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Comment Re:Woz knows best (Score 1) 275

But in a heavily-stylized font such that the u is symmetrical, the l and t are nearly identical, and the B and H are very similar as well.
Then you can do it up so the second half is angled off of the first a bit, such that one half appears to be a reflection of the other half.
Make the left half of the logo one color and the right half another color. We'll probably go with a dark or grey-blue on the left, and then a desaturated version on the right. For plaintext use we'll prescribe black for the left half and grey, italics for the right. For monotone use it'll be black on the left and white (or grey) on the right.

Somebody get on this shit now. I need vector illustrations.

Comment Re:There's a simpler answer to this (Score 1) 159

I disagree about the "openness being a disadvantage." Seriously, name one thing that the carriers/OEMs do, in terms of software, that adds any significant value. I throw down the gauntlet.

Samsung added multi-window support years and years ago and gave us the stylus and all its features.


New Mexico Nuclear Accident Ranks Among the Costliest In US History ( 283

mdsolar quotes a report from Los Angeles Times: When a drum containing radioactive waste blew up in an underground nuclear dump in New Mexico two years ago, the Energy Department rushed to quell concerns in the Carlsbad desert community and quickly reported progress on resuming operations. The early federal statements gave no hint that the blast had caused massive long-term damage to the dump, a facility crucial to the nuclear weapons cleanup program that spans the nation, or that it would jeopardize the Energy Department's credibility in dealing with the tricky problem of radioactive waste. But the explosion ranks among the costliest nuclear accidents in U.S. history, according to a Times analysis. The long-term cost of the mishap could top $2 billion, an amount roughly in the range of the cleanup after the 1979 partial meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. The Feb. 14, 2014, accident is also complicating cleanup programs at about a dozen current and former nuclear weapons sites across the U.S. Thousands of tons of radioactive waste that were headed for the dump are backed up in Idaho, Washington, New Mexico and elsewhere, state officials said in interviews. "The direct cost of the cleanup is now $640 million, based on a contract modification made last month with Nuclear Waste Partnership that increased the cost from $1.3 billion to nearly $2 billion," reports Los Angeles Times. "The cost-plus contract leaves open the possibility of even higher costs as repairs continue. And it does not include the complete replacement of the contaminated ventilation system or any future costs of operating the mine longer than originally planned."

Comment Re:Not happy with Comcast either (Score -1, Offtopic) 138

10 times cheaper.

You likely meant one of the following:

1/10th as expensive.
90% less expensive.

Something that is "10 times cheaper" that something else that costs 1 dollar would itself cost negative 9 dollars.
It is 10 times (1 dollar) cheaper (than the 1 dollar item). 10 times 1 dollar is 10 dollars. Cheaper indicates a cost of fewer dollars, so we subtract 10 from 1 and get negative 9 dollars.

Alternatively, we can reserve this interpretation for "less expensive" and use "cheaper" as a bounded modifier, with direction self-contained, thus capping the result at 0 dollars on the low end. This would make any relative comparison past "1 time cheaper" useless, though it does make sense, just as deceleration means velocity stops at zero, while negative acceleration (similar to "less expensive") is unbounded.

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