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Comment Crap USB Controllers and Ports (Score 1) 181

The Taiwanese mobo brands have been layering ESD, overvoltage, and overcurrent protection, as well as fuses for individual ports, on their shit since the late 90s when tons of shit was getting fried due to crappy PSUs and crappy peripherals. The last time I saw it as a named feature emblazoned on the front of the box they were on version 4 of whatever they called it.

If you're buying OEM crap (Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple), or an Intel board, you're fucked. Decent mobos will at the worst lose just the one port when the fuse blows.

Comment Fart (Score 1, Troll) 55

I farted. I demoed this to people in the office, and they were quite excited. You'll be able to experience it yourself "in the near future".

(This kind of shit is stupid and won't be around "in the near future". The regulations for headlights alone would take years to rewrite and grease through. Further, nobody wants to see the projections from a car other than their own, least of all cyclists and pedestrians. It's bad enough when some jackass has illegal HID lamps that are misaligned so they blind you and are that ugly blue color so the last thing you see is just fucking awful. The only sane way to do this shit is to do it on the windshield as a head-up display for the driver.)

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 398

In a world where robots with AI can do just about every blue collar and almost all white collar work better, faster, and cheaper

Show me the gardening robot that's cheaper than whatever flavor of immigrant is in your local area.
Show me the construction robot that's cheaper than whatever flavor of illegal immigrant is at your local Home Depot.
Show me the plumber robot that will wrestle your turds and other unspeakables as well as a grizzly looking plumber.
Show me the robot that will be held accountable when it decides to approve an exception on form II-37 without the standard documentation under section B because it determined via a phone call to the person overseas that there were grounds for an exception.
Show me the software licensing agreements and prices for any of these pie-in-the-sky "AIs" or "Expert Systems".

Comment Re:Science Deniers (Score 0) 282

I used to work in a lab with a guy who would go back and modify his lab notebooks to make himself look better.

You can't do science when someone is changing the numbers after the fact.

Form what I've seen, that's standard.

People love to tweak their data, adjust it, reinterpret it, look for any excuse to throw out an "outlier" (an outlier only to their predetermined conclusion), etc. Being "right" or pushing an agenda or foisting some scam is more important than actually testing a hypothesis (if they even have a proper hypothesis to test).

People bitch about how the masses are anti education, anti science, etc. Generally, they're not. They're anti educator, anti school, anti government, and anti "scientist" because they're sick of the bullshit.

Comment Re:What contract? (Score 1) 93

You're the one who's wrong.
If you modify a <MAKE> vehicle, even extensively, you absolutely can sell it as a modified <MAKE> because that's what it is.

I an buy a McDonald's Big Mac, take a shit in it, and sell it as a McDonald's Bic Mac, with Shit. At worst I'd need to declare that I'm not McDonald's and McDonald's owns "McDonald's" (even though they stole it from some dude) and "Big Mac".

Comment Re:Ready? (Score 0) 117

It's not progress.

They're rolling very patch into one big blob - take it or leave it. If the latest update causes your system to crash because one patch borks some hardware or software you rely on, then you can't get the 26 other patches and ignore the one bad one until they fix it.

Further, they force you to download what essentially amounts to a full OS image in order to patch, not just the files that have changed.

This has no impact on the code base, and as far as dependency hell goes, Windows has had the obnoxious Windows Side-by-Side system to deal with this since Vista. Every version of every library, every MSI, etc. you ever touch is stored and kept in the WinSxS folder, which just grows geometrically over time. (For years MS claimed that the dick space is not actually consumed as things are effectively symlinks, but that's just bullshit. Even if it were true, Explorer sees the space as used and thus the space effectively is used as Explorer can't grok it.)

It was a hard enough battle to get them to give us the option to skip kernel mode driver updates in Windows 10. (You can thank Nvidia for this as they kept pushing out WHQLd drivers that caused crashes.)

The fact that the update blobs have come to Windows 7 is a travesty, and it came along with the "Fuck you, we're not telling you what's in the updates anymore." bullshit. They've temporarily partially backed off on that bit for Windows 7, but you still don't get the full details of what an update actually does or what the file versions are, etc. Don't forget they also killed technet.

All in all the consolidated updates are just one more rusty genital they use against us in the orgy of fucking over their users.

Comment Re:No Evidence? (Score 2, Insightful) 226

That article simply says it's all fake and that people are being harassed. It doesn't address any of the alleged links or any of the evidence presented by the people who dug through the emails and found the connection.

The article also spends a lot of time whining about fake news and a lack of fact checking without even a hint that it's aware of the hypocrisy its engaged in.

NYT is a joke.

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