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Comment Re:... because people are cheap (Score 1) 167

Because Amazon makes money every time something is sold, regardless of whether it's a knockoff or not.
People go to Amazon because they want cheap and fast. If Amazon sell a knockoff and pretend they didn't know it was a knockoff, they will. (And let's be honest - Amazon is ultimately the seller from the customer's perspective, even when the order isn't "fulfilled by Amazon". Amazon is the one who takes your money.)

Comment Re:Why Use Linux? (Score 0) 89

Security is binary.
You're either secure or you're not.
There's no "less secure" or "more secure".

The scope/impact of specific vulnerabilities may differ, but the fact that you have vulnerabilities means you're not secure.

So no, finding a security bug in the linux kernel doesn't mean that linux is any less secure.

Even if you believe security is a spectrum, you're wrong here. Discovering a previously unknown vulnerability means you know the system to be less secure than you thought it to be.

Comment Re:Dns (Score 1) 248

Why aren't they:

1) Running an internal DNS server for their internal shit.
2) Pointing that DNS server to a public DNS server.
3) Pointing the public DNS server point to the root DNS servers.

1 shouldn't be hit by a DDoS as it should be entirely limited to access within your network (or VPN).
2 can be as distributed as you need it to be.
If 3 goes down, no one will blame you.

If this is what they're doing then dyn is failing hard at step 2.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 498

2) You cannot yell 'Fire!' in a crowded theater regardless of your 'rights'. This is the canonical example of limits on freedom of speech. You can't do that thing because it ENDANGERS OTHERS. This is the exact reason Australian nurses cannot tell patients to avoid vaccination -- the act endangers others.

You're wrong.
You absolutely can do this, though you can be held responsible for the direct result of your actions.
The government can never legally prevent you from saying what you want.

Read the fucking amendment. It's short and simple. There's no "interpretation" necessary unless you want to shit all over it.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 498

I'm all for freedom of expression and the right to an opinion but when people spread bad advice that isn't backed by science and it hurts other people thats where I draw the line.

If you "draw the line" then you're not "all for freedom of expression".
It doesn't matter where you "draw the line".

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 256

The N64 was more powerful than its competition. It typically had lower res textures and no FMV because of the storage limitations compared to CDs. In terms of graphical power it was superior.

The GC was superior to the PS2 and DC, and was fairly evenly matched with the Xbox. They had very different configurations, and each were better at certain things than the other. That's quite a feat considering the sheer size difference between the units. A big part of this was due to the GC's memory configuration. That 1T SRAM was a big deal when dealing with the lower clock speeds of the day.

You can find good and bad looking games on all of the consoles. If you want to talk about the hardware talk about the hardware.

Comment Re:Small dick russians (Score 3, Funny) 248

On the topic of Russians, I'm going to assume that this is Putin trying to help his employee Trump win. If Trump can't tweet, he can't keep reminding voters of all the reasons they want to vote against him. And the only way to keep Trump from tweeting is to take out Twitter.

It's mainly affecting the east coast, sure, but also Ohio which Trump needs to win.

Seems like a much more straightforward than using trolling to help him win.

Comment Re:Never Down (Score 1) 234

No not at all. Service contracts generally stipulate a percentage and a timespan. 99.99% per week is much cheaper than 99.99% per year. This is basic network engineering. What is your profession?

WTF? I've never seen anything other than a percentage guarantee, a stipulation of whether or not that includes scheduled maintenance, and a table of what that amounts to in minutes per year.

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