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Comment Re: A bad way to start (Score 1) 738

No, you're wrong.

Harassment is a pattern of unwanted behavior. For it to be harassment it has to happen more than once and the harasser generally has to be told it's unwanted or it's against policy, or it has so flagrant that no "reasonable person" would invite such behavior.

Being a superior doesn't change that. HR may think otherwise, but they can't stop people from fucking whomever they want. At worst, you just have to inform HR of your relationship and they reassign managers/supervisors/whatever to avoid issues.

Comment Re:Just hang on till EU self-exterminates (Score 0) 84

1: England triggers article 50 tomorrow
2: The rest of the EU decides they don't like free trade if the Brits aren't involved and promptly all also do article 50
3: All the member state governments settle for each of their prime ministers get a new iphone, they don't really want to bother with that 14 billion
4: Those evil evil refugees trying to rape all the women and blow everything up are utterly unable to do anything bad, kill selves non-exposively or work with the west
5: Jobs jobs jobs jobs. JOBS!

Oh hey, I've just recieved an e-mail that this post has gotten me elected to the redneck part of England, wherever that is. Sweet! Oh, I mean jolly good!

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 738

I've never been sexually harassed at work. Most other slashdotters haven't either. Therefore clearly, sexism in the workplace isn't happening. What's the alternative? Suggesting that middle aged white dudes who sit at a computer all day long AREN'T considered universally attractive?!?!

Comment Re: Shiva Ayyadurai is a fraud. (Score 1) 78

Yeah, it's not nearly as good as that other unbiased and always accurate source of information we all know about...

Sarcasm aside, there's also the fact that he didn't suggest he created the internet. He had a slightly awkwardly phrased statement taken out of context.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 81

In my experience, google should have just suggested they'd go with a competitor.

Google: "How much for us to run fiber on your network nationwide?"
Google: "Hmm... hey, do you know what centurylink's phone number is?"
Google: "I've heard good things about verizon's network..."

I know they are willing to take a big reduction in their outrageous profits just to maintain their near monopoly status, and google wouldn't be dealing with that, but still I'm always amazed at how quickly they fold on the phone. Still shitty service, but at least it feels like I'm getting a good deal.

Comment Re:vanity project (Score 1) 162

people with economic interests will say "we can always bring them back" just the same as they say "we can use technology to cool the climate" now.

From where I'm sitting, I hear them saying "NO. NO. NOOOO. CLIMATE CHANGE NOT HAPPENING. NO! AND GAS PRICES AND JOBS! TAXES TAXES TAXES! EVIL!" and voters saying "Hmm... that sounds more reasonable than the scientists." Geoengineering and de-extinction are unnecessary arguments given that people already are being convinced by simple denials and short-sighted economic scare arguments.

So I think you have it backwards. We need both technologies as backups because the dumb masses are too stupid to make the right choice. And for the record, I held that opinion long before the most recent presidential election.

Comment Re:Why not go the whole nine yards? (Score 1) 162

George Church has a tendency to make slightly wild claims that sound reasonable in an effort to get media attention. He's likely saying "It'll be half elephant though" so he doesn't get written off as completely nuts. Prior to this, he held a secret science conference basically to say "We're going to be making whole genomes from scratch."

Seems like the Elon Musk approach: he dangles something in front of the media that is both incredible sounding yet realistic at the same time. And he's done a lot of impressive stuff sure. And there's good reason to get people excited about science for a minute rather than just focusing on the daily political fight. But it's furstrating too, sometimes I wish they'd shut up and just do it.

Comment Re:Seriously (Score 1) 103

Like anyone who lets themselves be influenced by commercials or product placement is a complete idiot?

Shit affects you whether you realize it or not because all people, "idiots" or not, are irrational. You see a friend post "TRUMP IS ENDING THE FIRST AMENDMENT AND KILLING KIDS!" and you think "That's stupid," but you subconciously have a slightly more paranoid opinion of Trump.

And obviously the reverse is true. At least I hope. Otherwise, my father and mother in law went from sane Navy veterans to voting for a draft dodging idiot with questionable ties to Russia due to brain damage. See there! I'm falling victim to it too! And it'll take a few dozen posts on facebook a day telling me I'm an idiot before I'll accept that maybe I am an idiot...

Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score -1, Flamebait) 908

Don't bother. Today's "liberals" are fascists and want free speech destroyed so they can continue living in their echo chambers. They'll suck at the teat of any corporation that creates a safe space and defend it with tired shit about it not being censorship if it's not the government (which is completely incorrect). Yet if the corporation ends up doing something they don't like (but completely legal) the go running to the government to get them shut down.

Comment Re:scripting is incompatible with security (Score 5, Insightful) 154

Don't run code you don't trust.
Javascript is code, no matter how much your browser tries to sandbox it or put shackles on it, it's going to be flying around in your CPU if you let it run.
If you don't trust the Javascript, don't run it.

There are 3 points to this problem:

Shitty fucking developers write shitty fucking websites that NEED Javascript to function.
Shitty fucking users like shiny, stupid shit and encourage that behavior.
Shitty fucking browsers let it all run by default and focus on speed, not security to please the shitty fucking users.
(And this loops back to shitty fucking developers seeing that they can bloat up their site even more because Chrome v8247 tweaked Javascript regex performance to be 2.8% faster.)

Comment Re:CPUs, not CPU architecture (Score 4, Insightful) 154

You're confusing CPU architecture with instruction set architecture. They used to be the same (and in some cases still are) but most processors have a physical architecture that implements an ISA via microcode translation. With memory controllers (and a whole lot of other shit) on the same package. the term "architecture" has drifted even further from ISA and more toward the entire SoC.

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