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Comment Obvious Solution (Score 1) 428

In times of serious emergency, Uber could gain considerable goodwill if they'd offer rides for no/heavily reduced fares. The driver would receive bonus pay and the passenger would get a reduced-fare lift. I mean, these events are rare, it's an opportunity to not fuck people over. They'd gain customers and make the drivers proud.

Act like the US healthcare system, but in reverse.

Comment Re:well well well (Score 1) 769

to me, unless you can show the integrity of the original messages was compromised, then the "who did it" does not matter as much as "what the emails say".

That's the problem, though. If I send you a file I say contains so-and-so's emails, and the content looks authentic, there's no way to verify that it is 100% authentic. I can edit any part of any message I want to make so-and-so look guilty as hell.

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