you? Even if everything else was equal, and Obama had taken as many golf weekends as Trump is on course do do (and it's nowhere close), he would have been doing it at facilities where the taxpayer money spent would have gone back into the local economy. When Trump spends the weekend at his own resort, he's double-dipping on the costs. Not only is he getting paid for his time away from the office, but the bulk of the costs of feeding and housing him and his secret service detail are being paid to... Donald Trump. That's not just a conflict of interest. That's corrupt self-dealing on unimaginable scale. That chocolate cake he raved about while he couldn't remember who he bombed? We, the taxpayers didn't just buy it FOR him, we bought it FROM him, and then gave it back to him. And he rubbed our noses in it (more so his supporters who don't even realize that they're being conned).

Comment Re:Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 1) 1222

Sorry, I wasn't claiming cheating on source code. I totally bought the complete transfer of his consciousness to the pocket universe. Especially because it then "helps" the others in the experimental program to survive (however deep the universes go. Turtles all the way down?) I also agree on those other two (although Philip K. Dick should really have received some recognition for Eternal Sunshine and Truman Show. Total lifts of concepts from his 50's-60's stories and novels)

Comment Re:$70k? (Score 5, Insightful) 268

If you want to get upset, get upset about the cost of those golf weekends. We the taxpayers are paying seven figures for each of Trump's golf weekends. Guess where the money for the hotel rooms for His Orangeness and the Secret Service entourage are going. That's right, into Trump's pockets!

Comment Re:Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 1) 1222

Avatar came out in 2009, 8 years ago. You could argue there are some derivative ideas in it (as you could argue for any other work of fiction these days), but it was not a remake, not a sequel/prequel, and not a spin-off.

Avatar is simply "Dances With Wolves" in space.

"Moon" was interesting, but nowhere near as mind-bending as people claim.

In the last decade' majors, there's "Source Code". "Edge of Tomorrow" had potential, if they only hadn't cheated to keep the main characters alive at the end.

Great Indie stuff, though. "Safety Not Guaranteed," "The One I Love," "Time Lapse."

Classics are stuff like "Blade Runner," "12 Monkeys," "2001."

Comment Re: Yes (Score 1) 370

I think #10, bragging rights, is the main reason people I know go to movies. They want to be the first to see it no matter what it costs or what efforts they have to endure.

Except The Verge has no concept of bragging rights...

Bragging rights. Tell me which one sounds better: “When I saw A New Hope at midnight at the drive-in” vs. “When I watched A New Hope on VHS in 1982.” There’s no question, okay? That was just a rhetorical exercise.

Good. Because anyone bragging about seeing something called "A New Hope" is three years late for any credibility.

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