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Comment Re: Racist? (Score 2) 392

Dumbassery like yours is a social construct.
A tiny handful of genes separate us from chimps. Slight changes have huge effects, and those effects are not just related to appearance. If people like you had your fucking way people wouldn't be allowed to ask about race and people would die due to genetic conditions that affect different races more/less.

Fuck your feelings, deal with facts.

Comment Re:Sounds like a smart move.. (Score 1) 149

and when people get hooked on apple stuff and find out how easy it is to hit felony theft levels to get in to the joint get an doctor that does more then the ER and does not say that per-ex is not covered.


And what happens when people get hooked on Apple's stuff only to find out how easy it is to be hit with a bill so high that it should constitute felony theft when trying to see a doctor who will do something more than an ER and will not result in their pre-existing condition not being covered.

Comment Re:Like it would have mattered (Score 1) 170

No, I don't think the CELL system would have handled the increased load unless the venue was used often at this capacity...

Well, you're wrong.

Plus, doing WiFi for 3,000 in a small building is a lit more complex than it seems to the casual user...

But that's not what we are really talking about in this article. I get the feeling they are mixing up a couple of things that don't really go together.

WiFi wasn't needed from the venue. People needed to be able to use their own connections. The venue wanted to profit. And yes, they're profiting. $200 per head for access, equipment and install and config done as a line item on someone else's dime, and they keep everything in the end.

Comment Re:Asian discrimination?? (Score 1) 463

As someone who has gone through several rounds of hiring and reviewing applications and interviews, I can confirm. The vast majority of applications are trash. Certain groups tend to have trash or bogus degrees / credentials. Additionally, when the grammar and spelling in your resume is only a half step above a tweet you don't stand a chance. Language skills are also a huge issue if you do make it to an interview.

Comment Re:Good for backhauls and maybe some DC uses (Score 1) 75

I'm talking about linksys, tp-link, d-link (ugh), etc. commodity shit.

Those guys paved the way (however shittily) with wireless standards, especially in the early days of 802.11n ("Pre-N" routers were everywhere), 5 GHz, and 802.11ac. The business grade support for those new shits didn't really happen at any sane prices or across all products until well after the consumer shit blazed the trail.

For 10 gig Ethernet, the reverse is happening. It's been readily available at the business end for ages but there's been virtually no movement on the consumer end. This is a large part of the reason why it's still so expensive at the business end - there's no consumer level shit at the $100 level to force the prices down. A few years ago I would have expected that in late 2016 I'd have 10g at home and be looking at 40g by default at work.

Comment Re:lolwut? (Score 1) 96

Was the embed tag really that hard? I'd really prefer the browser defer to plugins that I could choose to NOT INSTALL at all, or defer to the OS.
Bloating up the browser is dumb. It's all the bad of plugins, loaded all the time, without the option to rip them out. How many security updates does Chrome or Firefox or IE have every year?

Comment Re:Didn't even hesitate (Score 1) 638

There is no such thing as criminal speech. Speech is never illegal. You and a lot of lawyers, congressmen, and judges need to go and fucking read.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

There can be no law that abridges the freedom of speech. Plain as fucking day. Anyone trying to "interpret" it any other way is trying to illegally strip citizens of their rights.

Comment Re:Can we get something like windows 10.01 10.02 (Score 4, Informative) 221

MS won't release SPs anymore because all of their shit in place says SPs add to the support length of the OS.
That's why Windows 8.1 happened instead of Windows 8 SP 1.
That's why 7 had only 1 SP despite desperately needing another. It's so bad Windows Update doesn't work on a fresh Windows 7 install until it crashes twice over 36 hours. The third time usually works after another 8-12 hours.

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