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Comment Re:Retail and Driving (Score 1) 123

If this goes on the govt. will have to fund college including a living stipend while people made redundant go back to college to learn skills for the new economy.

Nope. Government-funded college is socialism--the worst evil of all. More US citizens will simply have to cope with poverty, which, though undesirable, is at least ideologically pure. Maybe buy a lottery ticket and dream big!

Comment 150 years, tops (Score 1) 522

With nanotech and other technologies, it's likely that the human form will be extensively redesigned in coming decades, with all kinds of replacement forms possible. Why be stuck with flimsy, fragile biology? Some of the new designs might live in space and have no need for Earth. There may be a few human hold-outs around living on land set aside for them.

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